Friday Open Thread | Historical Native American Photos

Rattles of Arikara bear medicine men. Edward S. Curtis Collection.

Native American Rattles of Arikara bear medicine men.

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. eliihass says:

    You know fam, that whole fake it and wing it until you can make it way of the too slick… that slick con that folks like the Clintons pull to wangle their way into mostly unearned esteem and inevitability…

    It’s that slick spin that sells you the Bill Clinton is the ‘greatest’ politician ever (sometimes they qualify that with the word ‘retail’) …That it was all thanks to him and his one speech at the DNC that President Obama was re-elected…

    It’s that same slick spin that force-feeds the notion of Hillary as the ‘smartest, most accomplished, most qualified and most experienced’ female politician …at first by virtue of having been first lady for 8 years, then because she carpetbagged her way into the Senate via their same strong-arming tactics, and lately, the laughable and blatantly false assertion that President Obama who declined to make her his V.P twice, somehow made her SoS because he ‘trusted’ her ‘judgement’…(It all boils down to that same ‘extraction of concessions’ she repeatedly talked about last night as she and Bernie Sanders went back and forth on normalizing relationships with Iran. How ironic.)

    And don’t forget that it was *she* who advised President Obama on that very tough decision on whether to take Bin Laden out or not…LOL…For the duration of her time as SoS, President Obama mostly conferred with and relied on his National Security team led by Tom Donilon…It was only after John Kerry took over as SoS, that we saw the natural and seamless coordination of high stakes foreign policy between the President and his SoS return..

    Everyone seems to forget that we were all watching as it all went down…We know that the President made the SoS offer to not only prevent a splintering of the Democratic party, but to assuage the vindictive Clintons so they wouldn’t outrightly sabotage him and his presidency – which they still did courtesy of their friends – and their own words and actions in some instances-

    And yet for all the titles and claimed years in public service, we are hard-pressed to decipher any actual tangible accomplishments…

    The concept of choreography, perception, projection, manipulation and exploitation played out to the hilt..

    It’s like the conman with $30 to his name, who struts around dressed up in an expensive suit – everyone assumes he’s wealthy and has a lot of his own money – and so, much more is automatically bestowed upon him – he’s afforded the benefit of the doubt…the rich befriend him, pick up the tab as they treat him to expensive meals and fine wines and tee times at the exclusive courses…they fly him around on their private jets, put him up at their luxury mansions and hotels – and pay him huge amounts to be on the board of Directors at their Fortune 500 companies…

    And that’s how he becomes rich and influential…


    It’s that perception that assumes Hillary ‘accomplished’ and ‘qualified’ – and yet have people ‘surprised’ that for all the retroactive and automatic projection of smart and high-flying, she actually flunked the D.C bar exam, and only managed to pass the bar in Arkansas. She had no job offers in Arkansas – none – and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was already teaching there. She was not hired at the prestigious Rose Law Firm, until Bill became Arkansas Attorney General – and she was made a partner only after Bill was elected Arkansas Governor.

    So, here we have the supposed ‘greatest’ politician of our time, who supposedly got President Obama a second term, but couldn’t get his supposedly more accomplished and more qualified candidate wife elected in 2008 against the same no-name black guy who was supposedly wet behind the ears…

    And even now, having kneecapped and preemptively cleared the field, and lined up the entire political and economic establishment behind her, she’s still having a tough time beating off the no-name guy from Vermont who only jumped into the race on a whim – and without any advantages and all odds against him..

    And now they demand the President endorse her or else…

    The inevitable candidate…the supposedly most qualified, most accomplished, most experienced, most ready on day one…the ‘accomplished’ woman who according to Donna Brazille does not need to wrap herself around President Obama to win…

    Even with the assist of her supposedly greatest campaigner and retail politics dealing, ‘most popular’ president ‘evah’ husband Bill, out in force wheeling and dealing, strong-arming and campaigning on her behalf…

    Even with all of the Democratic Party machine and the Establishment, Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, some of the top Neocon hierarchy, Henry Kissinger et all, all behind her …

    We are being told that President Obama must endorse her now or else…that he has to abandon his wise Statesman and Party leader stance to stay out of the primaries, because even with all of her advantages and top assists, and having locked in every possible last adviser, brain trust, political set-up, and every Senator, congress person and even Cabinet Secretaries…she’s still lagging against the unassuming Senator from Vermont…

    So much for all those memes of ‘greatness’, ‘accomplished’, ‘qualified’, ‘experienced’, ‘ready’..inevitable…

