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Phil Collins & Philip Bailey—Easy Lover

Easy Lover” is a hit song performed by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins, and written by Bailey, Collins, and Nathan East. The song appeared on Bailey’s solo album Chinese Wall. Collins has performed the song in his live concerts and it appears on his 1990 album Serious Hits… Live!, as well as his 1998 compilation album, …Hits.

The song was a hit in several countries worldwide. In the US it reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 kept out of the top spot for two weeks by I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner, and in the UK it reached #1, staying there for four weeks. The single sold over a million copies in the United States and has only been certified Gold—not Platinum—since the RIAA requirement for a Platinum single wasn’t lowered to 1,000,000 units until 1989. In addition Easy Lover has been certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry for sales of over 400,000 in the UK and platinum in Canada by Music Canada.

“Easy Lover” won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Overall Performance in a Video in 1985 and was Grammy nominated for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals in 1986.
The lighthearted video for the song was filmed in London, England and is essentially a music video about the making of a music video.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    The Lie Must Die: Why Democrats Aren’t Just Like Republicans
    By: Jason Easley and Sarah Jones
    Saturday, March, 29th, 2014, 7:04 pm

    It is an election year, which means that Republicans and the emo-prog
    left have returned to attempt to depress Democratic voter turnout by
    claiming that Democrats and Republicans are the same. Today, we put a
    stake through the heart of a lie that must die.

    The false equivalency is widespread. It is a favorite tactic of
    conservatives that was most recently put on display by the conservative
    activists who are trying to get Stephen Colbert fired. It has also been
    employed by favorite entertainers of the left Jon Stewart and Bill

    The reality is that both sides don’t act the same way. The people who
    trot out this excuse are looking for a reason to justify their lack of
    participation in the process. Some want to say that both Democrats and
    Republicans are owned by corporations, or business. Seventy one percent of political donations come from businesses,
    and 58% of those donations go to Republicans. Labor only makes up 5.4%
    donations, and 88% of them go to Democrats. Overall, Business donations
    outnumber labor by a margin of 15 to 1.

    Corporate interests may want to control both parties, but it is clear
    that there is only one party that they own right now. All of these
    numbers are argument in favor of campaign finance reform and the public
    funding of elections.

    This argument is always used every election year to discourage
    Democrats from showing up to vote. Both sides don’t do it, and it is
    time to destroy the myth that it isn’t worth participating in our
    electoral process.

  2. Ametia says:

    “She’s Still Asleep,” Jahi McMath’s Mother Says of Brain-Dead Daughter
    By Lisa Fernandez | Friday, Mar 28, 2014 | Updated 8:22 PM PD

    A little more than three months after doctors and the state of California declared a 13-year-old girl brain dead, the mother of Jahi McMath says her daughter’s movements in bed are fueling her faith that she will one day recover.

    In her first interview since Jahi McMath was transferred out of Children’s Hospital Oakland to an unknown care facility, her mother said Jahi moves in her bed, bends at the waist, moves her head from side to side, gets her nails painted every Friday and has an “energy level that is way up.”

    “She’s still asleep,” Jahi’s mother Nailah Winkfield of Oakland said in a satellite camera interview. “I don’t use the word ‘brain dead’ for my daughter. I’m just waiting and faithful that she will have a recovery. She is blossoming into a teenager before my eyes.”


  3. Ametia says:

    HEE HEE HEE Where’s that dancing man, SG2? time to do the HAPPY DANCE!!!!

    Putin’s Crimea Grab Seems To Be Backfiring
    MAR. 29, 2014, 5:58 PM

    The Russian economy was barely growing even before it was hit with Western sanctions following the annexation of Crimea.
    Many economists believe further escalation of the crisis in Ukraine would push Russia’s economy into recession for the first time since the global financial crisis.

    Last year, the economy grew by just 1.3 percent — its lowest growth in the past 13 years barring the downturn-hit 2009. But there had been hopes that growth would rebound this year. Instead, Russia’s economic performance is deteriorating further.

