Arrested! Scott Lattin vandalized his own truck, blamed it on #BlackLivesMatter, started a GoFundMe Page & then cashed in on his insurance.

Scott LattinWHITNEYA man who claimed his truck was vandalized for sporting pro-police symbols has been arrested.

Whitney police arrested Scott Lattin on Friday on charges of making a false report to a police officer.

Lattin reported to police his vehicle was spray painted with “black lives matter” and anti-police messages, claiming he was targeted because of his police support displayed on the truck.

The blue ribbons and messages supporting law enforcement on the truck were part of the “blue lives matter” movement, spurred by the death of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth’s murder.

Lattin’s vandalism case garnered widespread media attention and donations began pouring in for the damages of the truck.

Donations came from numerous individuals and companies, including a construction company in the Dallas area. A GoFundMe account netted an additional $5,500 and an insurance claim was filed.

Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley said his department felt it was an important case because of the individuals, including veterans, who donated money to the man.

Lattin was taken into custody without incident at his home, Bentley said. Physical evidence in the case has been sent to the Department of Public Safety crime lab in Austin and the investigation is ongoing with possible additional charges pending.

The Whitney Police Department is working with the county and district attorney offices on the case, according to the chief.

Additional charges against Lattin are pending.

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13 Responses to Arrested! Scott Lattin vandalized his own truck, blamed it on #BlackLivesMatter, started a GoFundMe Page & then cashed in on his insurance.

  1. afolabicb says:

    The issue is these poor and oppressed White men are buying into the lamestream media’s bullcrap. They actually believe that they are being oppressed. One day they’ll realize that Black folks have NOTHING to do with their oppression. It’s the predominantly White owned corporations, White owned lamestream media and their own icons that are oppressing them while diverting their attention from their White “brothers and sisters'” actions that are the real culprits.

  2. debgirl12000 says:

    I also remember the case of Jesse Anderson, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who stabbed his wife to death in the parking lot of TGI Friday’s, and blamed two black men for the crime. He was later murdered in prison along with Jeffrey Dahmer, by Christopher Scarver.

  3. Where is Breitbart news on Scott Lattin vandalizing his own truck and blaming it on #BlackLivesMatter? Now is the time to speak up.

  4. People like ScottLattin want to be a victim soo bad. Always framing black people. Remember Susan Smith? She killed her kids and blamed a fictional black man. White ppl stop it!

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