    She’s very curiously, always needed the assist of unusually high numbers of people helping her out, to get ahead…She needs to be constantly choreographed and propped up and defended and talked-up by every high-profile man, woman and group out there – and still, she mostly fails to impress…

    And even with all the expensive advisors and outsized high profile help, and for all the heavy choreography and force-fed projections of ‘superior’ ‘greatness’ that has been spun since time immemorial by their spin masters, courtiers, paid mouthpieces and those paid to herald them… and even with her chest-thumping and loud protestations and rehearsed ‘presidential’ affectations in speech and gestures, she still barely manages a mediocre performance and outing – again and again…

    One thing I do know is that I greatly resent how the Obamas have been forced again and again to go against their preferences and to even compromise themselves and their integrity in some instances, to accommodate the never-ending antics, demands and needs of the hostile Clintons and their attempts to ‘extract every concession’ – even when none is on offer or owed…

    And in the end, after everything, the Clintons take – and are given – all the credit…

    • rikyrah says:

      You drop so much truth…I hope SG2 shares it in the twitter.

    • Ametia says:

      Front -paging this on the new thread!

    • Ametia says:


      They will take the very lasts Breath out of your lungs, if they could.


      • eliihass says:

        Awful Ametia…And yet folks are falling for the okey-doke…

        Suddenly it’s all scare tactics in the same vein as 2008…

        ‘…let’s be ‘pragmatic’…we can’t aim too high…’

        When was that ever the American way..? We are a country of high achievers…we aim high…we do the impossible…we don’t tinker at the margins to appease Wall Street and the plutocrats who want to keep the status quo..

  2. Liza says:

    From all of us at @ParksCrump: Happy 21st Birthday #TrayvonMartin! Gone but Never Forgotten.— Benjamin Crump, Esq. (@AttorneyCrump) February 5, 2016


  3. Liza says:

    Ametia, guess who?

    TODAY 12:40 PM
    Sanders Admits Receiving Free Checking from Big Banks

    MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE (The Borowitz Report)—Scandal rocked Bernie Sanders’s Presidential campaign on Friday as the candidate was forced to admit that he received free checking from several big banks.

    In a press conference in Manchester, New Hampshire, a chastened Sanders acknowledged that, over the past two decades, he received free checking from Bank of America, Citibank, and JPMorgan Chase in exchange for maintaining a five-hundred-dollar minimum balance.

    “I should have acknowledged my relationship with these banks earlier,” a subdued Sanders told reporters. “For that, I am sorry.”

    The Clinton campaign immediately seized on the revelation, with one senior Clinton aide alleging that Sanders’s cozy relationship with the banks “effectively strips him of the label ‘progressive.’ ”

    “Quite frankly, I don’t know of too many progressives who make five-hundred-dollar payoffs to the big banks,” the aide said. “This doesn’t pass the smell test.”

    The news of Sanders’s ties to the banking industry comes just days after damaging reports that he leveraged his relationship with the American Automobile Association to obtain a discount on renting a Nissan Sentra.

  4. Ametia says:


  5. Ametia says:

    Now why do you suppose PBO held a conference to make a statement on the ECONOMY?

    Take your time, I’ll wait for your answers. LOL

  6. rikyrah says:

    There’s a poster at another blog that says of Rafael Cruz:

    He has a face made for a Criminal Minds episode.


    Why Ted Cruz’s Facial Expression Makes Me Uneasy

    What message are the Senator’s atypical facial gestures sending?

    Posted Jan 01, 2016

    It’s hard to look at Ted Cruz’s face. He’s a brilliant orator with a sharp legal mind. But his expression unsettles me. I know my reaction is visceral and automatic, but as a neurologist it is my business to notice things out of the ordinary and probe them. The Senator’s atypical expressions leave me uneasy.

    Before I say why, note how many colleagues and former associates “loathe” him. A Bush alumnus told the New York Times’ Frank Bruni, “Why do people take such an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? It just saves time.” Former Senate Majority leader Bob Dole says, “Nobody likes him,” while Rep. Peter King sees “malice.” According to The Washington Post, screenwriter Craig Mazin, Cruz’s former Princeton roommate, has called him a “huge asshole,” and “creepy.” He’s Tweeted, “Getting emails blaming me for not smothering Ted Cruz in his sleep in 1988.” The distaste for Cruz even extends beyond the US: Germans say Backpfeifengesicht, meaning a face in need of a good punch.

