Senator Mark Begich Brags about being “Total Thorn” in POTUS’ Side

“I’m a thorn in Obama’s side. “I’ll be a thorn in his [posterior],” Begich (D-Alaska) said in an interview. “There’s times when I’m a total thorn, you know, and he doesn’t appreciate it.



(*my caption)*I tried to get become that thorn in his ass, but Obama was packin.’ I tell ya, it was this long…

So the Red state Democratic Senator has nothing to run on except “Anti-Obama” rhetoric? It’s a sad state of affairs when Dems have to stand before a room of folks like them and bash a member of their own party to feed on the hateful, racial animus and partisan politics of these folks.


So go ahead and keep running AWAY from and AGAINST the president, Mark Begich. President Obama is not up for re-election this year. What a LOSER. No better than that Wasilla Hillbilly.

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10 Responses to Senator Mark Begich Brags about being “Total Thorn” in POTUS’ Side

  1. Ametia says:

    Here’s the thing, If these Dems think of running an Anti-Obama campaign to satisfy their constituents in these so called red states, we can continue our PRO OBAMA support of POTUS!

    See how this works, folks?

  2. We don’t care what color/race you are (ask Artur Davis) if you’re a Dem & not helping to move the country forward we will run you out of our party. We have enough racist hate coming from republicans. We don’t need it coming from a member of our own party. Get to stepping, loser!

    Biatch BYE!

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