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  1. eliihass says:

    FLOTUS arriving for Nancy Reagan’s funeral…

    After hosting the State Dinner for the Canadians last night…she did a red eye to California to attend Mrs Reagan’s funeral…and anyone who watched, was incredibly proud to have this wonderfully genuine, caring, warm, unassuming, sincere, gorgeous and historic First Lady, represent herself, her husband and the American people, so beautifully at her one of her predecessor’s funeral…

    The warm and all-encompassing hug she gave Reagan daughter, Patti Davis, was could see Patti Davis melt…and you could see how touched she was by FLOTUS’ genuine gesture…

  2. Ametia says:


    Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Chicago has been postponed amid growing security concerns.

  3. rikyrah says:

    GRAHAM: “We are setting a precedent here today, Republicans are. That in the last year at least of a lame duck eight year term, I would say it’s gonna be a four year term, that you’re not going to fill a vacancy of the Supreme Court based on what we’re doing here today. That’s going to be the new rule.‎”

    • Ametia says:


    • eliihass says:

      I was watching Hillary as part of her usual opportunistic maneuvering, shamelessly positioning herself as always to exploit and align herself with someone else’s legacy…

      I watched in disbelief as she made those erroneous statements about the Reagans HIV-AIDS ‘advocacy’ and ‘starting a conversation’ — And Hillary in true forcefully wing it to the nth form…was speaking with such authority and with a straight face too – as if it were all indisputably fact…Something she does all the time…The woman lies effortlessly – and also talks with such categorical arrogance as if she knows what she’s talking about – when she does not…and even as the media turns a blind eye …the same media that’s partially responsible for helping advance this mostly false narrative of Hillary as indisputably ‘brilliant’, hard working detailed policy wonk …something a reading of her e-mails will easily contradict – and never mind her unfettered 24 hour access to multitudes of advisers, an out-sized and expensive brain trust, hard-hitting spinners and other flunkies who rely entirely on the Clinton myth to keep their lucrative gigs running…and are thus beholden to her and Bill and intent on ‘protecting’ the 2 grand protagonists of the yarn they carefully spin and advance..

      And yet it’s all false and untrue…

      And then too there’s Nancy Reagan…and Joan Rivers and the rest of them…A story for another day…but there’s this..

      “…How Nancy Reagan Helped Joan Rivers Get Her Dead Husband’s Body Back
      When Joan Rivers’s husband killed himself in 1987, and Rivers couldn’t get his body released, she called Nancy Reagan in the middle of the night to intervene.

      The contrast between how Nancy Reagan, who died at age 94 on Sunday, faced crises affecting two family friends—Rock Hudson and Joan Rivers—was stark.
      One was ignored, the other embraced.

      As BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner reported, when Hudson was dying of AIDS in 1985, Nancy Reagan turned down a request by his publicist to help with an urgent Paris hospital transfer.

      This despite her husband calling Hudson, a onetime friend, by phone to tell the actor that he was in his and Nancy’s prayers.

      On Oct. 2, 1985, Hudson died. Ronald Reagan, much condemned for his and his administration’s failure to address the AIDS pandemic—and the vicious homophobia and ignorance that swirled around it—would give his first major public address on the disease on May 31, 1987.

      Almost 2½ months later, on Aug. 14, 1987, Joan Rivers’s husband and manager, Edgar Rosenberg, committed suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs in a Philadelphia hotel room.

      Rosenberg was 62, and—Joan Rivers told me in her final major interview—depressed over his wife being fired from her Fox talk show.

      At the time, Rivers, told me, she was desperately trying—and failing—to get her husband’s body released by the Philadelphia authorities and returned to Los Angeles.
      “Fame is so wonderful,” she told me. “It gives you friends.”

      “Edgar killed himself in Philadelphia and I couldn’t get the body out of there. My daughter [Melissa] was going mad. I thought, ‘I’ll call the White House.’ It was 2 a.m. there. I said, ‘It’s Joan Rivers and it’s an emergency. I must speak to Mrs. Reagan.’ They woke her up.”

      “I said, ‘I can’t get Edgar’s body out of Philadelphia.’ She [Nancy] said, ‘Let me see what I can do.’

      “The next day, his body came back to L.A. You don’t ever forget that, especially when the chips are down. She’s older now. I’m going to California next week, and I’ll see her.”
      The two women had a longtime friendship: Rivers noted that she had not been invited to the White House, “since the Reagans were there.”

      In a 2010 interview I did with Rivers for the London Times, she told me that while she thought Barack Obama—then in his first term—was “doing a weak job and making us a second-class nation,” Rivers herself was not a Republican.

      She said she was “very friendly” with Nancy Reagan. “I think she was amazing [as first lady]. I’m crazy about her.”

      Really? With her astrologers and AIDS-ignoring husband, I questioned—Rivers was not only known as an LGBT advocate…

      “They got there in the end,” Rivers said to me of the Reagans and HIV. “Everyone was in the dark about AIDS. I did the first benefits.”

      Rivers went on to reveal that Nancy Reagan had been critical of the Obamas…”

    • Ametia says:

      Malia & Sasha are so beautifully POISED.

      And no doubt can hold theri own in any social setting.

      Juxtapose this photo with folks at a Trump rally, with NO BREEDING, LOW INFORMATION…

  4. Rikyrah, folks are dragging Hillary on Twitter for this

  5. Liza says:

    It’s pretty damn clear that the Washington Post is biased, a total lack of integrity, trying to undermine what little democracy is left in this country.

    .@washingtonpost Runs 16 Anti-Sanders Ads in 16 hours— Democracy Now! (@democracynow) March 11, 2016


    • eliihass says:

      If you watched coverage of Nancy Reagan’s death and funeral, you’ll see so clearly just how the media – mostly comprised of petty, shallow, hollow, spiteful, shameless, narcissistic types who set out to alternately try to ingratiate and/or assert themselves not just in the general scheme of things political, but in their warped relationships with politicians and their family, handlers and other political operatives…

      It’s all about being ‘in’ with…or ‘in the know’ – and ‘credible’ enough to do and wield negative or positive ‘influence’ – and only to arrogantly build up and boost themselves –

      They’ll use whatever insignificant and temporary medium they occupy to try to affect the process – for mostly worse …skewing things in favor of those who play along with them…but in typical dishonorable form, as quickly turning on and dismissing the same folk they build up – whenever it suits them – and for just about any reason…

      The dangers of playing footsie with the devil…

      These media sorts and those who own them, don’t mind the damage they do to our union – or anything else for that matter…or if they end up distorting and harming for the long term, our democracy – and only for their egos and their own aggrandizement and puny selfish purposes..

  6. rikyrah says:

    Did my civic duty…got my voting in….took my judge’s guide in with me.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Y’all sure this isn’t Friday the 13th?

    cause, it was about ‘that moment’…

    That moment when you get the call from IT and they tell you that all the work you’ve been doing for the past 4 months…..




    Me and two supervisors had to go up to IT….

    for us to get there and them to say… ‘Oh, my bad…we found it.’

    Felt like taking a Personal Business day right then and there.

  8. Liza says:

    Bernie’s right, of course, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  9. rikyrah says:

    I have loved this week with Ms. Streisand :)

    • Liza says:

      Wow. Don’t they look gorgeous. I suspect that Jason Wu was the happiest guy in the whole USA yesterday.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  11. Ametia says:

    TGIF! Good Morning, Everyone. :))))

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