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  1. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “To You Who Are Different” is a powerful video, that features high school students from Randolph, Massachusetts, speaking directly to their peers (the viewers) to help them survive and surmount being different. The film is also a compelling plea for tolerance and respect amongst school-age peers, building on the premise “Everyone of us is different”. In conjunction with the “To You Who Are Different” poster, the video could be the basis of a lesson or a segment in a broader anti-bullying campaign. Very powerful. Teens talking to teens.

    • eliihass says:

      And this is happening yet again in ‘diverse’, ‘progressive’ Northern California..

      The treasonous buffoon and his Alt-Right crew have emboldened others.. And like rats and roaches, they’re crawling out of their holes all over pockets of ‘liberal’ California..

      And even in his obvious madness, the old white racist aggressor (who looks like someone hasn’t yet had an honest convo with him about his bloodline), is seething with racial grievance and is focused entirely on the one young Asian-American man he views as the ‘new racial problem’ and target of hate for his ilk..

      When one minority population overtakes the other previously hated minority population in great numbers, they’re no longer patronized or protected under the erstwhile ‘model minority’ tag of the Reagan era..

      Telling how the cowardly middle aged white guy seated next to the victim, wouldn’t intervene …and instead, like a weasel, gets up and removes himself from the scene … Allowing the aggressor easier access to his target..

      Even more telling is how it’s a young black woman who boldly steps up and places herself between the old racist crazy and the young Asian target…and calmly proceeds to stop the victim from reacting in a way that would’ve escalated the situation.. while the voice off camera warns against the continued use of the ‘N’ word..

  2. OH ISH!

    Breaking News: Two new accusers of #RoyMoore speaking out tonight.

  3. rikyrah says:

    CBO: Republican tax plan would trigger big cuts to Medicare
    11/15/17 11:00 AM
    By Steve Benen
    The federal budget deficit, which Republicans used to pretend to care about, is poised to get vastly larger if the GOP tax plan passes. There’s reason to believe, however, that Republicans will renew their interest in balancing the budget – just as soon as they’re done slashing tax rates on the wealthy and corporations.

    Gary Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council at Donald Trump’s White House, hinted as much last week, as did House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) yesterday.

    The scope of this vision is pretty extraordinary: GOP officials have a vision of overhauling the federal tax code, redistributing wealth to the top, scrapping health care benefits for millions, and then targeting social-insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare.

    And before you ask, “Didn’t Donald Trump give his word to Americans that he wouldn’t cut entitlements?” it’s important to remember the president’s rhetoric has very little to do with his actions, and he’s already endorsed some entitlement cuts, despite his commitments.

    But in practical terms, we don’t really need to wait that long to see Republicans undermine popular social-insurance programs. As the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, the GOP tax plan may very well bring about some sharp cuts sooner rather than later.

    The Republican tax bill would force $25 billion in immediate cuts to Medicare, according to the Congressional Budget Office, a move that could be stopped only with a bipartisan vote.

    Those are the consequences under the pay-as-you-go law that Congress passed in 2010. That law requires tax cuts and certain spending increases to be paired with offsetting provisions. If not, the law forces automatic spending cuts…. Congress could prevent the cuts, but that couldn’t be done under the fast-track procedures they’re using for the tax bill.

  4. rikyrah says:


    Louise Linton holds the great love of her life. Also pictured, her husband #StevenMnuchin.

    — Renee Graham (@reneeygraham) November 15, 2017

  5. rikyrah says:


    Find someone who looks at you the way Louise Linton looks at Steve Mnuchin holding a sheet of dollar bills with his name on them

    — Christopher Ingraham (@_cingraham) November 15, 2017

  6. rikyrah says:

    He and his Trophy Wife are just that loathesome.

