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FBI is targeting at least 28 individuals in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Reports for the past few weeks have painted the federal investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal as have a far wider reach than previously believed, with one RICO case involving a number of targets, and one FARA case involving a … Continue reading

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Report: Judge signs off on two warrants in Trump- Russia scandal

Last week multiple sources from opposite sides of the political aisle confirmed that two federal grand juries are already underway in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal and that one of them was nearing completion. And today FBI Director James Comey sort … Continue reading

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Preet Bharara gave all his evidence on Trump to NY AG before firing

Back when Donald Trump woke up one day in March and decided to ask forty-six U.S. Attorneys for their immediate resignations, many suspected that it was merely cover for getting rid of Preet Bharara in particular. He’d busted Russian and … Continue reading

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