Wednesday Open Thread | Star Trek 50th Anniversary Week

Happy HUMP day, Everyone!

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  1. eliihass says:

    “…Politics is not a noble profession ..” ~ First Lady Michelle Obama.

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    • Liza says:

      No, it isn’t. However, it’s worse than we thought.

      Well, I’m not opposed to the leaks to be honest. Knowing is better than not knowing. Perhaps more young folks will be motivated to reform the political parties now that they have both seem to have reached bottom.

      • eliihass says:

        So much worse…

        And the fact that our party which we were so hopeful had been salvaged beginning in 2008, is very much part of this horrid mess…and the idea that some who we had such high hopes for, have become embroiled in this mess as active participants and endorsers of the very foul okey doke…not only further disheartens, discomfits and jades me, but completely breaks my heart…

        I was so sure we were so past the corrupt way of the past…I was so sure we were on a new path to a better, more selfless and more honorable politics…

        I was so sure we were so above it all, and so much better than this sort of cheap, dubious, manipulative and dishonest politics and democracy…

        Incredibly disappointing to say the least..

        And if we turn a blind eye and pretend not to notice…or pretend that our side’s version of the same dubious and corrupt politics is somehow forgivable or ‘better’ – even as we act all offended by the other side…we are not just hypocrites, but dishonest …

      • Liza says:

        It’s the Clintons. They are at the core of this. Everything else is an extension.

  2. eliihass says:

    You’ve never heard Colin Powell talk like this.

    The former secretary of state and four-star Army general who has been in the national spotlight since he was Ronald Reagan’s national security advisor let loose on Hillary Clinton (“greedy, not transformational”), her husband Bill (still “dicking bimbos”), and Donald Trump (a “national disgrace”).
    The frank, biting version of Powell made public is thanks to private emails that appeared on, a mysterious repository for hacked information suspected to be of Russian origin. Powell’s office confirmed to The New York Times that the emails were genuine.

  3. eliihass says:

    FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE Colin Powell attempted to discourage Hillary Clinton and her team from using him as a scapegoat for her private email server problems, according to newly leaked emails from Powell’s Gmail account.

    “Sad thing,” Powell wrote to one confidant, “HRC could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me to it.”

    “I told her staff three times not to try that gambit. I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampton’s [sic] party to get their attention. She keeps tripping into these ‘character’ minefields,” Powell lamented. He noted that he had tried to settle the matter by meeting with Clinton aide Cheryl Mills in August.

    Powell’s private messages were leaked by, an anonymously managed website that shares hacked emails from U.S. military and political figures. DCLeaks has a relationship with Guccifer 2.0, a hacker that many allege to have ties with Russian intelligence. DCLeaks provided access to Powell’s emails to a number of reporters on Tuesday.

    The emails show Powell regularly corresponding with reporters and friends about the Clinton email server scandal, explaining that his situation was different. When Powell arrived at the State Department, the information technology system was badly dated, he argued. And unlike Clinton, Powell never set up a private server. Instead, he used his personal AOL account, on a server maintained by AOL, and used a government computer for classified communications.

  4. eliihass says:

    There will be more to come…and none of it will be pretty…

    This momentary Kumbayah rallied only in defeat of their previously good friend Trump – or more honestly, to undeservedly propel Hillary into the Oval office, will all quickly begin to unravel when the ‘honest’ conversations and correspondence of other players are revealed in time…

    And soon the brag books (many looking to sell movie rights too – to further line their pockets at the expense of our democracy à la Mark Halperin and John Heilemann) will start dropping -after the elections and from early next year…books from the various chest-beating sources including ‘journalists’ who have all been in on the okey-dokey …the deceit and manipulation of the electorate, and the continued cultivating of folks to advance personal ambitions and self-interests…

    Only a matter of time..

  5. eliihass says:

    “…Former secretary of State and retired four-star general Colin Powell called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “a national disgrace” and “international pariah,” and said “Hillary’s mafia” was trying to drag him into Clinton’s email scandal in personal emails that were leaked by hackers, according to online news organizations BuzzFeed and The Daily Caller.