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and wife Louise Linton holding new $1 bills with his signature on them

    — Hunter Schwarz (@hunterschwarz) November 15, 2017

  7. rikyrah says:

    Seems as if Mugabe was planning on installing his 40 years younger wife as President, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Guns are not allowed in the U.S. Capitol and every congressman has Obamacare…in case you’re wondering how these people really feel.— Mikel Jollett (@Mikel_Jollett) November 7, 2017

  9. rikyrah says:

    More explanation on the GOP Tax Scam from a comment at BJ:

    jl says:
    November 15, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Going into yesterday morning, the GOP tax bill needed to find $136 billion expenditure reduction to fit under reconciliation. Max general fund Medicare cut that can be made over the time horizon is 4 percent, or around $25 billion, which leaves $111 billion in other cuts. CBO said the executive does not have enough leeway under reconciliation rules to find $111 billion in cuts. So now the GOP is looking for ways to cut down the expenditure cuts required by the bill, and increase amount of spending that can be cut through legislation.

    Elimination of mandate is one way, sunset on cuts on individual income tax rates (though no sunset on corporate taxes, or provisions for loopholes and tax avoidance wrt individual rates that help mostly super rich), more closing of loopholes for middle class proposed yesterday in response to the infeasible $111 billion that needs to be cut (that is, reduce tax slash for everyone except super rich and giant corporations, and do some legislating permissible under reconciliation to allow more spending cuts elsewhere to make up for deficit produced by the tax slash scam).

  10. eliihass says:

    I’d be the first to contend that there was absolutely zero excuse for these 3 young UCLA kids embarrassing their families.. And I’m as furious with them as if they were my own kids..

    But there’s something terribly off with parading them on national television to do confessionals to ‘high crimes’ ….’high crimes’ that would ostensibly be chucked up as ‘juvenile mischief’ for other kids who traditionally engage in shoplifting as merely a ‘rite of passage’.. and actually joke about it…

    There’s nary a famous white celebrity out there, who hasn’t yucked up over ‘funny’ tales of shoplifting escapades from their youth…which they boast about and wear as a badge of honor..

    And even worse, having these kids grovel to an entitled crook who has scammed, stiffed, cheated and pathologically lied his way through his unseemly and immoral life ..and continues to….and is where he is tweeting today, only as reward for his crookedness and immorality …and remains currently the subject of several criminal and treasonous investigations …with more to come via emolument thieving scams…

    And that’s not even including the thieving scams he recently settled with a $25 million payback to victims of a sham ‘university’…

    Let’s not even get started on endless public officials caught with their hands in the cookie jar… And those who insist their faux ‘christian’ sensibilities absolve their criminal sexual deviancy…

    Or the thoughts and prayers that routinely go to murderous callous nationalist crooks and the white nationalist families that proudly support them even after they devastate other families and communities..

    How incredibly rich, to have this morally bankrupt, hollow, corrupt, cheating, deceitful, immoral, racist crook now gleefully tsk-tsking …and strutting around on a nonexistent moral high horse …proffering punishment options for these kids …with demands for how his pasty b*tt ought to be kissed …for a diplomatic courtesy attributable entirely to the heft of the federal government regardless of who (illegitimately) parades about chest-puffing as its titular head..

    I’m even madder at these 3 kids for giving the racist crooked buffoon and his Alt-Right supporters, even the slightest of openings to do an extra ‘victory’ lap of condescension, complete with their twisted racial stereotypes …for something the Alt-Right and their children proudly engage in on a larger scale every single day …and laugh off as ‘harmless mischief’..

  11. rikyrah says:


    Senate Finance Committee is taking calls. I voiced my opposition, good to let them know people are watching: 202-224-4515

  12. Liza says:

    God help us. This stupid little white supremacist is the Attorney General?!!

  13. rikyrah says:

    Senate Plan Would Repeal Mandate, Sunset Cuts: Tax Debate Update
    Bloomberg News
    November 14, 2017

  14. rikyrah says:

    Len Burman
    Can it be true that the House will vote on the Tax Cuts and JOBS Act without a dynamic (macroeconomic) analysis from the JCT? This in a bill rationalized almost entirely based on its macro benefits.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Reminder on how to call and fax:

    If anyone else is having trouble getting through on the phones, text Resist to 504-09 and resist bot will assist you in sending a free fax. They have improved the service so if you haven’t tried it since the last repeal and go fuck yourselves, give it a whirl now.

