Sunday Open Thread

Have a Blessed Sunday, Everyone.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    The Policies of White Resentment:


    That so many of these policies are based on perception and lies rather than reality is nothing new. White resentment has long thrived on the fantasy of being under siege and having to fight back, as the mass lynchings and destruction of thriving, politically active black
    communities in Colfax, La. (1873), Wilmington, N.C. (1898), Ocoee, Fla. (1920), and Tulsa, Okla. (1921), attest. White resentment needs the boogeyman of job-taking, maiden-ravaging, tax-evading, criminally inclined others to justify the policies that thwart the upward mobility and success of people of color.

    The last half-century hasn’t changed that. The war on drugs, for example, branded African-Americans and Latinos as felons, which stripped them of voting rights and access to housing and education just when the civil rights movement had pushed open the doors to those opportunities in the United States.

    Similarly,the intensified war on immigrants comes, not coincidentally, at the moment when Latinos have gained visible political power, asserted their place in American society and achieved greater access to schools and colleges. The ICE raids have terrorized these communities, led to attendance drop-offs in schools and silenced many from even seeking their legal rights when abused.

    The so-called Election Integrity Commission falls in the same category. It is a direct response to the election of Mr. Obama as president. Despite the howls from Mr. Trump and the Republicans, there was no widespread voter fraud then or now. Instead, what happened was that millions of new voters, overwhelmingly African-American, Hispanic and Asian, cast the ballots that put a black man in the White House. The punishment for participating in democracy has been a rash of voter ID laws, the purging of names from the voter rolls, redrawn district boundaries and closed and moved polling places.

  2. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Wow! There is so much history to discover. I was enjoying learning about Mifflin Wister Gibbs
    and was reading his reminiscences where he posted a photo of the black journalist Edward E. Cooper and I found one page about Cooper written by Willard B. Gatgewood, Jr. and now am looking for the rest of the article.

  3. vitaminlover says:

    Happy and blessed Sunday, ladies!

    • Ametia says:

      BWA HA HA HA

    • majiir says:

      I see kids are still wearing jellies. My baby turned 36 in June. When she was about this little girl’s age, she had several pairs. She loved her jellies. I saved a pair of hers and stored them in the attic. When, and if, she has a little girl, I plan to give her mama’s jellies to her.

      • vitaminlover says:

        I am like you, majiir. I save almost all of my grown daughters’ clothes from when they were little. They were cute clothes! Plus on some of them I spent a lot of money. They can come back in style.

  4. Liza says:

    Ta-nehisi Coates interviewing President Obama is just incredible to me. I’ve been reading TNC for so many years, started long before he got hired by The Atlantic. It’s like one of my nephews succeeding and doing so well.

    Other than that, I love listening to PBO. Always have.

    • Liza says:

      Pence wants to be POTUS. I doubt he can win an election unless there is massive election fraud in a few swing states. His chances are better if Trump resigns or one of his arteries closes up and he drops dead.

    • majiir says:

      Pence, the Lying Biscuit Eater, needs to shut up because he knows he’s been making moves to replace Trump as POTUS. I read months ago that he’d begun a separate PAC and had started raising money. I’d also read that he’d begun to distance himself from the Trump/Russia mess. He can’t because he lied when he was asked whether he knew Flynn had been working for Erdogan last year. Rep Elijah Cummings said he sent a letter to Pence about Flynn in November when Pence was leading Trump’s transition team. I do not like Pence because he’s a lying, sleazy, sneaky, anti-democracy, anti-American, anti-Constitution, suck-up of a b*stard.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Two of my favorite shows will be ending next week. Series finales:
    TURN: Washington’s Spies
    Orphan Black.

    I’m going to miss them :(

  6. #BobbySticksItToTrump

    • Liza says:

      Flake wishes blah blah blah. Such a great guy. Maybe one day he’ll say he wishes he didn’t vote to deprive tens of millions of people of their healthcare. Go away, Jeff Fake.

      • Ametia says:

        DITTO! Flakes’s trying to $eel his book of FAKE LIES.

      • majiir says:

        I’m not believing a d*mn thing he’s saying now. He witnessed the birthers telling lies about PBO, and he said and did nothing. According to the articles I’ve been reading, Flake is up for re-election in 2018 and is not polling as well as he thinks he should be. If the voters of Arizona kick his *ss out of office next year, he’ll deserve it. He knows Jan Brewer, A Republican governor, pushed the Obamacare expansion through before she left office, and he knows it benefits thousands in Arizona. It’s strange that he’s talking about birtherism and not why he voted to cause thousands in Arizona to lose their healthcare coverage. I wouldn’t read his book if it was sent to me for free. It would be deposited in my trash can in my backyard as soon as I took it out of my mailbox.

    • vitaminlover says:

      His eyes are crooked and his nose looks like he got slapped real hard and it stayed to one side.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄 😄

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