Videos | Marissa Alexander Released From Jail but Remains on House Arrest

Marissa Alexander has been released from jail, but is she really free wearing a GPS ankle bracelet? Remember she’s already served 3 years behind bars, simply for FIRING A GUN IN THE AIR. Screen-Shot-2015-01-28-at-9.15.09-PM 2015_0130marissa August 3, 2013: A demonstration to free Marissa Alexander, A mother who was jailed for firing warning shots to ward off her abusive husband. (Photo: Cactusbones) For past 3 Chics posts and history on Marissa Alexander read here and here.

Rev Al Marissa Alexander

Trancript of CNN’s Anderson Cooper interview with Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

AC: Why would Angela Corey suddenly say [to Marissa Alexander] okay, if we are going to go to trial you face 60 years, we are going to go for 60 years in jail instead of the 20 years sentence?

JT: Because Angela Corey incompetent, because she is vicious and because she is a disgrace to prosecutors around the country”

AC: Really?

JT: I mean this is one of the most appalling examples of prosecutorial abuse I have ever seen. The harassment, the endless pursuit of this woman [Alexander] is just a blot on Florida, and our whole country.

AC: What makes it particularly, and why it captures so many people’s focus is during the George Zimmerman trial where obviously “stand your ground” was an issue, was raised, it seems it is a completely different interpretation of stand your ground.

JT: Well, that’s right. And I don’t know motive. I can’t tell you why Angela Corey pursued her so obsessively, and I…thinks it’s important to…all I know is what she did. All I know is what the facts are. The facts are that this woman had a very legitimate defense, this guy [Alexander’s ex] was a monster. He had a history of abuse of women, and that she [Alexander] would be pursued this way is just sickening.

AC: It is interesting, because the statute was amended subsequently basically to allow for warning shots and you wouldn’t necessarily be prosecuted for that, but it was not retroactive.

JT: Fortunately, this case has prompted a lot of outrage in Florida and around the country and that change in the law is one effect of this that was too late for her, too late to help her. AC: It has to be such a gut wrenching decision, to decide to take a plea, to serve another 65 days in jail and then you get out, you have a record then, and you are under house arrest for another two years…or, maintain you innocence and risk another 60 years.

JT: It is a heartbreaking dilemma, but one thing tipped this case. You know, Angela Corey was not even negotiating, as far as I can tell, in good faith, but her lawyers, including Faith Gay of Quinn Emanuel, they were working pro bono on this case, they got a ruling from the trial judge that they could introduce evidence of all the abuse that Gray had imposed on other women…so that’s the trial setting that was going to happen.

SG2: Angela Corey couldn’t put a child killer in prison but goes after an abused black woman relentlessly. Marissa Alexander has suffered enough from an unjust system. Mr President Barack, I humbly ask if you will pardon #MarissaAlexander. A victim of domestic violence & abused by the justice system.

Why Is Marissa Alexander Still Being Punished for Fighting Back?

“Unless the culture around domestic violence and self-defense shift, there will continue to be many more survivors who are criminalized, prosecuted and threatened with a living death simply for trying to stay alive.”

Stand Your Ground was about WHITE PEOPLE FOR WHITE PEOPLE.

It was never for Black people.

And, how dare this Black woman, who was defending herself, against an abusive partner, and protecting her children – have the nerve to try and DEFEND HERSELF?

How dare this Black woman believe that she should be able to defend herself in Angela Corey’s world.

How dare this Black woman dare think that she should protect her children?

Angela Corey is a racist abusive prosecutor. A prosecutor that never seems to run out of Black people to put in jail, from children to adults.

Marissa Alexander should be free. PERIOD.

She never should have been in jail in the first place.

The only reason that she continues to be placed in this position is because of the likes of Angela Corey. She’s mad that the national spotlight was placed on this case and the ridiculousness of the abuse of power.

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  1. racerrodig says:

    True all of this is. And Corey wanted to be the “heroine” with Fogen when in reality it was all a shame. This case is a shame…….a pattern ?? Yep.

  2. majiir says:

    Angela Corey didn’t do her job in prosecuting George Zimmerman. She just couldn’t find it within herself to go after him the way she should have, and I can only surmise that it was because he “looks” white and Fox News and RW media were in his corner. Coward. When it came to Marissa Alexander’s case, she wanted to “make” an example of her. All Marissa did was try to keep her abusive husband from attacking her, and for that, Corey thought she deserved 60 years behind bars. SMDH. GZ is walking free, abusing women and no one in FL, including Angela Corey, will do a damn thing about it. Corey could file charges against GZ for domestic abuse, but noooo, that might upset the right-wingers too much, so she watches him become a repeat domestic abuser, something which I hope she lives to regret. One of these days, George Zimmerman’s luck is going to run out. The next woman he attempts to abuse just may have a Second Amendment solution to deal with his problem.

  3. Ametia says:


  4. rikyrah says:

    JT: Because Angela Corey incompetent, because she is vicious and because she is a disgrace to prosecutors around the country”

    tell the truth.

    tell the absolute truth.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Excellent page and so important to preserve these videos for history!

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