  16. rikyrah says:

    From Andy Slavitt:

    With all respect to newfound morality, much of the worry by GOP of Roy Moore relates to largely to passing the tax bill.1/— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) November 15, 2017


    McConnell has apparently directed final Senate vote before new AL Senator is seated (~12/20). Jones, per @CNN report, is opening a lead. 3/— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) November 15, 2017


    It’s not clear how many votes GOP has for tax bill, but I keep hearing them say “50” (i.e., no margin to lose AL). 4/— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) November 15, 2017

  17. rikyrah says:

    J-Rod has the cover of Vanity Fair….


    But, they do look good together….

  18. rikyrah says:

    HATCH confirms deep cuts to Medicare are coming >>— Topher Spiro (@TopherSpiro) November 15, 2017

    Hatch to Bennett: “There won’t be any Medicare if we keep spending like you guys want to do.”— Alan Rappeport (@arappeport) November 15, 2017

  19. rikyrah says:

    CBO: The Republican Tax Bill Will Trigger $136 Billion in Automatic Budget Cuts Next Year

  20. rikyrah says:


    No, Dear, IT IS!!

    WikiLeaks Looks Like a Russian Front Organization
    by Martin Longman November 14, 2017 PM

    On December 16th, Julian Assange or one of his assistants reached out to Donald Trump Jr. by direct message on Twitter and asked him to make a request of his father, who was then the president-elect. They knew that Australia wouldn’t go along with it, but could Trump Sr. please suggest that Assange be appointed as the ambassador to the United States? This would send a message to Sweden, Australia and the U.K. to back off their legal cases.

    As far as I can tell, this is the only communication WikiLeaks had with Donald Trump Jr. that didn’t directly promote Russia’s interests.

    Let’s look at the first communication made via Twitter:

    Just before the stroke of midnight on September 20, 2016, at the height of last year’s presidential election, the WikiLeaks Twitter account sent a private direct message to Donald Trump Jr., the Republican nominee’s oldest son and campaign surrogate. “A PAC run anti-Trump site is about to launch,” WikiLeaks wrote. “The PAC is a recycled pro-Iraq war PAC. We have guessed the password. It is ‘putintrump.’ See ‘About’ for who is behind it. Any comments?”


    Once again, the desire to confuse people about WikiLeaks’ true motives and allegiances is front and center here. They know it will “beautifully” confound people if it looks like Wikileaks is doing something to hurt Trump. In the end, Donald Jr. published the emails himself.

    The very existence of this correspondence contradicts more than a year of denials from the Trump camp that they were in any kind of direct communication with WikiLeaks, or that they coordinated the release and distribution of the hacked emails. A lot of people are focused on those lies, and understandably so.

    But it’s the naked way that WikiLeaks was acting as a Kremlin front that I think is the most important news here. There’s an implied understanding in these messages between the two parties. There’s no sense of caution on the WikiLeaks end that they might be presumptuous about Donald Jr.’s willingness to push the Kremlin line or that Donald Sr. might be offended by the suggestion that he delegitimize the election for Russia’s benefit even though it would clearly hurt his own country. There’s a conspiracists’ bond between them as they discuss the desirability of throwing people off their scent by working together to leak damaging information in a preemptive way (the classic “limited hangout.”)

  21. rikyrah says:

    Is Trump Getting Worse, or Has He Always Been This Delusional?
    by Nancy LeTourneau November 15, 2017

    Since the early days of the Trump presidency, I have been suggesting that one of his most consistent patterns is to lie, distract and blame when he feels challenged. But Steve Benen picked up on an attack he has launched against Barack Obama that seems totally disconnected from any particular threat. Here’s how it has progressed over the last couple of weeks:

    Two weeks ago, in reference to his upcoming trip to Asia, Trump said, “You remember the Philippines – the last trip made by a president, that turned out to be not so good. Never quite got to land.”
    Over the weekend, he talked to reporters about Obama’s “rough trip” to the Philippines.
    Yesterday at a press gaggle, he elaborated:

    “…I mean, the Philippines, we just could not have been treated nicer. And as you know, we were having a lot of problems with the Philippines. The relationship with the past administration was horrible, to use a nice word. I would say ‘horrible’ is putting it mildly. You know what happened. Many of you were there, and you never got to land. The plane came close but it didn’t land.”