    Humans learn to read faces from the day they are born. Infants readily respond to smiles. They imitate others’ facial expressions and gestures. During the first months of life, brain activity readings trace the development of their body maps. These brain maps allow an infant to recognized similarities between self and other—the foundation on which all social cognition rests, especially trust.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Somebody’s feelings are hurt……

    Cam Newton is brilliant and beautiful. Just ask the Carolina Panthers QB

    By Sally Jenkins Columnist February 4 at 9:20 PM

    SAN FRANCISCO — It would be a little easier to admire Cam Newton if he wasn’t so relentlessly admiring of his admirable self. The Carolina Panthers quarterback has been introduced fully to the global audience on the Super Bowl stage this week, and this is the impression he has left: He is brilliant and beautiful, and anyone who doesn’t like his bold dancing is a joyless prude, and he may even be the new super-species he claims to be. He also appears to own a new size of ego.

    He strolls around with a languid yet self-studied air, uttering pronouncements such as, “Every time I put on an attire, every single morning of my life, it’s a must-win attire.”

  8. rikyrah says:

    And 20 years later, he was President of the United States.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed
    February 5 at 3:31 AM

    Noela Rukundo describes her husband’s reaction when she appeared at her own funeral, after he hired a team of hitmen to kill her. Her husband, Balenga Kalala, is serving nine years in prison for incitement to murder. (Deirdra O’Regan/The Washington Post)

    Noela Rukundo sat in a car outside her home, watching as the last few mourners filed out. They were leaving a funeral — her funeral.

    Finally, she spotted the man she’d been waiting for. She stepped out of her car, and her husband put his hands on his head in horror.

    “Is it my eyes?” she recalled him saying. “Is it a ghost?”

    “Surprise! I’m still alive!” she replied.

    Far from being elated, the man looked terrified. Five days earlier, he had ordered a team of hit men to kill Rukundo, his partner of 10 years. And they did — well, they told him they did. They even got him to pay an extra few thousand dollars for carrying out the crime.

    Now here was his wife, standing before him. In an interview with the BBC on Thursday, Rukundo recalled how he touched her shoulder to find it unnervingly solid. He jumped. Then he started screaming.

    • Potus don’t have to do a damn thing. He owes Hillary NOTHING.

    • Ametia says:


      One person can forestall this unfortunate scenario for the Democrats: President Obama. So far, the usually shrewd Obama is making the greatest political mistake of his career by not taking control of his party’s presidential nomination and endorsing Clinton, the only candidate capable of uniting the party and avoiding a ruinous nomination battle. This mistake may cost the president most of his legacy, which cannot withstand a victory this year by a Republican presidential candidate.


      So transparent, even Casper the Ghost can see this foolish logic. So this is the set up, to BLAME PBO, if your highness loses.

      Hillary Clinton will have to RUN like the heat of a thousand suns are about to engulf her. She will have to EARN the office of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, just like Barack Hussein OBAMA did.

      Elihaas, where are you. I’m about to smack the living shit out of these folks!

      • Liza says:

        I think it is inappropriate for a sitting president to endorse a candidate during the primaries. When has that even happened? I don’t recall.

        At the risk of stating the obvious, if Hillary’s thirty years of public service were so great, and if her record were full of the accomplishments to which she alludes, and if she really were a progressive candidate and not just another politician after power and money and a “legacy,” then she could win this on her own steam.

        What her supporters really want is for POTUS to ask black folks to vote for her.

        Based on the turnout of Democratic voters in Iowa compared to 2008, I can see where the party might be getting concerned. New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina will shed more light on voter enthusiasm or lack thereof. But a safe prediction might be that this ain’t 2008.

        If Hillary wins the nomination, I certainly don’t think it’s impossible for her to lose the general election.

      • Shorter Allan Lichtman: Get in line ******! Endorse Hillary or it will cost you your legacy.

    • Ametia says:

      Allan J. LICHTMAN.

  10. Ametia says:

    Maurice White and EARTH WIND & FIRE

  11. Ametia says:

    If Johnny Manziel doesn’t receive help, he won’t make it to his next birthday, his father told The Dallas Morning News on Friday.

    Manziel’s father, Paul, told the newspaper that the Cleveland Browns quarterback has refused to enter area rehab facilities twice in the past week. He said the family tried to get Manziel, 23, to enter a local addiction facility on Saturday, but Manziel refused to stay. Paul Manziel said he tried to have his son admitted to a psychiatric and chemical dependency hospital on Tuesday, but Manziel was allowed to leave, despite his father telling officers that he believed Manziel was suicidal.

