Monday Open Thread: Great Duos – Simon & Garfunkel

This week, we’ll have music from some great duos in music history.
Today’s duo is Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel.


Simon and Garfunkel-2

Simon and Garfunkel-1

Art Garfunkel, left (wearing vest) and Paul Simon serenade an audience estimated close to one-half million in New York's Central Park at a free concert Sept. 19, 198. The Duo, reunted on stage after an 11-year separation, sang many of the songs from their hit albums of the 1960's. (AP Photo/Nancy Kaye)

Art Garfunkel, left (wearing vest) and Paul Simon serenade an audience estimated close to one-half million in New York’s Central Park at a free concert Sept. 19, 198. The Duo, reunted on stage after an 11-year separation, sang many of the songs from their hit albums of the 1960’s. (AP Photo/Nancy Kaye)

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    • Liza says:

      Some folks are never going to get it, yet choose to revel in their ignorance. It is like trying to have a conversation underwater.

    • eliihass says:

      Black girls and women will never be seen as delicate or valuable – or worthy of chivalry …

      Even as there’s been a recent attempt by some with their own self-interested agenda to appear to momentarily faux-care to some very minimal extent about how black girls and women are treated – but only precisely for a minute and only just to rally black folks to vote for Hillary…

      And as Ametia’s daughter’s husband so brilliantly wrote, to give the appearance of being down with black folks – but only over superficial stuff – but not with the serious stuff including the brutalizing and murder of black folk…

  1. eliihass says:

    Cannot repeat this enough, Trump is the very least of the problem …stop falling for the okey-doke ..

    • eliihass says:

      Tweets from the Hillary crew – Jennifer Palmieri and Kristina Schake – hanging out with and at a Joe Scarborough band gig. Joe Scarborough moonlights as a musician and quite fancies himself as some version of Elvis Costello ..

      Jennifer Palmieri is Hillary’s campaign Communications Director and former inept and lousy White House Communications Director before she left with John Podesta to join the Hillary campaign..

      Kristina Schake is the deputy to Jennifer Palmieri at Hillary’s campaign ….the slippery, underhanded former Communications Director to FLOTUS …the woman who worked for FLOTUS for barely 18 months but who wanted to take credit for FLOTUS’ popularity…she left the East Wing after she and Jennifer Palmieri were caught colluding, plotting and undermining FLOTUS…and shortly after she left the White House, she featured heavily in the hit piece by Reid Cherlin former West Wing press office staff person who by his own admission never worked for or interfaced with FLOTUS, but seemed to weirdly feel the need to target the historic black First Lady…

      Not only will I never fall for the okey-doke or the current convenient kumbayah and shenanigans designed entirely to propel Hillary into the Oval office…most importantly, I will never forget what any and all of these folks did to our historic black FLOTUS…I will never forget how they disrespected, demeaned and undermined her…

      I will never forget how FLOTUS was never protected – not even by her own husband’s White House…How she was instead consistently demeaned, undermined and sabotaged and never defended by some of the very same players now effusively trying to whip up a faux ‘We are Family’ agenda…and even as I’m now being asked to somehow summon up some non-existent sense of faux ‘sisterhood’ for Hillary…and I’m supposed to feel some non-existent sense of gender ‘pride’ or ’emotion’ by some of the very same a**holes who did their darndest to demean and undermine the historic black FLOTUS – even in her own husband’s White House…

      But I’m supposed to be all outraged by Donald Trump’s misogyny…

      Sorry, no can do…

  2. rikyrah says:

    Damon Young, 8/15/16

    Earlier today, a GQ profile of superstar quarterback Cam Newton dropped. It’s the type of story GQ has run thousands of times; spend a couple days with a handsome and famous man, marvel at how he’s regarded by “regular” people, ask him about space and shit, and take dozens of pictures of him dressed in clothes only he and Lex Luther can afford. It was set to be an engaging and professional but ultimately forgettable piece…until Cam was asked a few questions regarding race:


    But it seems as if he calculated between then and now that it’s just more beneficial for him — socially and financially — to be politically neutral, and the words in the profile seem to reflect a man who just doesn’t think it’s worth it to say anything remotely controversial about race and politics and gender and have it taken out of context and have that be “a thing” for several news cycles.

