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Friday Open Thread | Don’t call it grifting..that’s too mild. Call it PRUITTING.

In a Cabinet full of thieves, lowlifes, and people who think their God-given right to live large on the taxpayer’s dime, Scott Pruitt has distinguished himself. Was going back and forth on another blog, and a poster said, ” you … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Ben Carson Tells Homeless Woman To Get Married

This came across my Twitter Feed, and I got so mad reading it, I had to share. Ben Carson Tells A Black Woman To Escape Poverty She Needs To Get Married The former doctor spit out an offensive talking point … Continue reading

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Arrested! Scott Lattin vandalized his own truck, blamed it on #BlackLivesMatter, started a GoFundMe Page & then cashed in on his insurance.

WHITNEY – A man who claimed his truck was vandalized for sporting pro-police symbols has been arrested. Whitney police arrested Scott Lattin on Friday on charges of making a false report to a police officer. Lattin reported to police his vehicle was spray … Continue reading

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