    Johnny Manziel’s agent released a statement Friday saying he is cutting ties with the Browns quarterback after his latest incident.

    “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,” Paul Manziel told the paper.

  12. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Right now our nation’s in mourning. We hope that justice prevails soon. The Martin family, we’re with you. We come together, we must care. The negative can go elsewhere. I put my hood on though I’m weeping

  13. I still grieve for this child. He’ll be in my heart as long as I breathe air.

    • Liza says:

      The murder of this child will haunt me until the day I die. Then Jordan Davis was murdered just six miles south of the house in Jax where I grew up and lived in for 18 years.

      Finally, there was a tipping point that should have started with Oscar Grant. Maybe it did, I’m not really sure.

      But, without question, the murder of Trayvon Martin, the shenanigans of the Sanford PD, the circus like media trial, and the acquittal of the sociopath who killed the child exposed the ugly and undeniable racism that this country refuses to face and deal with effectively. Trayvon is the 21st century’s Emmett Till, stalked, attacked and shot through the heart by the most despicable form of human, someone who kills because he wants to. And he killed a black child because he believed there were no consequences.

      People took sides, and we could tell who was who by the side they took. And from that point onward, with every murder, with every assault and with every corresponding excuse and every lie that was told, we know who is who. And, yes, that matters because nothing changes before it is fully exposed.

      RIP, Trayvon. I wish you were graduating from college instead, and looking for a job in aviation like you always wanted.

    • rikyrah says:

      Me too, SG2.

      I look at him and see the babyface, and tears are forming in my eyes as I type this.

      He was




      for the crime of WALKING WHILE BLACK.

      Nothing more. Nothing less.


      And, I hope EVERYONE involved in Zimmerman’s Acquittal burns in HELL.

  14. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Torn from your family
    Torn from your friends
    Torn from your future

    Your blood cries out for justice
    I hear you
    I love you

    I know there’s much work ahead

    I will never be silent
    I will never back of
    I will never forget you, Trayvon!!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_970/justice-trayvon.jpg

  15. Ametia says:


  16. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    You will forever live on, Trayvon!

    You ignited a movement, you touched our hearts, you will be remembered forever. You committed me to be an advocate for equal justice and to get the message out there that BLACK LIVES MATTER!

  17. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    High-Profile Black Actors Pay Tribute to Trayvon Martin: “Little Black Boy Wonder”

  18. Gina Loring sings a lament for Trayvon Martin and the man he could have become

  19. Memorial Tribute. Protesting The Killing of Trayvon Martin.

  20. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Trayvon, this would have been your 21st birthday. You will always be in my heart.

    • bwa ha ha ha ha ha

      Can’t get NOTHING!

      • Ametia says:

        BWA HA HA HA Priceless the look on their faces, SG2. You know the tv commercials influences everyone, especially our kids. Mama didn’t play that either. She got what she could afford, and if we mumbled, well, that was just toooooo BAD!

    • Ametia says:

      LOL We got schooled before going into the grocery store.

      Mama: “I’m only getting what’s on THIS LIST. (Holds out list for us to see)
      Put only what I tell you to put in the shopping cart and nothing more.

      If we followed the rule to the letter, by the time we got to checkout, she’d tell us to get one small item that cost about .50 cents. I think it was an incentive to get us in the habit of not begging for everything in the store. Discipline!

    • Liza says:

      Stores place the things the kids want at their eye level and just look at how effective it is.

    • rikyrah says:

      uh huh

      uh huh

      only Modern recession where there were NOT Government Jobs added to help pull us out of the recovery.

      say it with me..

      One Party CHOSE to commit ECONOMIC TREASON against this country beginning January 20, 2009.

  21. rikyrah says:

    the new national Republican poll from Public Policy Polling,

    1. Donald Trump: 28% (down from 34% in December)

    2. Ted Cruz: 21% (up from 18%)

    2. Marco Rubio: 21% (up from 13%)

    4. Ben Carson: 11% (up from 6%)

    • Liza says:

      Rubio is surging, I think that’s the only safe prediction. That’s his Iowa bounce. Cruz is probably too crazy for New Hampshire. Carson is DOA. Trump, who knows? Iowa was a setback for him.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  23. Ametia says:

    Happy FRY-day, Everyone. :))))))

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