Angela Corey’s 21st Century Public Lynching of Marissa Alexander

Marissa AlexanderState Attorney Angela Corey will seek to put Marissa Alexander in prison for 60 years.

Angela Corey can’t get a conviction on GZ or Michael Dunn who actually killed innocent black children but wants to put Marissa Alexander away for 60 years who didn’t kill anyone but fired a warning shot to get away from an abusive husband. Marissa Alexander is not allowed to stand her ground. It’s an OUTRAGE! There is no excuse for this. It’s a 21st century public lynching of a black woman. Institutional racism! THIS HAS TO STOP!

This is how we do it—–>UNITED WE STAND. Call your Congressman, write a letter, blog, march, protest, tweet, email, fax, or sign a petition to repeal SYG laws across America.

Rally Against ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws In Tallahassee. March 10th, 2014. Now Is The Time!

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5 Responses to Angela Corey’s 21st Century Public Lynching of Marissa Alexander

  1. roderick2012 says:

    Although Corey and her minions threw the Zimmerman case, I think you need to blame racism on the hung jury in the Dunn case because it was pretty straightforward and they even had Rhonda testify to the fact that Dunn never mentioned seeing a gun/stick to her immediately after the shooting.

    Somebody needs to slap some sense into Creshunda (sic).

  2. Ametia says:

    Is Corey going after 60 year sentence as vengence for her refusal to accept the 3 year plea?

    Zimmie and Dunn trials along with Marissa’s is indicative of the deep shitty ceaspool that is Florida law.

  3. Angela Corey public lynching of Marissa Alexander is saying black women are incapable of suffering abuse.

  4. rikyrah says:

    She can’t get convictions for the actual KILLING of Black children.

    She can’t seem to lock up enough Black Children.

    But, she wants to put Marissa Alexander in jail for WHAT?

    for firing a warning shot against a man who is ON RECORD ABUSING HER.

    This is why folks need to get out and vote.

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