Photo: Kellyanne Conway kneeling on Oval Office couch

No class. Pure trash!


Kellyanne Conway, the senior adviser to Donald Trump, has been accused of showing a lack of respect after she was photographed kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office.


Ms Conway, who has courted controversy in recent weeks for referring to a fictional “Bowling Green Massacre” to justify the president’s travel ban and for promoting Ivanka Trump’s brand, faced criticism on Monday for the way she was sitting during a photo op with the president and leaders of the nation’s historically black colleges and universities.

The Telegraph

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31 Responses to Photo: Kellyanne Conway kneeling on Oval Office couch

  1. rikyrah says:

    Kellyanne Conway Gotta Get Her Feet Off That Couch
    Awesomely Luvvie — February 28, 2017

    Let me tell you something. The entire Trump administration must be made up of people who were raised by savages. Every week, they do some shit that is unbecoming of what people do when they are raised with sense as a core value and guiding principle.

    Latest is the picture that dropped yesterday, of a meeting in the Oval Office with the heads of HBCUs (Historical Black Colleges and Universities). First of all, everything about the picture tap dances on my very last nerves.

    But I’ma let these HBCU presidents cook for now. What I am mostly concerned about is Kellyanne Conway and her lack of refinery. Money can pay for tuition but it surely can’t buy class.

    GET YOUR GAHTDAMB FEET OFF THAT GOOD COUCH, KELLYANNE. Where do you think you are?? This is the Oval Office, not your slumber party. Why are you so comfortable? This is not your house and you don’t pay rent here so what you ain’t gon do is defile the furniture by wearing your outside clothes and then putting your outside feet on top of it. I bet that couch now smells like onion rings. Just unprofessional as hell.


    This woman ain’t got no home training. Not a piece of broughtupsy to be found. Does she have on shoes? That couch looks like it stains easily and I don’t know where her feet have been and what she’s trudging in. I’m just mad for whoever has to come clean. But then if she doesn’t have on shoes, why is she in the freaking Oval Office without something covering her corns? Either way you slice it, this is unacceptable.

    Someone’s grandma is throwing their shoe at Kellyanne’s head as we speak. She’s the reason for plastic over furniture. She is the reason why none of us are allowed to sit in the sitting room

  2. rikyrah says:

    Kellyanne Conway Is White As Fuck
    Damon Young, 2/28/17


    Unfortunately, Kellyanne Conway’s literal Whiteness is not the Whitest thing about her. She is the peak spiritual, psychological, and existential embodiment of capital letter Whiteness. The Whiteness that subjugates and appropriates. The Whiteness that’s performatively and conveniently oblivious and sneakily complicit. The Whiteness that violently enacts suffocating laws while remaining shamelessly immoral. The Whiteness that denies, obfuscates, lies, oppresses, plunders, snatches, shames, feigns, gaslights, constricts, endangers, terrifies, perplexes, debauches, and corrupts. The Whiteness we’re warned about by grandparents and encyclopedias and perpetually weary of. She is both transparently capital letter White and so capital letter White that she’s practically transparent. You see her and you see privilege. You see bias. You see nervously clutched purses in seven-second-long elevator rides and hysterical emails to human resources. You see theft. And mostly you see a void — an endless, yawning, and funereal chasm — filled only by the status she believes her physical and metaphysical Whiteness provides.

  3. Lonnie Starr says:

    While this is an insult cast at Blacks, it’s not something Trump could do, since he isn’t skilled in the art of subtle, directed insults, his delivery is bold, brash and open, like some character from “Guys & Dolls”. Kellyanne, however, could be completely responsible for this, all by her self, since it’s credible to believe that she would think of the White House as simply, little more than a bigger stronger trailer. Nor does she exhibit any lack of skill or familiarity with office couches, where careers either bloom or fade. But palace intrigue forces one to cast a wider net, and since Trump has loaded his administration with Captains of racial mischief, the possibilities are endless.

  4. Well here it is, folks! The photo of Kellyanne Conway on the couch spoke a thousand words in how they felt about the leaders of the HBCU.

  5. Lonnie Starr says:

    While some may think this is of little importance, the truth is it is very important. There are very serious reasons for the protocols of decorum at the pinnacles of power. They are designed to display the grave seriousness of the offices and the official powers that attach. The protocols of decorum let everyone know that those involved do take matters seriously and are aware of heavy burdens of consequences that attend and attach to the matters that are being entertained by the leadership and their assistance/advisors/etc..

    Apparently, this woman, thinks nothing more is going on than just some informal gathering, that is outside of the cares and concerns of the nation, whose highest office she is privileged to “grace” with her presence. She is telling the world that everything she knows, she holds as nothing more than as trite and commonplace as she’d find in her own living room. Nothing is profound, nothing is sacred and no clear, careful thinking is needed. Even a person brought in off the streets, would be more observant and awed by the powers of this office. Not her, she has some idea that she’s the office and that she can tell people whatever she wants and “if they don’t like it they can go lump it!” To her that’s the trappings of the power she’s being given: “A stick with which she can thoughtlessly beat others.” Hardly a wonder then her tenure was so short.

  6. Liza says:

    Well, you can take the girl outta the trailer park but you’ll never get the trailer park outta the girl.

    These people have no respect for anything including themselves.

  7. Ametia says:

    Conway is one TRIFLING Bitch. Legs all spread. Did she learn that trick from the Russian ladies, when they’re used to distract from Putin’s dirty, nefarious deeds?

    No decency or respect.

    She couldn’t stand and take a photos of all those BLACK folks, nope!

    We know KellyAnne’s a LYING, PATHETIC, TRASHY, LAPDOG FOR #45

  8. rikyrah says:


  9. SwedishSquadleader says:

    She seems a little too comfy in that sofa…

  10. TheWarner says:

    Can you imagine if Michelle Obama had been photographed in the same position as Kellyanne in that picture? There would have been outrage from the right, and we’d still be hearing about how disrespectful she was to this day. Double-standards and hypocrisy.

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