Monday Open Thread | California crash that killed Hart family believed by authorities to be intentional

Almost one week after an SUV carrying Devonte Hart‘s family plunged off a cliff in California’s Mendocino County, authorities said Sunday night that the vehicle came to a full stop before accelerating off the cliff.
The California Highway Patrol, or CHP, and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office are continuing to investigate the crash, which killed Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 38, and their children Markis, 19, Jeremiah, 14, and Abigail, 14.

Authorities said that based on the absence of skid marks, data from air bag controllers and other information, which they wouldn’t immediately disclose, they believed for now that the crash may have been intentional. But they said Sunday night that no suicide note had been found.

Devonte, 15, and his sisters Hannah, 16, and Sierra, 12, who are also believed to have been in the car, remain missing. Acting Assistant CHP Chief Greg Baarts said investigators couldn’t determine which woman was driving.

Devonte, a young black boy, was photographed in 2014 crying in the arms of a white police officer during a protest in Oregon over police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Three children are still missing and could be in the ocean,” Baarts said. “We are trying to determine a timeline, path of travel, and if there were any stops.”

He told NBC News that California authorities were “tirelessly searching for the missing children along the coastline,” while authorities in California and Washington were “conducting interviews and attempting to establish a timeline and routes of travel in an effort to rule out any other possibilities.”

According to neighbors and court records, the family has had troubles in the past, carrying over to a recent investigation into abuse or neglect with the Washington Department of Social and Health Services.

Sarah Hart was charged with a misdemeanor offense of domestic assault against her daughter Abigail in 2011, and neighbors claimed that Devonte would often ask them for food. He said his parents would withhold food as punishment.

The household had previously been visited by Child Protective Services, and neighbors claimed to have called the agency again to report on the family on March 23, before the Harts left on the trip that resulted in the fatal incident.

The state’s Department of Social and Health Services said in a statement that the children who were killed would be identified “as potential victims of alleged abuse or neglect.”

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office obtained a searched warrant Thursday to retrieve items like computers, credit cards and bank statements to help determine a probable cause. Baarts said a felony may have been committed.

Cal Robertson, a spokesman for the CHP, confirmed reports that thespeedometer was showing 90 mph at the time of the crash, but he said it could have moved during impact or could accidentally have been manipulated during the investigation.

“Certainly, that does not mean the vehicle was going that fast,” Robertson said Sunday night.

Baarts said a full vehicle inspection had yet to be completed, but he told reporters that the “complete lack of … physical evidence” of an accident, like skid marks, was striking.

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72 Responses to Monday Open Thread | California crash that killed Hart family believed by authorities to be intentional

  1. rikyrah says:

    David Hogg on LarryO tonight

  2. rikyrah says:

    On the positive..
    Black Lightning got renewed 🙌🙌😄

  3. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “DACA recipients head to the Arizona Supreme Court in tuition battle”

    The Arizona Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the legality of allowing DACA recipients to pay in-state tuition rates. The case pits Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich against the Maricopa County Community College District, which is arguing for keeping the in-state rates..

    After an appellate court ruling found the colleges couldn’t charge in-state tuition to DACA recipients, the community colleges appealed to the state’s high court. The community colleges and Arizona universities have continued to allow DACA recipients to pay in-state tuition rates while the case is under review. /blockquote>

  4. rikyrah says:

    WSJ has an email from Roger Stone to Sam Nunberg, dated August 4, 2016 in which Stone says, “I dined with Julian Assange last night,”

    — Scott Stedman (@ScottMStedman) April 2, 2018

  5. rikyrah says:

    Ok, let’s play it again, Boys and Girls…

    WHAT IF….

    44 had told people to shut up to listen to Roland Martin on White House conference calls?

    Yeah…I know….I know…

    Donald Trump ‘Cherishes’ Lou Dobbs So Much He Puts Him on Speakerphone for Oval Office Meetings

    The Fox Business star was an O.G. Trumpist—long before Trumpism ever came along. Now he has direct influence over this presidency.
    04.02.18 4:44 AM ET

    It is difficult to fully understand the Trump presidency without first understanding Lou Dobbs, the Fox Business powerhouse host and one of the main precursors to Trumpism.

    It’s not just that President Donald Trump loves Dobbs’ show and his on-air style. It’s not just that the president asks West Wing aides and confidants if they’ve seen specific, recent segments of Dobbs’ program, or that Trump calls the cable-news personality semi-regularly to gossip or solicit counsel, or that he’s boosted Dobbs on his Twitter account. It’s not just that the president has sat for a friendly interview with Dobbs or that he is on a first-name basis with “Lou.”

