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  1. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “The MTSU [Middle Tennessee State University] community is mourning the passing of its first African-American undergraduate student. Olivia Murray Woods died Oct. 2 at the Bridge at Hickory Woods, an assisted living center, in La Vergne, Tennessee. She was 96 years old.”

    Of interest from the university’s is this:

    “MTSU President Submits Letter of Intent to Tennessee Historical Commission

    “On Sept. 20, 2016, MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee sent a letter to the Tennessee Historical Commission informing it that the University intended to file a Petition for Waiver regarding Forrest Hall [named for the confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest]. The petition will request approval to rename the structure as the Army ROTC Building.

    “The University intends to have the proper materials to the Historical Commission so that the matter may be placed on the agenda for consideration by the Commission at its February 17, 2017, meeting. The Historical Commission must approve the removal of the name by a two-thirds vote.”

  2. Tyren M. says:

    Good morning 3Chics,
    I’ve never said both parties are the same, ever. After yesterday, my mind is working ot.

    Yesterday we had a visit from MN Senate Majority Leader (D- Up North) to office hat in hand. I asked him will the Dems in the legislature take up CJ Reform? I said to him there’s an inherent conflict of interest in county attorneys prosecuting the people who they need to do their work. I told him I knew Freeman (who used to work here) wasn’t going to prosecute the Clark killers and Choi isn’t going to prosecute the Castile murderer.

    His reply: Police have a hard job (yeah, OK), Chicago murders (I told him we’re not in Chicago, I’m speaking to you about the State of Minnesota.) Then he goes off about drug abuse and the spread of opiate and heroin abuse outstate. I say to him these have been issues for over 50 years but was never mentioned until it became a problem outstate. Your avoidance of my question says it all. Thanks and have a good day.

    All our “allies” are not allied.

    Have a great day all.

    • eliihass says:

      You haven’t seen anything yet…just wait until they no longer need black folks votes to push their preferred candidate over the finish line…

  3. Liza says:

    I have a feeling that the phrase “community policing” is going to drive us up a wall.

    Alice Speri
    Oct 4 2016, 18:47 pm
    Kaine and Pence agree on community policing because it sounds good, means nothing

    During tonight’s debate both vice presidential candidates said they support community policing. Pence, who took a question after Kaine, even had to premise his and Trump’s supposed support for it by telling his opponent, “At the risk of agreeing with you.”

    Sounds good? That’s the problem with “community policing.” It sounds great. It means basically nothing.

    As The Intercept previously reported, community policing that — as Kaine suggested tonight — aims to “build bonds” between law enforcement and communities of color, won’t fix the policing crisis this country faces. As members of the very communities most victimized by police abuse know all too well, knowing the cops walking their beats won’t stop them from getting killed by them. Having a say over how their police departments are run might.

    True community policing is one that puts the community first, and not just in the occasional town hall meeting: giving civilians oversight over their police departments, including a say over legislation regulating law enforcement and access to serious accountability processes.

    Until that happens, community policing will remain a catchphrase so empty and meaningless that even opposing candidates won’t have much to disagree about.

  4. Happy #WorldTeachersDay!

  5. Bill Clinton cannot stfu. The hell is wrong with him?

    • eliihass says:

      Even if all our memories failed us and what we all witnessed these past 8 years suddenly vanished in the midst of all the ridiculous and unbelievably phony and suddenly convenient kumbayah, we at least remember the leaked email exchange just 2 weeks ago between Colin Powell and Clinton mega-donor and Corporate financier Jeffrey Leeds who said that the Clintons not only hated President Obama, but are looking to decimate whatever legacy he’s logged.

      It was only just a few months ago that we were repeatedly regaled with cocky refrains of how it was ‘ Hillarycare long before it was Obamacare’ …a refrain evenly embarrassingly repeated by desperate to impress and please kiss-ups like Joy Ann Reid and Jonathan Capeheart…

      Until of course once again, the Clinton campaign had yet another playbook reboot once they realized that they were going to not only need the Obamas and their loyal coalition in a huge way if they even remotely wanted to compete… but would also need to run not away from the President as they’d previously wanted and planned to all along….they were instead going to need to completely wrap Hillary around him – and most importantly, pretend that she was an integral part of his successes and want to continue the President’s agenda …and promise to protect his legacy…with the periodic insertion of the same rehearsed gratuitous and fake one-liner ‘the President doesn’t nearly get the credit he so deserves’…written by the paid help who also help churn out the sudden black/centric platitudes unconvincingly read by the candidate…in a newly-found rhetorical faux-‘wokeness’.

      Whichever way things go on November 8th, one thing is certain…this suddenly convenient Kumbayah alliance faked and forced and strong-armed at the grassroots and with the sly poobahs who were until recently either MIA or very vocally anti-Obama, will fall apart or be disposed off quickly once the elections are done with..

      Even more important, watch as the Clintons boldly and very arrogantly return to their strongly-held and under-handely adversarial determination to once more ..and once and for all, bury and put away the Obamas and their legacy…permanently put the Obamas ‘in their place’ …as the Clintons have been well known to do to those who dared…and with the assist of their ever-loyal bought and paid fors… diminish the Obamas and put them permanently out of sight, as the Clintons retake their entitled place atop and all alone in the spotlight….cheered on and with the help of some black folks too…

      Anyone who thinks the Clintons are happy for the Obamas to be touted – even if while in service to the Clintons’ political ambitions…. or for the Obamas to be seen as even remotely more superior in any category …is completely deluded..

  6. rikyrah says:

    I love our FLOTUS. Michelle Obama exceeded every expectation that I had for her as First Lady, and fulfilled so many more that I didn’t even know I had. I will miss her come January 20, 2017😦

    • Liza says:

      First Lady Michelle Obama is certainly the best FLOTUS of my lifetime. No one even comes close.

    • eliihass says:

      She remains for me the only reason I remain even remotely tuned into politics…she is and will always be, EVERYTHING…

      Breaks my heart to watch as she expends her energy and hard-won political capital – and puts herself, her credibility and her hard-won popularity on the line, to rally on behalf of the very same people who not only never ever even remotely cared or care or like her or approve of her …or supported or defended her in the midst of relentless, vicious and dehumanizing attacks on her person and being…folks who have actually actively participated in many instances – and very ironically, did their darnedest to chip away at the very same popularity of hers they now desperately need and look to exploit…

      My heart breaks, but I get why she’s doing it…

      Even as she is constantly overlooked, disregarded and downplayed in her also historic role as the first black FLOTUS…she remains fiercely and unabashedly supportive and protective of her husband…and will do whatever it takes to protect his legacy..

      She is in the end the only one who really actually gives a damn about the real man sans glory and superficial dressing..

      May God continue to abundantly bless, protect, guide and defend her and her family now and always..

  7. rikyrah says:

    It’s Wednesday…let’s get over that Hump…LOL

  8. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning ☺, Everyone 😉

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