Photos | President Obama From Childhood to Presidency & First Lady Michelle Obama’s “AGLESS” DNC Speeches

President Obama aging through his presidency. Like we haven’t noticed the toll that these EIGHT YEARS has taken on him.

Our FLOTUS, AGELESS, but don’t for one minute think that the last 8 years haven’t affected First Lady Michelle Obama. Her steadfast courage of convictions, ethics, morals, and giving heart have set a tone for America unlike any other First Lady. There will never be another like her in my lifetime.

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I am a Spiritual traveler, a devoted wife, mother, sister, lover of dream study, reading, theater, music, dance, and thought-provoking discussions on love, life, humor and service.
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12 Responses to Photos | President Obama From Childhood to Presidency & First Lady Michelle Obama’s “AGLESS” DNC Speeches

  1. eliihass says:

    It’s so much more than clothes…it’s about livelihoods…it’s about making a grown man weep with joy and gratitude …an immigrant to this country whose business has exploded because our FLOTUS eschewed the status quo and gave as many up and coming, no-name designers the break and exposure they desperately needed but never imagined they’d get…FLOTUS in her recent Vogue interview shared that her decision to wear any particular designer also revolved around whether the designer was young, unknown… trying to break out and needed the help…whether they were good people…treated their workers well…

    Naeem Khan talks about dressing FLOTUS:

    “…”…Dressing the first lady of the United States was a dream come true for Indian-American designer Naeem Khan. Growing up in India, the now 58-year-old designer recalls flipping through his parents’ issues of Life magazine and being captivated by photographs of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. “I thought, when I grow up I want to design like my father, and it would be amazing to design for the first lady,” says Khan. “I didn’t even know I would be in America. It was just a dream.”

    Michelle Obama made that dream come true. For the past eight years, Khan has been a favorite of hers, and she chose one of his creations for her first state dinner, in 2009. “I was actually super shocked,” he recalls. The whole thing went viral.”

    PS: What impact did Michelle Obama have on the fashion industry?

    She goes not for the name itself. She goes for what she likes. And that was so important. Look at some of the brands she wore. Like my brand. Not a lot of people had heard of me before. For her to chose my brand and to put me on this world stage and today what has happened to the brand is just crazy. And that is because of her. It’s important how she has actually cultivated and put the designers in front.

    PS: What will you miss when Michelle Obama leaves the White House?

    NK: I will miss dressing her. I will miss her kindness. I will miss her genuineness. I will miss how, when meeting her, she’s so normal and not pretentious. She’s a kind human being and a smart human being. I will miss her love of American fashion and how passionate she is about it. It’s going to be different…”


  2. vitaminlover says:

    I am so going to miss them (cry).


  3. eliihass says:

    When you have a moment, please watch this…

    If you have only 10 minutes, please start at 46:58…

    Listen to what FLOTUS says at the end after the kids play…

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    • eliihass says:

      This event was on November 16, 2016…

      But as with all meaningful and serious things FLOTUS does, it was hardly mentioned…certainly not in the West Wing Week video…the one where Josh Earnest who narrates the weekly videos gets to devote a chunk of video to his cute son wearing his Halloween outfit…but somehow, the First Lady’s meaningful and important events like these aren’t included…

      In the future if aliens visit, if they had to go with the West Wing Week videos, they’ll never suspect the President had a wife…or they’d think she was only around briefly for a few ceremonial things…they’d probably never believe she had important initiatives of her own…and they’d certainly never guess she was just as brilliant and very well-educated and extremely hardworking…

      They’d probably imagine from the few glimpses and reluctant mentions by Josh Earnest, that she was some random and undeserving woman who just happens to have birth the great President’s daughters…

      Yes, I’m still mad as hell…and I’ll never forgive the poor treatment of this historic First Lady…

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      • Ametia says:

        FLOTUS remains true to who she is and what she stands for.

        Racist America didn’t want that, couldn’t deal with the Black, Princeton educated, devoted mother, daughter and wife, NOPE!

        They expect us to go along and accept Melania Trump, a trollop with fake body parts and no imagination,

        NOPE! These folks will never represent me, and never get my support.

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    • Ametia says:

      Brilliant. FLOTUS knows that we lose hope in our children and don’t invest in them, we can just put our heads between our legs and kiss our ASSES goodbye!

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      • eliihass says:

        She told the Room straight up…you see these kids on the street, and you automatically make erroneous assumptions about them…

        You don’t see their talents…you don’t see their potential…you see them as disposal …you murder them because you put a lid on them…you stuff them into the narrowest of boxes…and you refuse to see their greatness…

        Look at these boys…look how as they tuned their instruments even some of you in this room immediately assumed they could not play…until of course they blew you all away with their exceptional skills…

        You know FLOTUS has a way of making her point…she was sure to mention how they were tuning their instruments because she knew mist in that audience already dismissed those kids at that point…until of course they turned everything upside down with their impeccable performance and left the room in awe…

        And FLOTUS, ever the loving mom…rubbing that little boys head…and telling them how smart and talented and cute they were…and you could see the wide grins on their faces…

        They knew she had their backs…they knew she was proud of them…they knew she was never going to let anyone deny them their brilliance…their exceptionalism…

        And she showed America these kids and said, shame on you if you don’t tap into the latent talents of so many of these brilliant children …of every race and socio-economic background…

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      • eliihass says:

        see them as *disposable*…

        Bloody auto-correct..


    • Liza says:

      I love this. Thanks for posting, Eliihaas. It really does warm the heart.

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