Friday Open Thread | TV Shows That You Should Be Watching: IZombie

But, rikyrah…

I thought you said that you didn’t do Zombies?


Yeah, I know. That’s exactly what I said. And, I meant it. It was halfway through the second season when I FINALLY decided to give this show a chance. I have a friend, and from the beginning, he was raving about this show. He told me because I loved Veronica Mars (sob sob sob), that I should give this show a chance (same creative team behind it.)

The Premise?

A Type-A doctor decides to let loose and go to a party. At said party, she is attacked and turned into a Zombie.

The only way to remain ‘normal’ is by eating human brains – so, she turns her back on her promising medical career to go work at the City Morgue.

The catch about eating human brains?

You take on the personality of whatever person’s brain you’re eating.

Sounds wild, I know.

But, the show works.

It’s well written, and you can tell the creators have sat down and thought about how each thread of the show, though they seem odd and random…it’s been fabulous to watch how the threads have been woven together to where this past week’s season finale was AMAZING!!!

You can catch the first season in Netflix, and see some episodes on The CW Network.


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  1. eliihass says:

    2 term Senator from New York – never visited any of the much-talked about appallingly in disrepair Public Housing in the State she represented as a Senator. Not even the one in Harlem ..

    Low-hanging fruit she never even bothered to pick to check off her list of faux-concern…to support her ‘I’ve always been here for you and I know how to get it done’ or her shrimp-bribed surrogates dishonest invocations of ‘She’s been with us and has done a lot for us’…and the ridiculous ‘there has been no bigger friend to us than Hillary Clinton’ narratives from greedy, corrupt politicians…

    New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres raised by a single mother in NYC Public Housing – has taken on this Public Housing in disrepair matter as his cause, says he’s holding out his endorsement of a presidential candidate – until they at least respond to his invitation to each of them to visit said Public Housing complex in his jurisdiction.

    He had not heard back from any of the presidential campaigns and Hillary Clinton’s campaign never responded to his letter to visit and see first hand, the poor conditions under which the residents she by the way represented in the United States Senate, live…It so happens too, that said Public Housing is Federally-owned and so was exactly right up her alley as their Senator representing them in D.C…

    Last night Lawrence O’Donnell had Ritchie Torres on his show and did a segment on the conditions at the Public Housing complex Mr. Torres took him and the MSNBC cameras to visit. Some of the residents were interviewed and one of them said she had 15 votes for the taking in her moldy, rat infested, in disrepair Public Housing unit…

    And today, Hillary Clinton showed up at the Public Housing complex in Harlem…and told the residents (most of them paying tenants by the way) living in the run-down Housing Project – residents she represented as Senator…that she would be ‘honored’ if they went out and voted for her on April 19th – this time to become the Democratic nominee for president…

  2. rikyrah says:

    Snyder’s new Coon sent into damage schools.

    Look at her history of thievery off the public dole.


    It’s not entirely surprising that the rebranding from Emergency Manager to CEO is taking place now. Recall that last year Gov. Snyder took the State School Reform/Redesign Office (SSRRO) away from the Department of Education and put it under the control of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget.

    The person in charge of this process is Natasha Baker. She’s an interesting choice given her history. As I wrote about last fall, Baker is a big proponent of charter schools. In fact, in an effort to start one of her own – she called it a “public boarding school” – she was the recipient of over $100,000 in tax dollars.

    The school never opened.

    The school was what the Center for Media and Democracy calls a “ghost school” and was one of several in Michigan that received millions of tax dollars without ever opening.

    So, we have a rebranding of Emergency Managers into “CEOs” with the power to “convert schools into charter schools without the consent of the locally elected board” and headed up by a charter school booster who took a huge amount of our tax dollars to open her own charter school and never had anything to show for it.

  3. eliihass says:

    How disgusting is it watching 5 prong-tongued smarmy Chris Matthews and silly Jonathan Capehart and all the media flunkies drunk on cheap Clinton bribery cocktails, slandering and smearing Bernie Sanders..