    Powell made the remarks about Trump in a June 17, 2016, email to Emily Miller, a journalist who once worked under Powell as a deputy press secretary at the State Department…”

    They’re not really as respectable or honorable as folks like to project upon them. They are all as insecure, back-biting and petty as hell…

    Even more so, they know that the mafia construct so many regular folks speak of, but are immediately shut down and idea pooh-poohed…these political mafia groups consisting of the kingmakers, the spin-masters and the flunkies – including those controlling and working on behalf of the Clintons, really do exist…even if in formal interviews principles like Colin Powell act all respectable and upright, roll their eyes at the suggestion of controlling powers and interests…and feign ignorance about it all..

  6. eliihass says:

    A Powell spokeswoman confirmed to The Washington Post that the emails are Powell’s.

    “We have confirmed that the general has been hacked and that these are his emails,” spokeswoman Peggy Cifrino said. “We have no other comment at this time.”

    “They are going to dick up the legitimate and necessary use of emails with friggin’ record rules,” he wrote. “I saw email more like a telephone than a cable machine. … Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

  7. eliihass says:

    A Powell spokeswoman confirmed to The Washington Post that the emails are Powell’s.

    “We have confirmed that the general has been hacked and that these are his emails,” spokeswoman Peggy Cifrino said. “We have no other comment at this time.”

  8. eliihass says:

    Corporate financier Jeffrey Leeds depicted Clinton as a sore loser set on revenge in the ­emails, which were obtained by The Intercept, and claimed Clinton is terrified she might lose again.

    “I think Hillary can’t believe she might not make it,” Leeds wrote to Powell in March 2015. “It’s the one prize she wants. She has everything else.”

    Leeds went on to say that the 2008 Democratic primary left Clinton and Obama bitter rivals.

    “And she HATES that the President (‘that man,’ as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008,” he wrote. “She can’t believe it or accept it.”

    “No one likes her and the criminal thing ain’t over,” Leeds wrote in another email.

    “I don’t think the president would weep if she found herself in real legal trouble. She’ll pummel his legacy if she gets a chance and he knows it.”

    As for Powell, the statesman lamented that Clinton’s camp was blaming him for her email problems, even claiming he threw a “tantrum” during a party in the Hamptons to get Team Hillary off his back.

    “HRC could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me to it,” Powell said in an email last month.

    “I told her staff three times not to try that gambit. I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampton’s party to get their attention. She keeps tripping into these ‘character’ minefields.”

    Powell insisted that his use of email when he was President George W. Bush’s secretary of state was different than Clinton’s, and she inevitably messes everything up.

    “They are going to dick up the legitimate and necessary use of emails with friggin record rules. I saw email more like a telephone than a cable machine,” he wrote.

    “As long as the stuff is unclassified. I had a secure machine. Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

    Clinton sought Powell’s advice during a dinner in 2009, and Powell has regretted giving it ever since.

    “I warned her staff three times over the past two years not to try to connect it to me,” Powell wrote. “I am not sure HRC even knew or understood what was going on in the basement.”

    Powell also said he has doubts about Clinton’s health.

  9. eliihass says:

    “I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect,” Powell told Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds in the email leaked on the site.

    “A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still d—ing bimbos at home (according to the NYP),” Powell added.

  10. Y’all, this pain started in my husband’s lower back. He had been working cattle and came in and asked if I had any Tylenol. I asked did you hurt your back working those cows and he said no. Then during the night, the pain moved to his right side and he started coughing up blood yesterday morning. By the time we got to the hospital the pain was horrible. Dr ordered X-ray and found no pneumonia so they did a cat scan and found the blood clots. When the Dr told us what was happening. I started crying. I didn’t want to scare or make things worse for my husband but I fell apart. Blood clot in both lungs? OMG! But God is good and merciful.

    • Liza says:

      Hi, SG2, sounds like your husband is on the mend. The meds worked and taking the blood thinner is good prevention. You can relax now and get some rest, he will be okay.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        I am so glad he is on the mend! Yes, Liza is right, SG2, you can relax now because your husband will be okay.

