Officer #RayTensing on Trial for the Murder of #SamDuBose

tensing-motions-hearingCINCINNATI — Attorneys painted two very different pictures of the traffic stop that led to the shooting of Sam DuBose during opening statements in the murder trial of the former officer who shot him.

Prosecutor Joe Deters called the shooting unwarranted and intentional, while defense attorney Stew Matthews said that DuBose’s actions were threatening Tensing’s life.

Tensing shot DuBose, an unarmed black man, during a traffic stop in July 2015. He is the first law enforcement officer in Cincinnati history to be charged with murder – defined in the indictment as “purposefully” killing another – for an on-duty shooting.

He’s also charged with voluntary manslaughter, a lesser charge.

Deters said Tensing told investigators that he intentionally shot and killed DuBose.

Though it was lawful for Tensing to ask Dubose to step out of the car when he did not produce a driver’s license, Deters said, “What Tensing did next was not legitimate. It was murder. It was totally contrary to training he had received. .. It was totally contrary to the laws in this country concerning a justified shooting.”

Tensing grabbed DuBose’s seat belt with one hand and drew and fired his gun with the other, Deters said. The prosecutor told the jury that DuBose’s foot was moving to the accelerator but not pushing on it yet, and the acceleration was likely a reflex that occurred when the driver was already dead.

Deters pointed out that DuBose did not have a gun or indicate that he did.

“The evidence will show that this case is amazingly simple in terms of proving intent,” Deters said. “The reason that it is simple here is because you will hear from Tensing’s own mouth that he intentionally shot Mr. DuBose in the head.”

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  31. Your ass is grass, Tensing!


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  60. And the DuBose family has to hear this.


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  77. Officer Phillip Kidd takes the stand


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