    Who knew that what made one a Democrat was ‘raising money for the Democratic party’ aka cover for Hillary fundraising for herself…aka as another brazen attempt by the Democratic party who’ve been nothing but horrid, petty, slimy and disrespectful to Bernie Sanders (that non-Democrat!) but want access to his huge pot of money sources ..

    The media has been given their matching orders by the plutocrats who own them, and Chris Matthews is clearly on a mission today: brazenly smear, insult and demean Bernie Sanders..

    It’s so weird watching the media all acting as hired strategists and part of the campaign team for Hillary Clinton..

    It’s even weirder watching formerly mealy-mouthed nobodies like Jonathan Capehart all loudly and effusively shilling for Hillary – after all these years of playing it safe – Of course it can be argued that his new stance is Owner-sanctioned…in other words, he’s been specifically instructed to coon out loud…not that he isn’t already a self-impressed cooning token extraordinaire…It’s just that now he’s been authorized to do so for a particular candidate – with the blessing of his owners – and without fear of repercussions..

    You watch a person like Chris Matthews and wonder how anyone – especially a grown man, husband and father – turns out so shallow, petty, hollow and so fickle..and so smarmy..

    How is it that there are no more principled men of depth, heft, integrity, honor and substance to be found …and especially not when we turn on our television sets …

    Watching that Jackie Robinson documentary presented such a palpable contrast to what being a man – a grown man – really meant. Even under the worst circumstances, and even when oppressed and considered not quite a human being –

  4. rikyrah says:

    It’s been a week…and I’m still bitter.

    You know about what..

  5. Liza says:


    Some of the superdelegates tipping nomination toward @HillaryClinton are also lobbyists. #DemDebate— The Intercept (@theintercept) April 15, 2016


  6. rikyrah says:

    This has 1200 comments!!



    Damon Young, 4/13/16

    It’s been a little over 12 hours since I first saw Buzzfeed’s “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People.” It was shared on the timelines of quite a few of my friends yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t get a chance to actually watch it until last night. And still, 12 hours later, I’m shocked by how bad it is.


    But mostly, I’m shocked by the level of GFA (Gotdamn Fucking Awful) this was. It was so abjectly GFA that I watched a second time to verify how GFA it happened to be, and a third time just to make sure there wasn’t any satire I missed. Like maybe this was one of those meta jokes within a jokes about the type of Black people who think and say shit like this. But it wasn’t that. It was a video curation of every space on the self-loathing Black person bingo card.


    Also, it actually makes me sad that there are so many seemingly smart and witty and successful Black people so firmly ensconced in anti-Blackness. People either hurt so badly they’ve internalized everything negative they’ve seen about Black people or in possession of such a jaundiced view of Black culture that they feel the need to distance themselves from it. (Or both.) I already knew they existed, but I don’t know. Watching this was like peeking into a hot dog factory. You already know they use all types of pig toenails and pigeon beaks to make them, but actually seeing it happen with your own eyes turns your stomach. It’s fucking depressing, man.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Michelle Obama Covers Teen Magazine, Talks College Advice She Gave Malia and Sasha
    And looks flawless as usual.

    Posted: April 15 2016 12:18 PM

    When was the last time you saw a first lady on the cover of Seventeen magazine? Probably never. Michelle Obama covers the May issue of the magazine, along with two lucky teenagers who won the chance to interview her.

    In the interview, Gemma Busoni and Zaniya Lewis asked FLOTUS about the advice she gave her own daughters about picking the right university. The question is quite apropos because Malia Obama is graduating from high school next month.

    “The one thing I’ve been telling my daughters is that I don’t want them to choose a name,” Obama said. “I don’t want them to think, ‘Oh, I should go to these top schools.’ We live in a country where there are thousands of amazing universities. So the question is, what’s going to work for you?”

