Report: Judge signs off on two warrants in Trump- Russia scandal

Last week multiple sources from opposite sides of the political aisle confirmed that two federal grand juries are already underway in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal and that one of them was nearing completion. And today FBI Director James Comey sort of confirmed the RICO grand jury. Now one of the sources for the grand jury story says that a judge has signed off on two warrants in the Trump-Russia investigation.

The grand jury story emanated from inside sources held by Republican pundit Rick Wilson and Democratic pundit Claude Taylor. Now Taylor says he has two inside sources confirming that a “judge has signed 2 warrants related to Comey’s Trump investigation”. He then asked attorney Andrew C. Laufer to interpret the information in legal terms.

Laufer replied that “It can be a couple of things. First, it can be [Grand Jury] Subpoenas to compel prod of evidence/witnesses to [Grand Jury]. They can also be arrest warrants”. Meanwhile the grand jury storyline has gained enough momentum that it attracted the interest of Keith Olbermann last night, who stated his view that the bipartisan confirmation has him looking at the story seriously.

It’s worth emphasizing again that these warrants may or may not be arrest warrants, so they may not imminently result in the kind of action that the public can see. But with this much smoke now emanating from reliable places around the Trump-Russia grand jury story, it would be increasingly difficult to make the argument at this point that there isn’t fire. And it raises the question of why corporate news outlets like CNN aren’t bothering to dig in and report on the grand jury story, even as many of these same news outlets have instead spent the week harping on Hillary Clinton’s emails of all things.

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  1. majiir says:

    “Might” is the operative word when dealing with a ratfkr like Comey. I’ll believe it when I see it, because this is the same tool who decided it was a great idea to announce that the FBI had “new” information about HRC’s emails but said nothing about the FBI investigating Trump & Co. at the same time.

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