Dance-off between young Piston fan and the Stadium Usher

Piston dance offPiston Usher

On Tuesday night November 19th 2013, The Detriot Pistons played the New York Knicks and Piston fans were privy to this epic dance off between a young fan and the stadium usher caught on the Dance cam.

Rock this party
Dance everybody
Make it hot in this party
Don’t stop, move your body
Rock this party
Dance everybody
Make it hot in this party

Everybody dance now…

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  1. Detroit Pistons Dancing Usher and Young Fan on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  2. Check out the Pistons Dance cams here.

  3. Little Antwain’s fame has hit People Magazine!

    Watch: 11-Year-Old Basketball Fan’s ‘Dance Cam’ Moves Go Viral,,20759853,00.html

    There’s nothing like a dance-off to liven up … well, anything, really. Especially when it’s between an arena usher known for his moves and a young boy.

    Antwain Alexander, an 11-year-old Pistons fan, had one goal when he attended last week’s Detroit game against the New York Knicks.

    “He had been trying to get that dance cam to be on him throughout the whole entire game,” his father, Pastor Alexander, told ABC News.

    The cameraman finally gave Antwain his moment and then, unaware that he was making history, cut from Antwain to Shannon Sailes, 46, an arena usher famous for dancing in the aisles during games.

    “He was, like, doing his moves and everything, and then they went back to me and I stood up and I said, ‘Come on!'” Antwain told ABC News.

    “It was time for me to step up,” Sailes told ABC News. And step up, he did. The pair’s dance-off has gone viral, and while no one has officially declared a winner, both competitors remained magnanimous towards their rival.

    “Overall,” Sailes told ABC News, “he’s a young man, talented, got so much going for himself. He’s the winner.”

    Gentlemen, please. We’ve all won here today.
    Indeed! 3Chics loves little Antwain. Give him some commercials. He needs money for college!

  4. Hey 3CP!

    Our little friend’s dance off video is at 3,372,870 hits. Way cool! I want to see this kid in some commercials. Let him make some money!

  5. ‘Don’t Want to Brag, but I’m Good’: Young Fan Challenges NBA Usher to Dance-Off

    Video of a young basketball fan and arena employee at Pistons-Knicks game goes viral.

  6. Ametia says:

    I can’t get enough of this video. Spontaneous fun and joy!

  7. Yahtc says:

    I still come back to this video dance-off. It is even so much fun watching the people around the kid laughing and enjoying it the way we do!

  8. Yahtc says:

    I meant to post this on the open thread.

    Please, could one of you erase it here and put it on the open thread?

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