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Videos | Marissa Alexander Released From Jail but Remains on House Arrest

Marissa Alexander has been released from jail, but is she really free wearing a GPS ankle bracelet? Remember she’s already served 3 years behind bars, simply for FIRING A GUN IN THE AIR. August 3, 2013: A demonstration to free … Continue reading

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Angela Corey sends email to lawmakers on Marissa Alexander case

WTFF is Angela Corey up to? Is she trying to influence pending state legislation on SYG?  Is she trying to taint the jury pool for Marissa’ upcoming trial? State Attorney Angela Corey’s office emailed Florida lawmakers Wednesday with an attachment … Continue reading

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Angela Corey’s 21st Century Public Lynching of Marissa Alexander

State Attorney Angela Corey will seek to put Marissa Alexander in prison for 60 years. Angela Corey can’t get a conviction on GZ or Michael Dunn who actually killed innocent black children but wants to put Marissa Alexander away for … Continue reading

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