  6. Ametia says:
  7. My oldest boy was in the store and as he was walking down the aisle to get some beer, he saw this black guy on the aisle and my son gave a Wakanda salute to him. The black guy pointed to him, laughing, and said “already” “already” “yeah”!


  8. rikyrah says:

    Dow down 705

  9. rikyrah says:

    Dow down 670

  10. rikyrah says:

    Why don’t the journalists leave, instead of work for Sinclair?

    Read on:

    Matt Pearce 🦅
    ‏Verified account
    3h3 hours ago
    A former Sinclair journalist sent me a screenshot of their contract. “I couldn’t leave because of this part of my contract.”

    Sinclair gets money damages from the employee if the employee quits rather than read propaganda. 40% of annual salary plus a multiplier in certain situations.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Down down 608

  12. rikyrah says:

    Steven Bochco, RIP.

    Man, he was a part of my TV Viewing days.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Scalia’s Goal Of Unwinding Voter Protections Is Becoming A Reality
    By Richard L. Hasen | April 2, 2018 11:07 am

    In a Supreme Court term already bursting with election cases, from two partisan gerrymandering disputes to a fight about the permissibility of Ohio’s voter purges to a lawsuit challenging bans on political clothing in Minnesota polling places, it’s easy to overlook yet another significant voting appeal the Court will hear later this month. In Abbott v. Perez, the Court will examine whether the state of Texas violated the Voting Rights Act and the United States Constitution when it drew congressional and state legislative district lines in ways that hurt Latino and African-American voters. The protracted and difficult litigation involves redistricting plans from way back in 2011 and shows how much was lost when the Supreme Court killed another key provision of the Voting Rights Act in its 2013 Shelby County v. Holder case.

    Abbott v. Perez could well preview what’s likely to come in the next few years. All three branches of government have pulled back on protecting voting rights, and the effects of that move are becoming clear. We may soon fulfill the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s vision of an emasculated Voting Rights Act and much weaker protections for minority voters by the federal courts.

  14. rikyrah says:

    With $538k And Counting, McCabe To Stop Accepting Legal Defense Fund Money
    By Matt Shuham | April 2, 2018 11:45 am

    Andrew McCabe, the recently fired former FBI deputy director, announced Monday that he would cease accepting donations for his legal defense fund at 7:00 p.m. ET after raising more than three times his original goal.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe last month, days before McCabe would have been eligible for his pension, for making “an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lack[ing] candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions.”

    At press time, the legal defense fund, hosted on a GoFundMe page, had raised $538,246, with donations flowing in every couple minutes.

    “The outpouring of support on GoFundMe has been simply overwhelming and has led to contributions that have left us stunned and extraordinarily grateful,” McCabe said in a statement Monday (read the full statement below). “The GoFundMe campaign began organically, with generous people spontaneously giving to accounts that others had set up.”

  15. rikyrah says:

    Dow down 527

  16. Ametia says:


  17. Ladies check your email

  18. Ametia says:

    THIS IS YOUR MEDIA AT WORK FOLKS, only capturing #45 long enough to say what he wants to say, without asking him FOLLOWUP questions


    Right down to them filming crowd to make it appear like it’s massive, even though you and I know that any sane parents would keep their kids as far away from this toxic sewer

  19. rikyrah says:

    Dow down 510

  20. rikyrah says:

    We must pay homage. For decades, she lead the struggle against apartheid. She challenged the world to fight &made us aware of this cruelty. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela dies at 81. She was a prominent anti-apartheid activist and former wife of Nelson Mandel…

    — Wendell Pierce (@WendellPierce) April 2, 2018

  21. rikyrah says:

    Max Tani @ maxwelltani
    Lou Dobbs has been on speaker phone during White House meetings on issue like trade and taxes.
    Per @swin24, Trump has even cut off WH officials so Dobbs can get a word in.

    Dobbs, these sources all independently recounted, has been patched in to senior-level meetings on issues such as trade and tax policy—meetings that featured officials such as senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, former top economic adviser Gary Cohn, former chief strategist Steve Bannon, trade adviser Peter Navarro, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Dow down 478

  23. rikyrah says:

    I believe that the kids have hit the RW hard because it’s the gun issue.
    I have long said that the RW is mad, despite controlling Congress and the White House..
    Because, so many of us on this side, said, OH HELL NO.
    We have NOT gotten over the election.
    We have NOT forgiven anyone who made this possible.
    And, we have been pulling receipts about 44 and his entire family, when they pull that, ‘ but, you should respect the Office of the Presidency’ bullshyt.