    The first lady didn’t say which college Malia has chosen, but since Malia has an eye toward the film industry, I’m quite sure it’ll be one with a great film program.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Yoga Is for Everybody—and Every Body
    April is National Minority Health Month, and The Root is exploring some alternatives to traditional medical treatments.

    Posted: April 13 2016 10:15 AM

    Next up in The Root’s minority-health video series during National Minority Health Month is yoga.

    Yoga is not just about stretching. Beyond the intricate poses often associated with hatha yoga, the practice is about watching the breath, aligning the spine and clearing the mind.

    In 2003 Shelley Nicole learned that she had a hiatal hernia, which meant that her diaphragm was weak. After some research, she found yoga and used it to heal herself. Nicole has since become a yoga instructor at Third Root and various studios all over New York City.

    This practitioner proves that yoga is for everybody—and every body. Align your mind, body and soul with yoga.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Jackie Robinson – Race Man – through and through


    Jackie Robinson: Militant Black Republican

    “I’m a black man first, an American second, and then I will support a political party—third,” said Robinson in 1968.


    Posted: April 13 2016 3:00 AM

    On a Saturday evening in February of 1966, over a thousand mostly white Republican men and women crowded into a Cleveland hotel banquet hall, eager to hear Jackie Robinson’s opening keynote for the annual Ohio Republican Conference. The baseball icon-turned-political activist did not disappoint.

    “I am not what is known as a good Republican,” Robinson declared upon taking the stage. “I am certainly not a safe Republican. I am weary of the black man going hat in hand, shoulders hunched and knee pads worn, to ‘Uncle Tom’ to the enemies of our progress.”

    In the context of today’s political chaos, Jackie Robinson’s militant pronouncements feel alien, especially when one surveys the racial wreckage of the modern GOP. The Republican Party’s approach to race right now can best be described as anarchy, as Donald Trump gleefully turns dog-whistle politics into full-blown nuclear alarm.

    As party leaders scramble to address the Trump invasion, they’ve sidestepped accountability for the GOP’s role in creating the current climate. Largely absent in all of this are the voices of the party’s racial minorities. A few scattered examples have emerged as critiques of both Trump and the GOP at large, but none have done it with the comprehensive ferocity that rivals that of Jackie Robinson.

    For years, conservatives have tried to claim the political legacy of Robinson without acknowledging his actual complicated “militant” politics. Although he campaigned as an independent for Richard Nixon in 1960, later changing his affiliation to Republican, and forged a close working relationship with New York Republican Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, Robinson was always cagey about his GOP identification.

    “I’m a black man first,” he once calmly stated, while appearing on a 1968 television program, “an American second, and then I will support a political party—third.”

  10. rikyrah says:

    PragmaticObotsUnite ‎@PragObots
    Next, she gonna be braiding hair and doing press & curls.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Monie ‎@MonieTalks_1
    I wish PBO could speak at every HBCU graduation &inspire a new crop of political leaders who live & breath our issues,not just election time

  12. rikyrah says:

    Heifer Please


    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    The author wrote open letter to Ciara, telling her not to be bitter/disrespectful @ Future & remember she laid down with him 2 begin with.

    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    So I have a question: did the author of this Ciara piece also write a letter to Future telling him to stop being disrespectful to Ciara?

    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    Cuz if not I have a problem with that. This dude been running his mouth about Ciara and telling her business, putting her on blast and +

    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    But Ciara is the one who is told SHE needs to stop being disrespectful.

    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    This dude been running his Ciara down on social media for a year but this NBC Click Bait writer admonishes CIARA for being disrespectful

    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    The kicker was when she told Ciara to remember all the things she & Future did in private and remember Future wasn’t all that bad.

    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    Why didn’t she write a letter to Future telling HIM to remember the good times & stop being bitter because Ciara moved on?

    E. Mo Black ‎@EmoNegro1
    Or why not write a letter to Future telling him to work with Ciara & Russell Wilson for the benefit of the baby?


