Iran nuclear deal reached

John KerryGENEVA — Secretary of State John Kerry and leaders from five other world powers early Sunday reached a nuclear deal with Iran, following intense negotiations that took place over several days in Geneva. The deal represents a historic breakthrough in the world’s decade-long nuclear standoff with Iran, and in the 35-year-long diplomatic freeze between Iran and the United States. The deal was struck with astonishing speed given the history of failed negotiations, coming in just the third round of talks over less than two months. The breakthrough also comes less than three months after Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani promised, in an interview with NBC News, to dramatically alter Iran’s relationship with the world.

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  1. Iran nuclear deal: Israeli press pours scorn on Benjamin Netanyahu

    Israeli press denounce Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments on the Iranian nuclear deal, claiming he is deepening diplomatic isolation.

    Israel’s newspapers made grim reading for Mr Netanyahu as commentators cast judgment on what many saw at his failure to influence the outcome of a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme.

    Responding to Mr Netanyau’s denunciation of the agreement as a “historic mistake” to which Israel would not be bound, the mass circulation Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper’s Nahum Barnea wrote that the prime minister’s words were prompted by a “sense of personal failure”.

    “This happened on his watch, and it happened despite the fact that he turned this fight into the battle slogan of his term,” Mr Barnea wrote, alluding to Mr Netanyahu’s decision to make the perceived Iranian nuclear threat the defining issue of his premiership. “But in his position, personal disappointments cannot go to a person’s head.”

    He dismissed the possibility of Israel responding it its unhappiness with the deal by conducting strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    In an analysis in the same newspaper, Alon Pinkas accused the prime minister of “behaving oddly in the international arena” – particularly towards the US, Israel’s chief ally – even while saying that his criticisms of the agreement were justified.

  2. Geneva deal seals Netanyahu’s legacy: An ineffectual leader

  3. Well well…looky here..

    Israel adopts new measures against African migrants

    Jerusalem (AFP) – The Israeli cabinet approved Sunday measures aimed at deporting thousands of Africans who illegally entered the country and who are perceived by it as a threat to its Jewish character.

    A statement from the prime minister’s office said that beyond the measures, which include a crackdown on employers and financial incentives for home-bound Africans, the interior ministry has drafted a bill that would enable detainment of illegal migrants for one year without trial.

    The new bill, which will be brought before parliament on Monday for an initial hearing and vote, was formulated after a previous law from 2012 allowing the three-year detainment without trial of illegals was overturned by Israel’s supreme court in September.

    According to the statement, a “closed facility” will serve as detention centre for migrants who manage to enter the Jewish state, which has nearly finished the construction of a fence along its southern border, as well as for those already in Israel “who disturb public order”.

    “The new decisions include combined actions designed to encourage illegal migrants to leave Israel and return to their countries of origin, increase personal security for residents of Israel and reduce the presence of migrants in city centres,” the premier’s office said.

    According to the plan, law enforcement teams dealing with African migrants will be increased by 550 new officers who will enforce laws prohibiting their employment.

    In addition, grants to “illegal migrants who leave Israel” will increase from $1,500 to $3,500, the statement read.

    “We are determined to deport the tens of thousands of illegal migrants who are here after having reduced to zero the number of illegal labour migrants who enter Israel’s cities,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in the statement.

    “The steps that we unanimously approved today are proportionate and necessary for maintaining the Jewish and democratic character of the state,” he said.

  4. vitaminlover says:

    NO ONE-I repeat-NO BODY can handle things like this man! Lord have mercy!

  5. ‘Diplomacy opened up a new path’: What to know about Iran deal

    After a nuclear standoff, the deal is the most significant between Washington & Tehran in more than 25 years.

    The announcement this weekend that the United States and five other world powers had struck a deal with Iran that curtails its contentious nuclear program in exchange for limited relief from painful economic sanctions marks the most significant accord between Washington and Tehran in more than a quarter-century.

    It also caps off nearly three months of whirlwind diplomacy — as swift as it was unprecedented — following a decade-long global nuclear standoff with Iran and an extended history of failed negotiations.

    “Diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure,” President Barack Obama said late Saturday night from the State Dining Room in the White House just after the historic agreement was signed at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

    He applauded the deal as the most “significant and tangible” measure of rapprochement between the two countries since he took office.

    Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, for his part, said he hoped the accord would lead the way to a “restoration” of trust between Iran and the U.S., calling on all sides to treat it as an “opportunity to end an unnecessary crisis and open new horizons.”

  6. Ametia says:


    (AFP OUT) U.S. President Barack Obama makes a statement announcing an interim agreement on Iranian nuclear power in the State Dining Room at the White House on November 23, 2013 in Washington, D.C. The agreement, to last six months, was reached in negotiations between Iran and six world powers and will freeze Iran’s nuclear program and provide some relief in sanctions. A major sticking point in the negotiations has been Iran’s insistence on its right to enrich uranium. (November 22, 2013 – Source: Pool/Getty Images North America

  7. Party that likes to use bombs unhappy that Obama is using diplomacy with Iran

  8. Democratic primary debate of the 2008 election cycle: Would You Meet with Iran/Syria/North Korea?

  9. ********************

    STFU, Netanyahu! You don’t want peace! War mongering mofo! Just shut.up!

  10. Wingnuts heads exploded when they heard the news! John Cornyn was besides himself.

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