    They are mad.
    The MSM, despite the numerous articles about the deplorables, are shook too.
    We tolerate them, at first. Now, we’re telling them, stop with this bullshyt. We don’t give two shyts about these people, and we understand them quite fine.

    They are so used to our side turning the other cheek. Not only have we not shown any cheeks, but we’re standing here with a 2 by 4, ready to ‘talk’ to anyone asking us to do it.

    It’s not 2000.
    It’s not 2004, after Shrub lied us into TWO wars.
    This is on a whole other level, and the MSM, along with the RW, doesn’t grasp it.

    But now, one of their solid pilars – this gun bullshyt, is finally under attack.
    The kids are who we’ve been waiting for – and, we have their backs, and it scares them to no end.

    • Ametia says:

      ON POINT.

      Hit REPEAT on this comment EVERYDAY.

      Each & everyday someone runs up on me about those kids, I ask one question.


      There is no debate on this question. EITHER YES OR NO.

    • Liza says:

      One of their big worries is that the “resistance” coalesces into a unified movement.

      And that is the trend. A lot of the people who showed up for “March for our Lives” were the women who marched right after Trump’s inauguration.

      So there is, potentially, a new democratic coalition developing.

  24. rikyrah says:

    Dow down 314

  25. rikyrah says:


  26. Open season on black people. It’s a national crisis. When you hear cops utter the words “stop resisting” “stop reaching” the person’s life is pretty much over regardless if it’s true or not. It’s always their excuse to murder.

  27. rikyrah says:

    “If either Congress or a court holds that Trump must give up certain parts of his operations (or segregate any monies… from foreign governments), he may finally need to decide whether the presidency is worth giving up parts of his financial empire.”

    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) April 2, 2018

  28. rikyrah says:

    Reminder: Jared Kushner has said that Trump’s campaign struck a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group during the campaign to try and secure better media coverage.

    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) April 2, 2018

  29. rikyrah says:

    Winnie Mandela has passed away at the age of 81.

  30. rikyrah says:

    New report helps explain Trump World’s many vetting failures
    04/02/18 10:00 AM
    By Steve Benen

    There are 652 key positions in the executive branch that require Senate confirmation, and as of this morning, Donald Trump’s White House hasn’t nominated anyone for one-third of those posts. Making matters slightly worse, when the president does choose people for vacancies, it often seems as if the White House hasn’t made any serious attempt at vetting these nominees before they reach Capitol Hill for consideration.

    And why is Team Trump failing so spectacularly in this area? The Washington Post answered that question in amazing detail over the weekend, taking a closer look at Trump’s White House Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) and its role “hobbling the Trump administration’s efforts to place qualified people in key posts across government.”

    [T]wo office leaders have spotty records themselves: a college dropout with arrests for drunken driving and bad checks and a Marine Corps reservist with arrests for assault, disorderly conduct, fleeing an officer and underage drinking.

    The Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) is little known outside political circles. But it has far-reaching influence as a gateway for the appointed officials who carry out the president’s policies and run federal agencies.

    Under President Trump, the office was launched with far fewer people than in prior administrations. It has served as a refuge for young campaign workers, a stopover for senior officials on their way to other posts and a source of jobs for friends and family, a Washington Post investigation found. One senior staffer has had four relatives receive appointments through the office.

  31. rikyrah says:

    Why the White House is pretending a fired cabinet secretary ‘resigned’
    04/02/18 08:40 AM—UPDATED 04/02/18 09:24 AM
    By Steve Benen

    Donald Trump last week fired his VA secretary, David Shulkin, in the latest major shake-up of the administration’s team. According to the ousted cabinet secretary, the move was part of a push within the administration to privatize veterans’ care.
    According to the White House, however, Shulkin wasn’t fired at all – because he “resigned.”


    Even for Team Trump this is an odd thing to lie about. Indeed, it’s an entirely knowable thing: either Shulkin was fired or he wasn’t. Why make up a story that’s so easily discredited? Why pretend a cabinet secretary resigned when he clearly did not?

    As it happens, we know the answer. Politico reported over the weekend that the fired-vs-resigned distinction “could have far-reaching implications that could throw the Department of Veterans Affairs, the second-largest federal agency, into further disarray.”

