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I hope you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

Published on Sep 30, 2016
Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the President attended the grand opening of a long-awaited Smithsonian museum, traveled to Fort Lee for a Town Hall with members of our military, and welcomed a NASCAR team to the White House — and hundreds of Olympic medalists. That’s September 23rd to September 29th or, “Hello, Team USA!”

Published on Sep 30, 2016
As part of the Champions of Change program, the White House recognizes every day Americans who are making positive changes in their
communities. On September 30th, we are honoring Champions of Change who are advancing equity for marginalized girls, including girls of color,
through extracurricular and after-school enrichment programs.

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    • eliihass says:

      I have so much to say SG, but right now I’ll just say thank you for rallying to excise this poisonous teacher …

      Thank you for defending our much dehumanized, demeaned, disrespected, maligned and for so long, unprotected and undefended and disregarded and dismissed, historic first black First Lady…

      Thank you for caring enough…and not because she’s now been deemed ‘useful’ enough to the singular cause of actualizing Hillary Clinton’s Oval office ambitions…and therefore suddenly now worthy of some showcasing, praise, respect and patronizing….but not too much by the way, so she doesn’t overshadow, distract from or exceed Hillary…or heaven forbid, have folks actually notice that she has everything it takes and more …and is so much more than she has been conveniently dismissed as and pigeon-holed into …

      Someday the whole story will be told…until then, those of us who understand that there is so much more to this and that this is so much more than it appears…

      That this is not only about protecting and defending the honor of this magnificent and brave and stoic historic first black FLOTUS…

      Those of us who know that this is so much more about us than we think or understand, will continue to speak up loudly and clearly, effusively rally on her behalf, and continue to demand that she be respected and treated better…and not only when she’s exploited to advance the interests and political ambitions of others..

  1. Liza says:

    Ametia, this is for you. LMAO.

    Ben Carson on his way to the Donald Trump fundraiser— Black Aziz Ansari (@Freeyourmindkid) October 1, 2016


  2. rikyrah says:

    Quick Takes: Trump Gets Outplayed By Women
    by Nancy LeTourneau
    September 30, 2016 4:45 PM

    * Joan Walsh does a great job of explaining why Donald Trump is having a meltdown.

    It’s no accident that three of Trump’s victims – Machado, the Khan family, and Judge Gonzalo Curiel – are not white. Hostility to minorities is the animating energy of the campaign. But the candidate’s derangement over Machado surpasses his prior breakdowns – for a good reason. A woman he once controlled, quite literally – making her exercise in front of the media, to prove she was taking his demands to lose weight seriously – is defying him publicly. Another woman, Hillary Clinton, refused to slink into obscurity after her husband humiliated her (last year Trump shared a fan’s tweet asking, “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”) and is currently leading him in the race for the presidency.

    * Josh Marshall makes a similar point.

    Trump hit a brick wall in Monday night’s debate. He didn’t prepare. It took Hillary Clinton, a woman he’d spent weeks calling frail and weak, only 15 or 20 minutes to knock him off stride and reduce him to a defensive posture for the rest of the debate…She dominated him in front of more than 80 million people. His inability to contain or damage her kept him angry and unfocused, flailing through the encounter…

    For Trump, Machado must be like a terrifying nightmare: a strong, beautiful Latina, draped in an American flag, who is intent on hurting him but who he is incapable of injuring.

    …The sum of all these facts – the debate defeat, the fight with Machado, the faltering polls – seem to be propelling Trump into a new rage spiral, rooted in narcissistic injuries, seemingly catalyzing itself, reinforcing itself in spiraling cycles of rage and self-injury.

  3. rikyrah says:

    When a man shows you who he is, believe him

    Liberal Librarian
    September 30, 2016

    Well, Donald Trump held on. He held on by the skin of his teeth. You knew it was coming. You knew it was inevitable. But it was glorious to watch him barely control himself.

    This morning at around 5am EDT, the dam broke loose. Trump finally went on the tirade he’d been holding back for four days. And the subject of his ire wasn’t, of course, the woman who had shellacked him in the debate, but another woman, a Latina, a former employee, who had dared to speak out against him.

