FBI is targeting at least 28 individuals in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Reports for the past few weeks have painted the federal investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal as have a far wider reach than previously believed, with one RICO case involving a number of targets, and one FARA case involving a far larger number of targets (link). Now come the numbers: a total of at least twenty-eight individuals have been targeted by the FBI in these investigations.

That information comes by way of Democratic insider Claude Taylor, who was the first to report on the grand juries already in progress, which was later confirmed by Republican insider Rick Wilson. Taylor is now revealing that “A source with knowledge of the investigation tells me the FBI has targeted from 28 up to 42 individuals” (link). This represents an eye popping number which clearly goes well beyond the four or five Donald Trump campaign advisers who have been widely reported to be under FBI investigation. So how can there possibly be so many targets of the investigation?

RICO cases usually involve money laundering and/or organized crime, meaning that any number of Donald Trump’s political and business associates could be wrapped up in it. There have long been stories of Trump’s Russian business associates living in Trump Tower, for instance. The FARA case centers around the Foreign Agent Registration Act, and ostensibly targets U.S. citizens who knowingly took money from foreign government sources without reporting it.

The FARA case is supposed to be the larger of the two, perhaps suggesting that a far larger number of Trump’s campaign advisers took Russian government money, or that Republican politicians outside Trump’s campaign may have taken Russian government money. In any case Taylor says to watch Keith Olbermann’s online video broadcast on Friday morning for further details on the twenty-eight or more FBI targets in the Trump-Russia scandal. 

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