    Unfortunately (for Cam) he calculated wrongly. Today, it’s actually more of a story when a prominent Black person claims to be racially/politically neutral or color blind. A famous Black person actively and transparently shying away from any type of racial controversy will result in the creation of a controversy they sought to avoid. He’s trending in this way today specifically because he did not want to trend in this way.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Rapper Killer Mike defends Gabby Douglas on Instagram

    I’m sorry Some blacks are ashamed of the hair that nature knew best to give us be cuz as a sun people our kinky courtly hair is our best insulator to keep our scalps and body cool. I’m sorry we don’t always understand nature made us perfect just the way we are.

    I’m sorry Americans don’t understand that simply being their and competing for your country proves you a worthy patriot. Any one can place their hands over their hearts for a song but you sacrificed your childhood and hours of your life to compete on behalf of your country so lazy a** people can watch your sacrifice & celebrate your accomplishments. A sacrifice they would never make simply So they can say WE/The USA won a medal. Our bragging rights come Becuz athletes like yourself actually Sacrifice.

    I just wanna say I’m sorry those Lame’s both black and white tried to shame one of the best among us Becuz they are not able to be as great.

    Lastly, Thank U Sister. Thank U for inspiring a legion of small black girls & other races and cultures to be the best human beings they can be. I am proud to watch you and know my 9yr old daughter looks up to you.

  4. rikyrah says:

    “Vegetables will make you strong.” Then why does your back sound like a drive by every time you stand?

    Happy Mother’s Day. Remember who made you a mom and split the gifts 50/50.

    Why did you have kids if you can’t hold me all day?

  5. rikyrah says:


    Usain Bolt’s average stride length: 8.005 feet

    His competitors’ average stride length: 7.218 feet

    That’s why there’s no other sprinter like him in the world. Nobody but Usain Bolt could have closed the gap and overtaken Justin Gatlin the way he did yesterday, after a poor start.

    That’s why he’s the best the world has ever seen. :-)

  6. rikyrah says:

    they’re underwater. How are they following music?

    I’m asking this honestly.I never got this sport, even though they look beautiful. The logistics confuse me.

  7. Watch Giuliani discuss 9/11 before he makes this dumb ass statement. Something is clearly wrong with him.

  8. Look at this Chicas…

    The #DOJReport means absolutely nothing to them. And folks think #FreddieGray killed himself?

    • eliihass says:

      They know they can get away with anything…they know well that the DOJ and AG won’t do sh*t about or to them…they are scared of the police…notwithstanding the reluctant, obligatory DOJ reports which are nothing more than a weak, lame bark from toothless chihuahuas..

  9. I love “The Sounds of Silence”, “Scarborough Fair” too but I like Sarah Brightman’s version better. The Sounds of Silence is kinda sad tho.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Paul Manafort, Vladimir Putin, and the Southern Strategy
    Trump’s team is killing the Republican party with its own playbook.
    by Martin Longman
    August 15, 2016 11:45 AM


    I don’t know how anyone can not be suspicious that Manafort might have something to do with the way pilfered Democratic Party emails and text messages are being selectively released to do damage to Hillary Clinton for the benefit of Manafort’s newest client. The consensus among analysts and the intelligence agencies that Putin’s Russia is behind the hacking is very high, and obviously Trump believes it himself since he asked Russia to do more of it.

    In any case, Manafort has been partnered up with folks like Charlie Black, Lee Atwater, and Roger Stone (the most notorious political ratf*ker of all time) for more than thirty years.

    These guys will have their own wing in the Southern Strategy Hall of Fame in Hell.