    Benen summarizes:

    Apparently, Trump has convinced himself that Barack Obama, aboard Air Force One, intended to travel to the Philippines, but en route to the country, the American president was not permitted to touch down on Filipino soil.

    It is not news to anyone that the relationship between Barack Obama and President Rodrigo Duterte was strained—for good reason. Last year Obama cancelled a meeting (not the other way around) with the Philippine president in Laos

  22. rikyrah says:

    Where I Agree With Mo Brooks
    by Martin Longman November 14, 2017

    In a way, I sympathize with Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama. I understand how incredibly valuable it is to have a seat in the U.S. Senate, and I wouldn’t want to concede one to the Republicans, especially in a dark blue state. The issue is amplified by the fact that the Republicans currently enjoy a narrow 52-48 majority, and we should keep in mind also that John McCain is very ill and that Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi has missed time recently because of poor health. The Republicans want to pass a tax bill through the Senate that is dependent on them having fifty seats, at a minimum, and losing the Alabama seat would get them down to a very uneasy fifty-one. Besides these factors, though, I can understand where Brooks is coming from when he says this:

    “America faces huge challenges that are vastly more important than contested sexual allegations from four decades ago,” Brooks said in a text message to “Who will vote in America’s best interests on Supreme Court justices, deficit and debt, economic growth, border security, national defense, and the like? Socialist Democrat Doug Jones will vote wrong. Roy Moore will vote right. Hence, I will vote for Roy Moore.”

  23. rikyrah says:

    Did everyone else know outside of me, that Congress had a slush fund for sexual harassment?


    Congress owes taxpayers answers about its harassment ‘shush’ fund

  24. rikyrah says:

    McConnell handling of past sex scandal a warning for Roy Moore
    Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of the sexual harassment case against Senator Bob Packwood and how Mitch McConnell used the Senate Ethics Committee and the threat of expulsion to drive Packwood from the Senate in shame. So he knows how to handle Moore.

  25. rikyrah says:

    Shadow of Flynn legal jeopardy falls on Trump, Sessions
    Matt Miller, former Justice Department spokesman, talks with Rachel Maddow about the nature of the case against disgraced Trump NSA Mike Flynn and whether that has implications for any obstruction of justice case that might be made against Trump.

  26. rikyrah says:


    Former KGB Putin friend hired for US Moscow embassy security
    Rachel Maddow reports on the no-bid contract the Trump administration gave to a company run by a former KGB colleague of Vladimir Putin to handle the security for the U.S. embassy in Moscow, and notes a pattern of odd Trump overtures to Russia.

  27. rikyrah says:

    To pay for tax cuts, Republicans eye radical health care changes
    11/15/17 08:00 AM
    By Steve Benen

    To help pay for the GOP tax bill, Republican Senate leaders announced Tuesday that they plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that Americans maintain health coverage. […]

    “We’re optimistic that inserting the individual mandate repeal (into the tax bill) would be helpful,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told reporters after a caucus meeting.

    Helpful for whom? In this case, the answer is obvious: the real beneficiaries are Republicans desperate to pass tax cuts for people who don’t need them.

    There’s no great mystery as to what’s driving the GOP’s motivations on this. The party has long opposed the individual mandate in “Obamacare,” and by scrapping the policy, Republicans will have an additional $338 billion over the next decade to pay for more tax breaks. For Donald Trump and his allies, it’s the best of both worlds: the GOP is gutting the health care law they love to hate, and using the money to cut taxes on millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.

    But the details matter: the Congressional Budget Office has already told Congress that repealing the ACA’s individual mandate will destabilize the insurance market, force many consumers to pay higher premiums, and end coverage for 13 million Americans over the next 10 years.

    Indeed, the reason this move would save $338 billion is because the federal government would be paying less to provide coverage for millions of families.

  28. rikyrah says:

    It’s really not getting enough airtime in US that exact same nexus of Russia/Mercer/SCL/CA behind Brexit and Trump info ops, both resulting in surprise electoral results.

    — Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew) November 15, 2017

  29. rikyrah says:

    A 26 year old lesbian flipped an OK state senate seat today by only 34 votes.

    Rule #1 of 2017 politics: We know nothing.

