Officer #RayTensing on Trial for the Murder of #SamDuBose Day 6

judge-megan-shanahan-5CINCINNATI — One juror has dropped out of the Ray Tensing murder trial, Judge Megan Shanahan announced in court Monday morning.

Juror alternate No. 4, a white female, removed herself from service due to safety and privacy concerns brought up by jurors Friday. Read more on that here.

Juror questionnaires were originally requested by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Shanahan agreed to release the completed questionnaires with identifying information redacted. After announcing this agreement in court Friday morning, WCPO and WLWT requested the redacted documents.

Friday afternoon, the Cincinnati Enquirer withdrew its request for the questionnaires. WLWT followed. On Monday, Shanahan told the court that WCPO’s request was the only remaining request. She said she would not release the questionnaires.

“As a result of the media’s request, we lost a juror. Alternate juror No. 4 opted to remove herself from service,” she said. “I have decided to revoke my previous order. I will not release questionnaires, redacted or not.”

Through the Ohio Open Records Law, WCPO has requested the juror questionnaires completed by the men and women now serving on the jury in the Ray Tensing trial. These questionnaires were used by both the defense and the prosecution for the jury selection process. The court is considering making the redacted documents available pending any objection from the defense or prosecution.

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110 Responses to Officer #RayTensing on Trial for the Murder of #SamDuBose Day 6

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  5. Cops got together and lied. Ray Tensing wasn’t dragged. No injuries.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      From article about video expert Fredericks testimony:

      “In the final analysis, Fredericks said the video images proved that:

      “Tensing wasn’t dragged by DuBose’s car. He was standing erect outside the car when he fired the one deadly shot.

      From Grant Fredericks’ testimony video:

      Starting at timestamp 4:57 —

      GRANT FREDERICKS: (Video expert) : So the perspective of the camera is here.

      PROSECUTOR: Here.

      FREDERICKS: Correct. So, the perspective of the camera is here. The camera can’t see that area unless the camera is located just about at the center of the window. That’s the only reason we have this perspective. And, because it’s located on his [Tensing’s] chest, that, at the time of the shooting, the camera is located above the center of the window, obviously the officer’s eyes would have been a foot and a half higher than that.

      PROSECUTOR: Are you, you also reviewed the statement of Ofc. Tensing?

      FREDERICKS: Yes.

      PROSECUTOR: And, I know, at one point, on page 27, line 4, he said the following: “I pulled my gun out, and as I’m falling, I’m kinda, believe, I’m below the plane of his window, so the only shot I could see to stop the threat was a headshot.”

      Based on your analysis of this and the (?way?) the camera was, is there any way Ofc. Tensing’s body camera could have captured that image if he was, as he said he was in the statement, below the plane of the window.

      DEFENSE objects.
      JUDGE overrules.

      FREDERICKS: No, there’s no possibility that his head could be beneath the camera. If the camera, if his head were at the level of the window, then the camera facing very close to the door of the care. And, we would just have a dark, dark door.


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  19. Cuz shooting someone in the head makes your arm hurt. Tensing had no injuries.


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  36. Marijuana! Marijuana! Wah Wah Wah. That’s all the defense has is marijuana? Marijuana is legal in Colorado. And $2600? Whoa! Such a crime. *rolls eyes*


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  44. Jesus Christ


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  48. God help the DuBose family. Give them strength, Lord.


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