    • rikyrah says:

      Thank you for checking in.been thinking about you all day. Will continue to send prayers .

  11. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Dr has released my husband to go home. He said most of the clot is gone but a little is still there but since has no fever, infection or breathing problems he can go home. He still has pain on the right side and has to take Apixaban twice daily for 6 to 9 months and then it’ll be reduced to 1 tablet daily. He’s still coughing but not coughing up blood anymore. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, kind words and well wishes. God is good!

  12. North Carolina is the New South Africa

    North Carolina is the new South Africa
    You would think it wasn’t America
    Fewer early vote ops
    Sunday polls stopped
    Easier to understand Chewbacca

    The state is engaged in point-shaving
    Keeps you distracted with all the flag waving
    Repub-led state boards
    Screwed us like whores
    Want to take us back to days of slaving

    Repubs can’t expand their tent
    Voter laws left minorities bent
    They claim it saves cash
    Spent 5 mil defending this trash
    Hate Obama made really big dent

    NC will pay a Stupidity Tax
    ACC knocked them on their back
    No title games
    Repubs takes the blame
    Business owners will take a sack

    Carolina cash flies away like a bird
    Their Lawmakers? We have no words
    NC loss – others gain
    A fart from the brain
    Legislative body just laid a big turd

  13. rikyrah says:

    Trump Campaign Embraces Another White Supremacist Symbol: Pepe the Frog
    by Nancy LeTourneau
    September 14, 2016 9:41 AM

    A smiling green man-frog doesn’t initially come off as sinister, and the origins of Pepe the Frog were pretty innocuous. But back in May, Olivia Nuzzi explained how this cartoon image had been appropriated by what we now call the “alt-right,” or white supremacists.


    In writing about this, James Fallows says:

    I’m not going to share the Pepe variants I keep getting in the mail, but they include:

    Pepe as a sly smiling gas-chamber operator, inviting Jews to take a “shower”; Pepe working the crematoria, after the gas chambers have done their job; Pepe at the glorious new southern Wall, grinning at the plight of Mexicans trapped on the other side; Pepe as an Orthodox Jew, smirking (because of the “inside job”) as the World Trade Centers come down 15 years ago; Pepe with a lynch mob.


    In response to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” Trump’s BFF Roger Stone tweeted this:

    I am so proud to be one of the Deplorables #Trump2016

    — Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) September 10, 2016

    Donald Trump Jr. liked it so much that he posted it on his Instagram account.

    Both of them express their pride in being associated with a white supremacist symbol. But they aren’t the only ones. Back in October, when white supremacists first started linking Pepe with Trump, the image was tied to a video titled, “You can’t stump Trump.” The candidate himself got in on the act, tweeting the image and video to places like Breitbart and The Drudge Report.

    “@codyave: @drudgereport @BreitbartNews @Writeintrump “You Can’t Stump the Trump””

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 13, 2015

    Fallows says that all of this reminds him of the incident with the Trump campaign’s use of the Star of David. He’s right. But this one is even more sinister. Perhaps that’s because it seems to be flying under the radar a bit and is more reminiscent of a dogwhistle. The use of Pepe the Frog is designed to send a message to white supremacists: “We’re with you.” I don’t know of a better way of describing that than “deplorable.”

  14. rikyrah says:

    LIVE NOW: Hayden is sworn in as leader @librarycongress She will be first woman & African-American to hold position

    — Carnegie Corporation (@CarnegieCorp) September 14, 2016

  15. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Excerpt from following link:

    “George Zimmerman returned to the witness stand Wednesday to finish giving his testimony in the case against a Seminole County man accused of trying to kill him.

    “Asked if he associated the shooter, Matthew Apperson, with the Black Lives Matter movement, Zimmerman said no, calling the group “terrorists” and saying the attorney was giving them “credence.”

    “”They are terrorists,” he said. “I see them as terrorists.”

  16. rikyrah says:

    Sending out prayers and positive thoughts for SG2’s husband.

  17. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😊, Everyone 😆

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