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    • rikyrah says:

      Ex-NBA Baller Blows Up Racist Woman on Amtrak
      After Etan Thomas confronted the woman for lying about an open seat, she told him not to pull the “race card.”

      Posted: May 21 2016 9:51 AM

      Social media has morphed from a cute little platform for sharing funny pics and links to a truth-telling device that confirms that racism is alive and well in America.

      Ask ex-Washington Wizard player Etan Thomas; he knows how to use it to his advantage.

      Thomas, a universally accepted all-around great guy, adoring father, and advocate for student athletes, has taken to Facebook before to air stupidity out—including the creepy cover of R. Kelly’s 2013 Black Panties album.

      In this instance, he blew a woman’s spot all the way up, and took her photo for good measure. The post, which went up on Friday night, has more than 1,600 comments, 8,000 shares and 30,000 likes.

      It all began, according to Thomas, when he asked a woman politely and in a “softened” voice if the seat next to her was taken. The woman said it was. Two minutes later, Thomas says, a white guy comes along, asks the same question, and is offered the seat, with the woman even moving her stuff for him.

      Thomas, who said he “had to say something,” gets up and asks the woman, “Did you just not want ME to sit next to you? Were you scared? Not comfortable with a Black Man sitting next to you?”

      According to Thomas, the woman actually had the audacity to part her lips and say, “Don’t pull the race card stuff with me, I dated a Black guy in college.”


      Thomas said he had to take a photo of the woman for Facebook, and she said she was going to get the law on him (in this case report him to the conductor) for illegally taking her photo (the man who sat next to the woman looks mortified, by the way)

      I’ll let Thomas tell the rest:

      “So the conductor came up and said hey Etan Thomas love what you’re doing in the community loved you with the Wizards big Cuse fan man the Knicks sure could use you …. And I said was there something you wanted to tell my man ? And she rolled her eyes …”

      View the entire post below (love how the guy sitting next to the woman is like, I want no parts of this):

  1. rikyrah says:

    found this at BJ.

    I keep on saying..truth is stranger than fiction.


    Discover the Nitwits

    by Betty Cracker
    at7:43 am on May 21, 2016.

    Remember that fucking idiot James O’Keefe — the failed conservative prankster who tends to record himself committing felonies when trying to expose liberal wrongdoing? He has attempted another sting operation, and in typical O’Keefe fashion, he pulled off the metaphorical equivalent of stuffing a hornet’s nest down his own pants.

    Jane Mayer of The New Yorker has the goods here. To summarize, in March, O’Keefe targeted a woman who works for the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundation, leaving a phone message under a fake name, “Victor Kesh,” to try to set up a meeting so he could worm his way into her confidence and secretly record her (for subsequent deceptive editing, judging from O’Keefe’s usual M.O.).

    But after leaving the message, O’Keefe/Kesh didn’t hang up the phone properly, so the intended victim was treated to a recording in which the O’Keefe brain trust laid out the entirety of their plan like the band of bumbling dipshits that they are:


    The accidental recording reached farcical proportions when Kesh announced that he was opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page on his computer. He planned to check her résumé and leverage the information to penetrate the Soros “octopus.”

    Kesh said, “She’s probably going to call me back, and if she doesn’t I can create other points of entry.” Suddenly, Kesh realized that by opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page he had accidentally revealed his own LinkedIn identity to her. (LinkedIn can let users see who has looked at their pages.) “Whoa!” an accomplice warned. “Log out!” The men anxiously reassured one another that no one checks their LinkedIn account anyway.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😁, Everyone😄. Off to swim👙and run errands.

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