    In announcing the removal of Shulkin as VA secretary, Trump tapped Defense Department official Robert Wilkie as the acting leader of the department, bypassing Shulkin’s deputy, who was next in line to succeed him. That decision has reignited a debate among legal experts about the president’s ability to hand-pick replacements for ousted Cabinet secretaries.

    The debate centers on vague language in the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998, which gives the president broad authority to temporarily fill a vacancy at a federal agency with an acting official if the current office holder “dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to perform the functions and duties of the office.”

    In other words, if Shulkin didn’t resign, the president’s personnel authority is far more limited. What’s more, if Shulkin was fired – and literally every piece of evidence makes clear that he was – then he should be replaced by Deputy Secretary Thomas Bowman until the Senate confirms a permanent successor.

    But the White House doesn’t like Bowman, an opponent of the far-right privatization push.

    And so we’re left with an administration that feels it has no choice but to play make-believe, while Shulkin tries to explain reality.

    • Ametia says:

      Fired VA Secretary Says White House Muzzled Him
      March 29, 20188:17 AM ET

      Fired Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin tells NPR’s Morning Edition that political forces in the Trump administration want to privatize the VA — and that he was standing in the way.
      “There are many political appointees in the VA that believe that we are moving in the wrong direction or weren’t moving fast enough toward privatizing the VA,” he said. “I think that it’s essential for national security and for the country that we honor our commitment by having a strong VA. I was not against reforming VA, but I was against privatization.”


  32. rikyrah says:

    With Easter declaration, Trump’s confusion upends immigration debate
    04/02/18 08:01 AM
    By Steve Benen

    Donald Trump wished the public a “HAPPY EASTER!” yesterday, shortly before he apparently called off negotiations intended to protect the Dreamers he put at risk when he rescinded the DACA policy.

    Trump declared there would be “NO MORE DACA DEAL,” referring to an Obama-era protection of millions of undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, and called for congressional Republicans to pass tougher immigration policies because the U.S. border with Mexico is “Getting more dangerous.”

    In the tweets, Trump wrote that “Mexico is doing very little” to keep migrants from crossing into that country from the south or from then crossing into America from the north. “They laugh at our dumb immigration laws,” he said.

    Given the timing and context, it appears the president was worked up about something he saw on Fox News – a familiar dynamic that explains his outbursts.

    Speaking briefly to reporters before entering a church for Easter services, Trump added, “A lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of DACA and we are going to have to really see. They had a great chance. The Democrats blew it.”

    There are two core problems to this. The first is that the president appears to have no idea what he’s talking about. The second is that Trump, by declaring his latest position, may not have been declaring his latest position at all.

  33. rikyrah says:

    Health Department removes breast cancer and Obamacare info from womens health website

    Think Progress
    Amanda Gomez
    April 2, 2018

    The Department of Health and Human Service’s (HHS) Office on Women’s Health removed a webpage dedicated to breast cancer and other helpful reproductive health information, including important insurance information for low-income people, according to a new report.

    The Sunlight Foundation’s Web Integrity Project first reported the missing webpage. The group has been documenting page or link removals from the OWH website and shared its most recent report with ThinkProgress.

    This breast cancer page did serve as a repository of links dedicated to this disease, like “Breast cancer symptoms”, “Screening and diagnosis”, “Breast cancer risk factors and prevention”, and “Government in action.” Informational pages and factsheets about the disease can’t be found elsewhere on the OWH website, according to the Sunlight Foundation’s comprehensive review.

  34. rikyrah says:

    I find it so sad that local news stations are spouting a party line. Not cable but LOCAL. I will not watch @abc7news YOU are extremely dangerous to our democracy. Be the media that reports news, not puppet a company’s edicts. 😡

    — Ann Tee (@Ann_Tee) April 2, 2018

  35. rikyrah says:

    I’m outta breath…. flatlined… the WORK!!! Do you hear me?!? @BrandonVDixon got your award speeches ready right Boo? 👊🏼#hardwork #JesusChristSuperstarLive #JesusChristSuperstar @nbc

    — Kim Fields (@KimVFields) April 2, 2018

  36. rikyrah says:

    RT if you just screamed “YES @normlewis777” in your living room #JesusChristSuperstar

    — (@broadwaycom) April 2, 2018

  37. rikyrah says:

    !! @BrandonVDixon just did #WakandaForever at curtain!! I die. I’m dead. 🤣😍 #JesusChristSuperstarLive

    — Emily Rouse (@emily_rouse) April 2, 2018

  38. rikyrah says:

    This story is so sad.Those poor kids.

  39. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone 😄😄😄

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