College official accuses black student of harassment because he’s waiting to see his advisor

College official accuses black student of harassment because he’s waiting to see his advisorA Kennesaw State University student’s encounter with an academic advisor garnered attention online and sparked discussion about prejudice in academic settings after he was accused of harassment while allegedly trying to speak to her in person after other planned meetings were cancelled.

The footage shows a woman identified as Abby Dawson, the university’s director of advising and internships, approaching Bruce, who is seated. Dawson accuses him of harassment.

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  1. majiir says:

    Since I’ve lived in GA for over 60 years, I don’t find this incident to be surprising at all. If Kevin Bruce had been white, Dawson would have ushered him into her office and asked him how she could help him, but since he’s a black male, his very presence in that office is considered a “threat” What she wanted him to do was leave when she asked him to. She knows why he was there and what he wanted because he told her. What she didn’t like was that he challenged her order to leave, which is exactly why she threatened to call the campus cops. She has now been placed on “leave,” which is another way of saying that KS is hoping that this incident will go away ASAP. I don’t think the college administrator/president has any real intention of firing her, which is what should happen.

    “On Friday, Kennesaw State issued a statement saying that Dawson has been placed on administrative leave pending a comprehensive investigation. University officials said the investigations is expected to take about two weeks to complete.”

    “”Kennesaw State is dedicated to providing a positive academic experience for all students,” said Ken Harmon, Kennesaw State’s provost and vice president for academic affairs. “We also have a responsibility to provide all students, faculty and staff with a fair and thorough review process.””

    “11Alive has not yet been able to reach the woman in the video.”

    Note that Dawson is avoiding the press since she threatened Kevin Bruce with arrest for no reason at all. If she’s embarrassed by her behavior, she should be because she used her position to mistreat someone whose tuition pays her salary.

  2. Ametia says:

    WHAT? Waiting is now considered harassment.

  3. rikyrah says:

    this is straight up MISS ANN

  4. So, waiting to see a college advisor is harassment? Got dammit, Amerikkka!

    • eliihass says:

      My gringo dad and I were chatting recently and he says that what we’re seeing increasingly, is the reactionist manifestation of insecurity, fear and defiance of entitled but now desperate and feeling threatened gringos, previously obliviously ensconced in their comfortable, previously unchallenged and unquestioned and assured place of privilege, superiority and guaranteed top perch at the pinnacle, in since forever. They fear that soon they won’t just be knocked off that top perch, but overtaken by those they deem inferior to them, and even more horribly, made to pay for all those times they or people who looked like them, negatively wielded the privilege and resources of that top perch to oppress and harm.

      But more interestingly is that he says that even though right-wingers are more vocal and more obvious, more reactionary, in their increasing negative expressions and manifestations of panic at the potentially changing structure, so-called open-minded and inclusive gringo liberals (like him I asked? though he immediately tsk-tsked me and denied ever feeling that way), very much hold the same fears about threats to their privilege, power, assumed superiority and permanent and always taken for granted top perch status.

      He says that if you look and listen closely, you’ll notice with right-wingers and gringo liberals alike, an empathy with, and an unsettling unity and similarity in spoken and unspoken reactions to the racist point of view, to recent social unrest and highly-charged race-based incidents like ongoing police brutality, and the murders of unarmed people of color.

      There’s clearly a plan afoot he says, to stem the wave of threats to the status quo, and the vocal and uppity n’s getting too big for their britches and spearheading this brazen and ‘unnatural’ movement they feel unfairly blames and challenges gringos, but more importantly threatens their necessary top perch status. The plan is a mix of the conventional and unconventional, including the utilization of common tricks like sometimes appearing to assuage or appease blacks to hold them at bay, while actively working to permanently shut them down.

      Starting with taking down all perceived influencers and suspected brains and brawn behind the uprising, by damaging, weakening, discrediting and even completely doing away with them. They’re also working on instituting diabolical policies, to set up permanent structures that all but shut out blacks economically and politically for the future, making it impossible to have a say or the clout money and political power normally afford. And in the end, putting people of color back in their ‘natural’ position of doing as they’re told: By force, through resignation, or as kiss-ass grateful hustlers of the black face persuasion, at the mercy of, and doing the bidding of their wealthy gringo benefactors.

      • Ametia says:

        eliihass, your Dad broke it down like a FRACTION.


      • eliihass says:

        My mom and I tease him mercilessly. I call him my very own pulse meter cum translator of all things gringo, and my mom is the veritable interpreter having had front seat to the workings of the gringo mind in front and behind the scenes, and in the most high-voltage, competitive, sensitive, stressful, threatening, and hostile situations. She is the master. She knows and understands gringo very well. even more than they sometimes know themselves.

      • You and your dad both rock, Eliihass!

      • rikyrah says:

        absolutely on point.
        utterly on point.

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