    Elon James White ‎@elonjames
    “Ain’t shit Daddies” don’t deserve all the protection y’all keep trying to provide for them. Y’all are allowing the kids to be hurt more.

  13. rikyrah says:

    this is messed up

    Adam Serwer ✔ ‎@AdamSerwer
    they’d rather do high tech minstrelsy than hire asian actors.

  14. Ametia says:

    The Daily 202: Bernie Sanders lost last night’s debate, but Democratic unity may be the biggest loser

    There is near consensus that Bernie Sanders lost last night’s debate because of his tone.

    The Vermont senator preached to the choir and did not do enough to win over fresh converts, which he needs to change the trajectory of the Democratic nominating contest. He often seemed caustic, angry and bitter. His cantankerousness was off-putting.

    Dripping sarcasm and ironic snark do not a governing coalition make…

  15. Liza, did you watch the debate? Bernie kicked ass and took names. Beautiful morning, you’re the sun in my morning babe.

    • Ametia says:

      LOL! The HILLSTER & her cohorts can’t take it when Bernie CRANKS up the HEAT on her ASS.

      Apparently, the WaPo articles today said Bernie lost because of his TONE.


      • Ametia says:

        SG2, you and eliihass brought it last night. I’m with Liza. I can’t stand to listen or even look at that LYING DEVIL, Hillary.

        THANKS for your stellar Tweets, SG2. And Eliihass THANK YOU, for always DROPPING THAT HARD, BITTER, TRUTH!

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, Wapo is all in for Hillary, apparently forgetting that news should be unbiased.

    • Liza says:

      I went to bed early, SG2. I am so burned out on Hillary and, ironically, it’s HER tone that annoys me. And that’s in addition to her hypocrisy and all the rest that makes her so difficult to listen to.

      I know that Bernie is under pressure to tell it like it is which I don’t think comes naturally to him. And when Hillary and them complain about HIS TONE it just irks me. They are so desperate for ways to smear him, but he’s really a decent sort, so they have to make it up.

      Who is not tired of Hillary’s game? It feels like it’s been going on forever and it just about has. I’m so mad at the Democrats.

  16. rikyrah says:


    In a win for unions, appeals court reverses ruling that threw out teacher tenure in California

    In a a major victory for unions, a California appeals court on Thursday reversed a lower court ruling that had thrown out tenure and other job protections for the state’s public school teachers.

    The case was being closely watched across the country by those who argue that allowing administrators to more easily fire bad teachers would improve schools and student performance. Right now, there are a series of job protections that can be invoked before school districts can remove a tenured teacher.

    “I think it’s a win certainly for educators, but also a win for students,” California Teachers Assn. President Eric C. Heins said of the ruling. “The trial never made the connection between the harms [the plaintiffs] were alleging and the statutes they were challenging. I think the laws have been working.”

    The teachers association was a defendant in the case, along with the California Federation of Teachers and top state officials.

    Lawyers representing the plaintiffs, a diverse group of nine students, vowed Thursday to file an appeal with the state Supreme Court.

    “We came to court to defend the rights of California’s public school students and will continue to do so, despite today’s temporary setback,” lead counsel Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. said.

  17. rikyrah says:

    These 2 piece and biscuit coons on the pole. Where are our coon gifs?

    Donald Trump’s Prosperity Preachers.


    It would be hard to find a pastor more perfect to stump for Donald Trump than Mark Burns.

    At a March Trump rally in Illinois, Burns leapt up to the stage, pumping up the crowd in chants of Trump’s name. “Lord, this will be the greatest Tuesday that ever existed, come Super Tuesday Three,” he prophesied in prayer, naming and claiming a Trump victory. He opened his eyes. “There is no black person, there is no white person, there is no yellow person, there is no red person, there’s only green people!” he shouted. “Green is money! Green are jobs!!”