    — Amanda Litman (@amandalitman) November 15, 2017

  30. rikyrah says:

    UH HUH

    If the AG can’t name ONE org that’s a “black identity extremist” group, we’re faced with one reality — the FBI & DOJ are reverting back to a time when citizens were surveilled based on the color of their skin and their level of activism exercising their first amendment right.

    — Congressmember Bass (@RepKarenBass) November 14, 2017

  31. rikyrah says:

    .@RepCohen: “We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we’ve introduced five articles of impeachment.”

    — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 15, 2017

  32. rikyrah says:

    Her sister, who is also a stunner- is a vlogger on youtube – the channel is Jamie and Nikki

    A real life doll

    — Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) November 15, 2017


    — Duckie Thot (@duckie_thot) November 14, 2017

    That face. Her skin. Her skin!
    My God, she’s blessed.

    — Dudette (@Dudette9t9) November 15, 2017

  33. rikyrah says:

    @CarronIPhillips: If the editors at @GQ and @Time get it, then why hasn’t the editorial staff at Sports Illustrated figured it out yet?

    — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) November 15, 2017

  34. rikyrah says:

    Republicans keep uniting disparate health care stakeholders
    11/15/17 10:04 AM
    By Steve Benen
    As of yesterday afternoon, Senate Republicans decided the best way to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations is to also repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. As the Congressional Budget Office has already told lawmakers, this would destabilize the market, raise premiums, and lead 13 million Americans to lose their coverage.

    But the CBO isn’t the only player in the game warning Republicans about the dangers of their scheme.

    In a joint letter, the top industry groups representing insurers, hospitals and doctors came out strongly against repealing the mandate, arguing it was necessary to attract enough healthy patients to offset the cost of insuring Americans with pre-existing conditions.

    “There will be serious consequences if Congress simply repeals the mandate while leaving the insurance reforms in place: millions more will be uninsured or face higher premiums, challenging their ability to access the care they need,” the letter read, which was signed by America’s Health Insurance Plans, the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, the Blue Cross-Blue Shield Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Federation of American Hospitals.

  35. rikyrah says:

    CEOs undermine the rationale behind the Republican tax-cut push
    11/15/17 09:20 AM
    By Steve Benen
    America’s business leaders have been on Trump administration officials’ minds lately. On Sunday, for example, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin defended the Republican tax plan by boasting, “Lots of people, lots of CEOs, have had input into this.”

    A few days earlier, Gary Cohn, Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, told CNBC’s John Harwood, “The most excited group out there are big CEOs, about our tax plan.”

    Part of the problem with this is that, according to the plan’s Republican architects, the target audience for the plan are middle-class families, not “big CEOs.”

    But the other part of the problem is that the claim may not even be accurate. The Washington Post reported yesterday:

    President Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, looked out from the stage at a sea of CEOs and top executives in the audience Tuesday for the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council meeting. As Cohn sat comfortably onstage, a Journal editor asked the crowd to raise their hands if their company plans to invest more if the tax reform bill passes.

    Very few hands went up.

    Cohn looked surprised. “Why aren’t the other hands up?” he said.

  36. rikyrah says:

    Make no mistake: they’re coming after Medicare and Medicaid next. And at that point, the press will go along with their deficit concerns.— Topher Spiro (@TopherSpiro) November 15, 2017

  37. rikyrah says:

    Are they finally getting rid of Mugabe?
    Seems like it.

  38. rikyrah says:

    Today I am announcing my intention to amend the Senate tax bill to repeal the individual mandate and provide bigger tax cuts for middle income taxpayers.

    The mandate repeal is a promise we all made and we should keep. It also allows an additional $300 billion+ in tax cuts.

    — Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) November 14, 2017

    I hope someone drops a dime on his azz, about THE TRUTH behind his azz whoopin’.

  39. rikyrah says:

    ?? You can call the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 ??

    A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

    — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) November 14, 2017

    I want to meet the Senate staffer who came up with the genius strategy of announcing plan to gut 13 m people’s health care ahead of Thanksgiving w vote scheduled after. I know what I’m planning to talk about with all the relatives!

    — Neera Tanden???? (@neeratanden) November 15, 2017

  40. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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