    Nothing Trump says or does shocks any longer. And that’s a grave problem. The outrageous, the outright evil, has been normalized. It’s become routine. We’ve been deadened to the lies, the vitriol, the incitement. Now Alicia Machado is the target of his rage. But next week it will be someone else. There’s always someone to blame for his failures. He never fails; those around him fail him, or conspire against him. He is the great, virtuous knight, sent to save a fallen America from itself. Anyone who gainsays him is a subhuman to be crushed.

    Imagine if Barack Obama went on a tirade like this. Hell, imagine if George W. Bush did. Our politics have become so debased in only eighteen months that we barely notice this. It now seems normal that a presidential candidate goes on Twitter rampages, releasing his dark id for all the world to see. Any half-decent media would have mocked Trump off the stage at the inception of his campaign. And, at first, he was mocked. He was seen as a joke candidate.

    It’s only when his hateful message gained traction that the media took notice. And it took notice not by being aghast, but by seeing ratings gold. It mainlined Trump like the worst junkie. It rode him to its highest ratings in years. Trump was good for business.

    • eliihass says:

      Releasing these videos in trickle bits only supports what we already know: that they are tampering with evidence, trying to make their concocted narratives coincide with the tweaked videos they are taking their time releasing to the public..

      At this point it’s fair to say that many of us no longer believe or trust – or care what they say or release to cover their murderous behinds…

      In a country where a man who murders 9 innocents praying in church gets a burger king meal courtesy of the police who found and arrested him – before he is taken in… in a country where a man who killed 2 police officers for the heck of it, is finally found after many weeks of evading the police, but is taken in alive …there will never be any justification and no reason whatsoever for Keith Scott to be dead…none..

    • eliihass says:

      Happy birthday to a good and decent man…a man who actually lives his talk..

      A man who was always quite ahead of his time on some very important issues..

      The true male feminist – even in a time when it was not convenient or the norm…a man who didn’t just pay lip service to the idea….or to be charming, or to be seen as evolved or deemed an ally of political feminists…Jimmy Carter actually exemplified and has lived it with the way he very visibly and consistently elevated his own wife – the most important woman in his life, to a permanent place of importance and greatness right alongside him…supported her and without any reservation, showed that she was his equal and was not only as capable and worthy and able in her own right, but actively supported, protected and elevated her in every way…and ensured that she was treated with respect and dignity and deferred to along the way – and not only by his staff, but world leaders and anyone else who even remotely had anything or wanted anything to do with him…

      Jimmy Carter shows how a male feminist actually operates…and also effortlessly makes the case for men as feminists, by most importantly starting with stressing the equal partnership with, and celebrating, honoring and empowering the woman he has been married to now for 70 years… His partner in every sense of the word..

      A man who not only talks the talk on issues, but actually walks the talk on those issues…poverty, the environment, equal rights for and leveling the field for everyone particularly women – starting with and exemplified in how he has lived his life and the causes he has taken on post-presidency – giving voice to, and catering to the welfare of a voiceless demographic that has no money to give him for million dollar paid speeches…or pay to play for wheeling and dealings that nab wealthy allies huge business deals and contracts in exchange for a donation or a cut…He instead serves and represents the world’s poor and marginalized …He also exemplifies his talk with how he has always treated and included at every step and aspect of his well-lived life, the most important woman in his life, his wife and partner of 70 years, Rosalynn.. Not just as an occasional plus one at traditional ceremonies and occasion, but as his full and equal partner…demanding that Rosalynn be treated with dignity and respect – and most importantly, as his equal partner in every regard… But also ensuring that Rosalynn was, is and will continue to be, long after they are both gone…given equal billing and intrinsically linked to everything…every effort, every project, every single thing that bears his name..

      This is a man worthy of praise and respect and admiration…a man who truly knows what matters at the end of the day…a moral man with a conscience…an understated and under-appreciated Statesman in the best sense of the word…a true role model.

      And on this his 92nd birthday, I celebrate and honor him…Many more happy and healthy years to President Carter and his love and partner of 70 years, Rosalynn..

  4. Ametia says:

    How’s the weather in your neck-o-the-woods?

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😃, Everyone 😉

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