    I’d like to point out that many of us were calling out the “White Hands” and Willie Horton and Southern Strategy stuff as morally reprehensible back when it was mainstream and standard Republican operating procedure. Trump isn’t really an outlier so much as a candidate for a time that is now in the rearview mirror. What’s different this time is that it’s not being done to empower the South or even to assist business in rolling back the regulatory state. It’s being done for no reason at all except to help Donald Trump.

    And, as you can see by the alarmed response of the Republican Establishment, they have no interest in using a torn and frayed playbook to further the ambition of Donald Trump. Things would be different if it would work and if the prize were something worth having. I know this, because everyone was fine with it when another Connecticut Yankee, George H.W. Bush, used it to win power for himself and his allies. But that’s the thing.

    Poppy Bush went along with empowering the South and allowing a conservative takeover of his party, but he also had real allies who benefited in the bargain.

    If Trump has any allies at all, they’re his kids. And, if I were them, I wouldn’t even count on that.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Trump Can’t Apologize to Save His Business
    by BooMan
    Sat Aug 13th, 2016 at 12:02:42 PM EST

    So, there are legal proceedings going on because a chef who was under contract to work at Donald Trump’s big new Trump International Hotel in Washington DC pulled out of the contract last year after he heard Trump’s anti-Mexican tirade during the speech he made announcing his candidacy.

    They’re actually arguing over whether or not the chef, Geoffrey Zakarian, was justified in backing out based on the fact that Trump had called Mexicans a bunch of drug dealers and rapists, and there’s even some dispute about whether Trump eventually apologized or retracted his remarks or merely “clarified” or “articulated” them.

    Of course, Trump never apologized. Instead he made some effort to distinguish between “illegals” who rape and sell drugs, and “legals” who do not necessarily do those things.

    However, Ivanka and Donald Jr. were concerned about Zakarian’s hurt feelings and made some effort to soothe them. Ivanka wrote down some talking points for her father to use as a way of softening the blow, but not because it was creating a political liability. She did it because the family didn’t want to lose the services of a well-respected chef who they were planning to use as a marketing attraction.


    There’s no particular reason to rehash this all now except that it highlights something important about Trump and his family. The effort to clarify or soften the remarks was not made for political reasons. It was made strictly for business reasons. But even when told by his children that they were in jeopardy of losing their prized chef, Trump still couldn’t bring himself to do enough to rectify the situation.

    Instead, he sued the chef. And then he sued José Andrés, a Latino chef who was supposed to open a restaurant at his DC hotel but reconsidered when he heard what Trump had to say about Mexicans.

    So, we will eventually find out whether, once you’ve signed a contract, you have to work for someone who subsequently reveals themselves to be a virulent racist or face financial penalties for refusing to do so.

  12. rikyrah says:

    As Trump’s Chances Dwindle, In Come the Conservative Fantasy Peddlers
    by David Atkins
    August 14, 2016 6:33 AM

    One of the curious hallmarks of modern conservative culture is the stubborn adherence to ideology and “known truths” even in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary. A half century ago the stereotype was that liberals were the starry-eyed purveyors of untested ideologies and assertions about the essential goodness of human nature, even as conservatives played the role of sober grandfathers who tempered liberal passions with doses of reality. This was never really the case even back then, but it was much closer to the truth than it is now.

    Today, it is Republicans whose assertions about the nature of world consistently meet with rejection by reality. Supply-side economics is a proven failure. Climate change is real. Abstinence education doesn’t work. Giving money to the underprivileged doesn’t make them lazy, but rather strengthens the entire community. Tax cuts don’t spur growth, especially when given to the wealthy. Letting gay people get married doesn’t bring down God’s wrath on the nation. Wall Street doesn’t function well when it’s allowed to regulate itself. Letting the private insurance market dictate healthcare costs leads to worse outcomes. And so on.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😊, Everyone 😆

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