Angela Corey sends email to lawmakers on Marissa Alexander case

Marissa AlexanderWTFF is Angela Corey up to? Is she trying to influence pending state legislation on SYG?  Is she trying to taint the jury pool for Marissa’ upcoming trial?

State Attorney Angela Corey’s office emailed Florida lawmakers Wednesday with an attachment titled  “The Truth about the Alexander Case.”

In the body of the email, an employee of the state attorney’s office says Corey wanted lawmakers from Northeast Florida to have information on the Marissa Alexander case should they be questioned about it. Lawmakers are considering a warning shot bill, inspired by Alexander’s case, that would expand the Stand Your Ground law to include people who fire warning shots.

Corey’s office says in the attachment to lawmakers that Alexander didn’t fire a warning shot, that she was firing at her husband and two step-children. Alexander will be retried on the assault charges this summer.

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27 Responses to Angela Corey sends email to lawmakers on Marissa Alexander case

  1. Ametia says:

    This is what news station should be reporting on, instead of what FAUX NOISE clowns are saying about everybody that does not listen to Rush Limpballs.

  2. Florida State Senator perplexed over Corey’s email detailing Marissa Alexander case

    • Ametia says:

      I’m glad you posted this video above and in the comments.

      Corey had NO problem with the media running ROUGHSHOD with thuggish photos of Trayvon and Jordan Davis.

      and if the state of FLO-RI-DA were really interested in trying Michael Dunn & Zimmerman,they would have included same type of e-mails and photos of evidence about their BACKGROUNDS of thuggish, RACIST behavior.

      TRY the case in court, NOT LEGISLATORS, Angela Corey!

    • Listen to Angela Corey LIE on Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson.

  3. Ametia says:

    I see Corey has sent out her squad to troll the blogosphere. Take your shit and shove it right back in Angela Corey’s face. We don’t need to look at her evidence. Corey is totally trying to corrupt the already simple-minded, racist citizens of FL, by contacting legal folks and sending out the trolls


  4. State Attorney Angela Corey:Why would you do that?

    Why would you do that? Why would someone from the good offices of State Attorney Angela Corey send an email to members of the Duval County Legislative Delegation that gives details of a case set to go before a jury? This case just happens to be one of the most highly publicized non-murder cases in the country.

    Why would a seasoned prosecutor facing high-end criticism for her prosecution (or lack thereof) of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin trial; followed up by a failure to gain a murder conviction in the Jordan Davis/ Michael Dunn convenience store shooting, send out emails to lawmakers knowing that it would all be made public, possibly tainting a jury, and adding more poison to the well of public opinion?

    Attorney Corey is the self same elected official who now refuses to grant interviews to the press and only responds via email or controlled public appearances. Why would this elected official send such a letter to other elected officials concerning a matter in which she, Corey, has direct control?

    It can be argued that State Attorney Corey is seeking to influence pending state legislation that would modify the “Stand Your Ground” law and allow a warning shot to be fired with criminal prosecution. Such is the case in the pending retrial of Marissa Alexander. Incorrect judicial instructions and over charging from Corey’s office have sent this case back to Jacksonville for a retrial set for this summer.

    But none of that seems to answer the question as to why a seasoned prosecutor with all the facts on her side would send such a malicious letter out for public consumption concerning a case that could have been handled with lesser charges and a lower profile.

    The email says that if you have any questions contact That’s Jakalyn Barnard, public relations for the State Attorney’s office. The email lays out the Alexander case as if there will not be a trial. Instead it’s as if there will be a talent show at the new Court House in Jacksonville, Florida and the lawmakers who received this email will get to vote on freeing Ms. Alexander or sending her to prison for 20 years for firing a weapon into the ceiling.

    Why would you do this?

  5. Marissa Alexander Supporters Urge Governor to Suspend Angela Corey

    The national advocacy group Color of Change is asking Gov. Rick Scott, R-Fla., to suspend State Attorney Angela Corey to halt the second prosecution of Marissa Alexander, the battered mother facing decades in prison for firing a “warning shot” at her abuser.

    Alexander was arrested in August 2010 for firing one shot inside her Jacksonville, Fla., home after then-husband Rico Gray allegedly attacked her. Nobody was injured, but after refusing a plea deal for three years in prison Alexander was convicted in May 2012 of aggravated assault and given a 20-year mandatory sentence.

    The conviction was overturned Sept. 26 by an appeals court, and Alexander was released on bail Nov. 27 after 21 months behind bars. Corey refiled charges and a second trial is scheduled to begin July 28. If she’s reconvicted, Alexander will receive a 60-year minimum sentence.

    “The way that Angela Corey has conducted her job …. shows her to be a throwback to those Jim Crow era prosecutors and legal authorities – where there were instances of black people needing justice and they could not count on their local government official,” Color of Change Executive Director Rashad Robinson tells U.S. News. “I think Angela Corey is a bit unhinged and she’s playing for political points, and she believes she can make this black woman a target and win political points.”

  6. Hey Chicas,

    This is for Andrew…

    Sexy Girl Middle Finger

    • Ametia says:

      BWA HA HA HA WORD! Just imagine the outcome, if old Andrew had done his research into George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn’s background like he’s done for Marrisa Alexander. Angela Corey, John Guy, Bernie and nem would have won those cases for the state.

      WE SEE YOU Angela Corey, trying to sic your attorney cronies on bloggers and the rest of the naïve followers on the internet. Fuckouttahere !!

  7. rikyrah says:

    Good Evening, Ladies.

    I come home, and put on The Reid Report, and this is the first thing greeting me this evening.

    I’m like W-T-F?

    Corey needs to go.

    She believes she can railroad Marissa Alexander for warning shot, while not getting convictions for ACTUAL MURDERERS.

    Fuck this racist bytch.

    • Ametia says:

      Speak on IT, Rikyrah.. Zimmerman roams the earth free, and Dunn got off for actually MURDERING Jordan Davis.

      Where’ sthat photo TWEET you posted yesterday with Marisa and the other murderers, SG2?

      • Angela Corey can’t get a conviction on GZ or Michael Dunn who ACTUALLY killed innocent black kids but wants to put Marissa Alexander away for 60 years for firing a warning shot at her domestic abuser. FUCKOUTTAHERE, ANGELA COREY!

  8. Ametia says:

    Corey and her crew BOTCHED the Zimmerman & Dunn trial, ALSO, TOO. Her day is coming.

  9. IF only AngelaCorey worked THIS hard to put GZ in prison as she is in trying to put Marissa Alexander away for 60 yrs? The State Attorney’s office had no intention of fully prosecuting GZ to get a conviction. They only arrested GZ to quiet down black folks. Dirty MOFOS!

  10. I loathe this hateful witch. Why is she doing this? Angela Corey is hellbent on sending Marissa Alexander to prison for 60 years while GZ walks free to taunt Trayvon Martin’s family relentlessly. She clearly has a vendetta against this black woman who dared to stand up for her rights and shine the light on Corey’s hateful bias when it comes to the prosecution of black people in Florida.

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