The Rage Killing of Alfred Wright in Jasper Texas

Young, Black & Unarmed-Alfred WrightThere is something ROTTEN down in Jasper Texas and it stinks to high heaven! Authorities in Jasper Texas claimed no foul play in the death of Alfred Wright. The state autopsy found ‘no sign of trauma’ on his body. A second autopsy revealed teeth knocked out, eyes gouged, throat slit and tongue cut out. That’s a HATE FILLED RAGE killing!  Who the fuck are authorities covering for?

What’s the connection between Cindy Maddox ,daughter of Sherriff Tom Maddox, and Alfred Wright?

Alfred Wright‘s body was found half naked and mutilated in woodland 18 days after witnesses claim the 28-year-old ‘ran off’ from a store after his truck broke down in Hemphill, Texas.

Police called off search after four days and claimed his death was ‘classic’ behavior of a meth addict. Alfred’s family claim the Sheriff said the search was getting in the way of his hunting.

The state autopsy found ‘no sign of trauma’ on his body from which his tongue, left ear and eyes were missing and his throat cut.

But his devastated family believe the married father-of-three and brother of Savion Wright, American Idol finalist, was victim of a ‘hate crime’ and are claiming a cover-up.
A second pathologist found ‘high index of suspicion of homicide’.

Alfred has been romantically linked daughter of sheriff investigating death. She denies it.

Such is the frenzied climate of suspicion and rumor that even a silver dime found close to Alfred’s body has led some, including his family, to believe it was placed there deliberately.

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  1. Kristy Prince says:

    My brother was also murdered in Jasper in 2001. We have hit a brick wall with investors from Jasper Co. I personally have dealt with threats and intimidation from a specific officer in Jasper. My brother’s case has now sparked the interest of the State Representative in Jasper thanks to the mysterious death of Mr. White and the way the investigation into his death was handled or mishandled. The “Good Ol’ Boy” system is alive and well in Jasper Texas and hopefully someone will finally step up and do the right thing. My family as well as Mr. White’s have suffered a great loss and deserve to know the truth about what happened to these men.

  2. Ametia says:

    Lord have MERCY. The hateful filthy, murderous cover ups… IS THERE NO END?

  3. Sheriff Maddox’s own men responded to a Facebook posting questioning, ‘Would you want everyone to give up on you?’

    Sheriff Maddox’s own men responded to a Facebook posting questioning, Would you want everyone to give up on you

  4. Who runs away from their broken down vehicle after they’ve called for help? The store clerk is LYING about Alfred Wright running away. She knows what’s up. Someone must have told her to keep her mouth shut. DOJ, find the murderers!

  5. The police tells the wife of Alfred Wright to move his truck & then says “it’s contaminated”. We cannot examine it. Cover up from the word go!

  6. Sabine County is known for it’s racial hate.

    1990: RACE AND JUSTICE: A KILLING IN EAST TEXAS – A SPECIAL REPORT.; Death as a Ripple in Deep Racial Current

    Loyal Garner Jr. had been dead for only an hour when officials began the fight over his body and over who would rule on how he had died.

    Officials in this small town where he had been found comatose on a jail cell floor labeled his death an accident and wanted the body returned quickly. But officials 100 miles away in the city of Tyler, where he had been taken for medical treatment and where he died, thought the death was suspicious and refused.

    Last week, more than two years after the 34-year-old black truck driver was beaten to death in this hamlet in the East Texas piney woods, a jury in Tyler convicted three white officers of his murder.

    The story of the killing of Mr. Garner on Christmas night 1987 is a story of race and of a legal battle between officials in a backwoods town and those in a small city.

    One jury acquitted the officers of civil-rights violations in a hometown trial that saw white residents cheer the verdict as if celebrating a Friday night football victory. Another jury convicted them of murder.

    Read more at the link above.

  7. Sheriff Tom Maddox to Alfred Wright’s widow:“I don’t have to be here you know.” “I could be hunting with my family.”

    Sheriff Maddoz Jasper Tx

    Who says that to a grief stricken family trying to find out what happened to their loved one?

  8. Sheriff Maddox, is the dime your calling card?

  9. Is this the start of something new where the medical examiner gives an OUTRAGEOUS report on a person’s death & then refuse to speak about it? We saw the same thing happen in Kendrick Johnson’s death.

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