Freddie Gray case | State vs Officer Caesar Goodson |Day 2

Caesar Goodson 26The second day of Officer Caesar Goodson Jr.’s trial in the death of Freddie Gray began Friday with the prosecution calling assistant medical examiner Dr. Carol Allan, who performed Gray’s autopsy.

Allan testified that she stood by her determination that Gray’s death was a homicide, despite the fact that the basis her autopsy had been challenged in pre-trial motions, with defense successfully arguing for the redaction of a key statement Allan had used to determine Gray’s death was a homicide.

Allan’s testimony under direct questioning Friday was limited — going in very little detail about how she had reached her conclusion.

That statement, allegedly made by Officer William Porter to police investigator Det. Syreeta Teel in an unrecorded phone conversation three day’s after Gray’s injury, was that Gray allegedly said “I can’t breathe” at a stop of the transport van in which he was injured, where Gray, Porter and Goodson were alone.

During Porter’s own trial in December, Allan had cited Goodson and Porter’s failure to take Gray to the hospital or call a medic at that stop as part of the foundation for her ruling that Gray’s death was a homicide.

Goodson trial: Live Coverage

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