    Read more:

  4. rikyrah says:

    David Axelrod ✔ @davidaxelrod

    As a young father with inadequate insurance, I almost went broke trying to afford the care my baby needed for intractable epilepsy. 1/2
    5:26 PM – 29 Mar 2014

  5. rikyrah says:

    David Axelrod ✔ @davidaxelrod

    Pilgrimage of ’16 GOP prospects to Adelson underscores power shift from party orgs to deep-pocketed oligarchs who can spend without limits.

  6. Ametia says:

    Rikyrah, how’s the weather in ChiTown? It’s sunny and about 45 here. Got to go for an hour long walk this afternoon. Ahhhhh, SPRING!

  7. Ametia says:

    Saturday, March 29, 2014
    Barack Obama: “What I am constantly trying to do is balance a hard head with a big heart”

    I mentioned the other day that, as we begin to see the Obama Doctrine unfold, we can see the roots of President Obama’s time spent as a community organizer come into play. In the picture above, the young Chicago lawyer is teaching a class on “power analysis.” Right under the title, you’ll see that he’s talking about “relationships built on self interest.” Those are critical components of what we are watching unfold on a global scale right now.

    The best article I’ve seen that unpacks the President’s thinking in this area is one that was written by Ryan Lizza way back in 2007 titled The Agitator. It is the one where I first saw Michelle Obama’s great quote: “Barack is not a politician first and foremost. He’s a community activist exploring the viability of politics to make change.” The Obama Doctrine is firmly rooted in what the President learned as a community activist.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Eli Pope Goes To The Club

  9. rikyrah says:

    63 Black Harvard Students Share Their Experiences In A Powerful Photo Project

    The “I, Too, Am Harvard” photo campaign explores the diverse experience that black students at Harvard have to face. Here are 21 of the images. posted on March 3, 2014 at 12:06pm EST

    A group of black students at Harvard are fed up with the institutional racism they say they have experienced, and are speaking out against it through a commanding photography project on Tumblr.

    “Our voices often go unheard on this campus, our experiences are devalued, our presence is questioned,” the website says. “This project is our way of speaking back, of claiming this campus, of standing up to say: We are here.”

    The play premieres Friday, March 7, but today a video teaser was released.

    All the rest of the pictures

    • Ametia says:

      Great project! Saw the Bla-sian girl and another black student interviewed by Alex Twitt this morning.

      LOL some fool in the comments section said he/she’s tired of the complaining. REALLY?! I can just imagine how TIRED it is to uphold the racist, white privileged, entitled way of life.

  10. Ametia says:

    TEA-NN’s KNEE-JERK reactions kills off beloved and ALIVE Soccer Player!

    CNN Kills Off the Very-Much-Alive Pelé; Quickly Retracts
    by Josh Feldman | 1:36 pm, March 28th, 2014

    The legendary footballer Pelé is very much alive and well (and scheduled to be a guest on The Daily Show next week), but this morning CNN reported that he passed away today at the age of 73. This, however, turned out to be false and CNN had to quickly retract the report.

    CNN morning show New Day sent out a tweet this morning reading “#BREAKING: Brazilian former soccer player Pele dies at 74.” The death report appears to have just been a rumor and nothing more, and after reporting it CNN quickly retracted it..

  11. Yahtc says:

    California struggling to enroll African Americans in Obamacare,0,2672183.story#ixzz2xJ42e2JP

  12. Yahtc says:

    Goodbye Black Studies!
    by Cecil Brown


    With the continuing decline of African American enrollment at U C Berkeley, and from other UC campuses, particularly UCLA, African American departments have made a shaky shift from black-centered departments to post-racial-centered ones. In this shift, a white professor has more opportunity and respect than a Black professor from the Sixties – as I was about to discover.

    At U C Berkeley, where the non-black population is about 35,899, the black students were only 2.9% in the fall of 2011 and only 3.4% in the fall of 2012 — 130 and 143, students respectively. Before the passing of Prop. 209 (that forbade race as a consideration for admissions) black enrollment had been as high as 20%. At one point in its turbulent history, the African American studies actually attracted Black students, but with the decline of the students being admitted, came the declined of the department’s enrollment.

  13. Yahtc says:

    Good Morning!

    Wishing all of you a great weekend!

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