Racist Black History Month essay shocks school: ‘All stories in the Bible are about white people’

black-history-month-essayQuickly! Someone please educate the student that King David, his son Solomon and Jesus were all black.

Matthew 2:13 An Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up”, take the child & his mother & escape to Egypt. Why would the Angel tell Joseph to escape to Egypt with the child? To hide from King Herod, to blend in. If Jesus was white, how would he blend in with the people of Egypt with white skin and blue eyes? Jesus simply WAS NOT white.

A Catholic high school in Louisiana has apologized “to anyone who was offended” after a racist essay about Black History Month went viral.

WBRZ reported that St. Michael the Archangel in Baton Rouge explained in a letter to parents that an essay making the rounds on the internet was “contrary to the teachings of the church.”

According to WBRZ, the essay was written by a white student who said she was “unpleased” by the Black History Month assignment.

“I’m not fully racist but I hate almost every black person,” the essay begins. “They think they run everything but in reality are an embarrassment to this country.”

The student goes on to justify slavery based on misconceptions about the Bible.

“Think about it though,” she writes. “None of the apostles were different ethics [sic]. They were all white. There was [sic] no black nor Hispanic [sic] mentioned really back when Jesus time was. All the stories we hear in the Bible are about like mainly white people. So since God knows everything that is going to happen than [sic] he would have done something about that.”

The student explains that she cannot support Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message about equality because black people make her “petrified to leave my house.”

“But we are supposed to give them a month right?” the essay continues. “When they cannot even wear pants that fit them? When they shoot cops for protecting people?”

“Sad to say this but maybe things would be better if they would have stayed slaves,” the student concludes. “I should not have to be scared for my life when I see them in my sight”.

In a letter to parents, school officials said they “apologize to anyone who was offended by this writing.”

“The ideas and the writings of this student, and their subsequent posting on the web, were not within the school’s control,” the letter stated. “We look at this incident as a teachable moment and as an opportunity for education and growth for all involved, particularly through reflection on the wisdom of our Catholic faith.”

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  1. Lonnie Starr says:

    SG2: Can you get some share buttons on your site? Thanks. (google “share this”)

  2. Lonnie Starr says:

    My guess is, she’s just uncritically accepting what she’s learning at home. People who are able to accept, without thinking critically, that there is such a thing as racial superiority, are not very bright themselves.

    When I first encountered bible stories, my first though was not about races. Very early on I realized that, things that are very much ordinary don’t get much attention at all. Thus, since the Roman empire was trading with people of many different races, and since race was not a factor in social life at all, people would be described as people, and not identified by race. The only utility of complexion at that time would have been, if someone was being hunted, complexion would help. Otherwise it was not something considered worthy of note.

    The student takes it upon herself to use the absence of evidence as evidence! Then moves to create a narrative that rests upon nothing more than extrapolations of silliness.

  3. Ametia says:


  4. nedhamson says:

    Clearly, the young woman is racist and uneducated, as well. Or maybe dumb-educated.

  5. coach4divas says:

    AND??? She WILL be dismissed, yes? Since she is so afraid of leaving her house, let her azz get homeschooled. Fox News ought to be enough for her critically ‘thinking’ behind,

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