    Until Trump plucked Burns out of the tiny town of Easley, S.C., few Christians knew the black pastor’s name. But it is God, Burns says, who has economically transformed his life—before he found Jesus, he relied on food stamps, lived in section 8 housing, went to jail, and faced a charge of simple assault as part of his self-described “baby mama drama” past. Then last year, Burns decided to transition his ministry to a for-profit televangelism business, so he and his followers could achieve economic success.

    “Jesus said, above all things, I pray that you prosper, I pray that you have life more abundantly,” Burns, 36, explained to TIME in an interview, quoting a verse not from the Gospels but another New Testament passage. “It was never Jesus’ intention for us to be broke.” All of this is wisdom is now contained in a candidate for President. “I think that is what Donald Trump represents,” Burns says.

    Trump is making inroads in the evangelical world by cloaking himself with pastors like Burns, who represent a narrow and often controversial segment of the faith. The preachers who often stand with him are born-again Christians, but most are evangelical outsiders—many are Pentecostal televangelists who often preach a version of what’s often called the “prosperity gospel,” a controversial theological belief that God wants people to be wealthy and healthy.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Rise of the Black Superhero
    By David Betancourt, Michael Cavna and Shelly Tan

    Superheroes have stood astride the American pop-culture landscape for eight decades, but racial diversity has largely been left in the margins. So while we have had black superheroes for much of that time now, in the movie adaptations their roles have often been secondary. That’s why 2016 feels like a watershed year.

    May’s “Captain America: Civil War” is the first mainstream movie to co-star three black superheroes: War Machine (played by Don Cheadle), the Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman). That same month, “X-Men: Apocalypse” will spotlight Storm (Alexandra Shipp); and in August, DC Comics’ “Suicide Squad” will be led by Viola Davis and Will Smith.

    The quintessentially American art form that is superhero comics is embracing fictive worlds that look like America itself. And in 2016, black capes matter.

    Here is a primer of 16 notable black characters from comic book history who have received, or likely should soon receive, live-action iterations.

  19. 6.1 million tweets. Ibrahim did good in bringing awareness.

  20. rikyrah says:

    In a win for unions, appeals court reverses ruling that threw out teacher tenure in California

    Source: LA Times

    In a major victory for unions, a California appeals court reversed a lower court ruling that threw out tenure and other job protections for the state’s public school teachers.

    The case was being closely watched across the country because advocates argued allowing administrators to more easily fire bad teachers would improve schools and student performance. Right now, there are a series of job protections that are evoked before school districts can remove a teacher.

    “I think it’s a win certainly for educators, but also a win for students,” California Teachers Assn. President Eric C. Heins said of Thursday’s ruling. “The trial never made the connection between the harms they were alleging and the statutes they were challenging. I think the laws have been working.”

    A judge’s 2014 ruling in the case, Vergara vs. California, held that several key job protections for teachers are so harmful to students that they deprive children of their constitutional right to an education.

  21. rikyrah says:

    yep yep yep

    If a Republican had accomplished what PBO did…they’d already have the bills shoved through Congress to put him on Mt. Rushmore.


    Why Obama Will Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents of All Time

    Yep. (We just won’t build Mount Rushmores anymore.) In so many ways, Obama was better than we imagined, better than the body politic deserved, and far, far better than his enemies will ever concede, but the great thing about being great is that the verdict of enemies doesn’t matter.

    In fact, and I say this as a Bill Clinton fan, I now feel certain that, in the coming decades, Obama’s star will rise higher than Clinton’s, and he’ll replace Bill in the public mind as the Greatest Democrat since FDR.

    This has to do with the nature of Obama’s leadership, which is to play to legacy (and Clinton’s impulse, which is to play to the room). Bill Clinton will long be revered because he’s charismatic, presided over an economic revival, and changed and elevated the view of the Democratic Party. Barack Obama will long be revered because he’s charismatic, presided over an economic revival, and changed and elevated the view of the presidency. He’s simply bigger than Bill.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

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