Videos| Brianna Owen LIES and say “Large (Bl**k)” Man Beat Her Up

Hat tip: SG2 See, this is what gets young black boys like Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin & Jonathan Ferrell killed.

Brianna Owen (pictured) told Fox 2 News Detroit that she was standing outside of a party store in Detroit when a tall man punched her in the face without provocation, but a recently released surveillance video of the encounter tells a different story.

This fuckery was too easy to PROVE. HELLO! Can you say surveillance camera?  And let’s be very clear, Brianna Owens might have been attacked, and it’s a crime, but so is LYING about “large man” attacking her. Even FALSELY accusing a PHANTOM Black male is dangerous, as SG2 noted above.

It incites racial hatred and further intensifies the stereotypical myth of the “Bad, dangerous BIG BLACK MALE THUG!

Detriot woman says man attacked her but video says different


Brianna Owen lies and say large black man beat her up

This isn’t REAL LIFE, Brianna Owens. 3 Chics knows all too well the pattern of making FALSE ACCUSATIONS. And this is another instance where the myth of black men and boys are made out to be thugs and criminals.

3Chics Alert! Another White Woman Blames Black People For Self-Inflicted Harm & Crimes

Perpetuating the stereotypes of the black scary criminals, that in and of itself is a CRIME.

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13 Responses to Videos| Brianna Owen LIES and say “Large (Bl**k)” Man Beat Her Up

  1. They always accuse our black men when embarrassed by the truth. She got her ass kicked by a 50 something year old. I don’t like the lack of privacy with camera’s everywhere but they do protect us by recording events. It’s hard to tell a like when the truth is smacking us in the face.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi SHO. When will it end, with these folks not wanting to take responsibility for their actions?
      I have mixed feelings about the cameras everywhere too. More often than not, it has saved black men from doing some hard prison time, especially when more police departments are required to have video cams in their cars now.

      • Even though the police have cameras in their cars and some even have them on their uniforms it doesn’t stop them from harassing, arresting and abusing black men and women. Many bystanders video tape them cops performing these racist acts and post them on FB. They are in every state around the country. At some point I hope it will get better. Our new mayor here in NY is changing the stop and frisk policies but he’s also trying to force the alternative schools that are housed in public school buildings to pay rent. The kids going to these schools are doing better than the state run schools. They still fear an educated black man. They rather put the money in the prison system. If black men become educated there will be less of them to throw in jail. Which will be financially devastating to the white families that live upstate where the prisons are. They will become unemployed. They build more prisons and close more school.

  2. Yahtc says:

    Knowing that this very type of false accusation in the past lead to horrific, mob lynchings of innocent black me, it is ABSOLUTELY CHILLING for me to read about modern day FALSE accusations of Black men.

  3. What is going on that she has to LIE about the identity of the real attacker? I’d say some drugs are involved here.

    • Ametia says:

      Agreed, SG2. She’s got the look of METH written all over her. And the fact that that woman jumped her and tried to beat her to a bloody pulp was likely due to a drug run gone BAD.

  4. rikyrah says:


    not shocked in the least.

    Only glad no ACTUAL Black men had to be harassed by the police over this heifer’s LIES.

  5. Ametia says:

    Not only do I believe this Brianna chick was drunk, she probably was on METH as well. All kinds of stupid and bigotry going on here.

    To not even be aware of the surveillance camera, or being aware and not thinking her LIE would be exposed tells me that she thought she could get away with the phantom made up “LARGE MAN” attacker. Now that’s some white privilege there.

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