Roof Death Penalty Trial : #DylannRoof Wears Racist Symbols on Shoes in Court

dylann-roof-trialDylann Roof, who was convicted in December of killing nine black parishoners in Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church in 2015, has been wearing shoes adorned with racist symbols to court as recently as Monday.

Roof, who is representing himself in the murder trial and who testified that he has absolutely no remorse for the June 17, 2015, killings during a Bible study, has been rocking prison-issued kicks with hand-drawn racist symbols on them for the past two months.

FBI Special Agent Joseph Hamski testified Friday that he has seen runes and a Celtic cross drawn on the insides on Roof shoes, and saw these popular white supremacist symbols as early as November, when Roof’s trial began. Authorities also found the symbols inked on a pair of shoes seized during a search of Roof’s jail cell 16 months ago.

The jury also heard this week the contents of a nearly 40-page jailhouse manifesto Roof penned in the weeks following the massacre in which he assailed whites as “pathetic cowards” for not rising up against “the lower races.”

On Friday Hamski also detailed Roof’s online activities on a neo-Nazi site called StormFront.

Using the name “LilAryan,” Roof sought out other white supremacists in South Carolina and shared his feelings about white women who are romantically involved with black men.

“Yes, they are race-traitors, but I don’t have this hate for them that others seem to have,” Roof wrote. “I actually feel sorry for them when I see them out. Because I know they are probably getting beaten.”

Roof, who is representing himself in court, asked no questions of Hamski during cross examination. While family members of the victims emotionally testified about their loved ones, Roof has reportedly stared straight ahead at a wall without emotion during the trial.

The 22-year-old, who may be facing the death penalty for the heinous murders, has been hit with 33 federal charges, including a slew of hate crimes. The New York Daily News reports that prosecutors plan on wrapping up their case on Monday.

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  1. The first death penalty conviction of a federal hate crime in America, y’all.

  2. Statement from #DylannRoof’s attorney and family


    Sounds like someone on the jury is thinking of life in prison. I hope I’m wrong. Got dammit.

    All those people killed, his laughing about how many people he killed, his lack of remorse, his pride in killing black people, his wearing shoes with racist symbols in court isn’t worthy of death? I’m going to be sick. I might have to go lay down. It’s too much.

  4. I wonder if he has the shoes on with the racist symbols…

  5. rachel says:

    Life w/o parole gets my vote.

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