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FBI raided the office of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

The FBI’s raid today of Michael Cohen’s office and residence was a big enough deal on its face that it’s sent shockwaves across the landscape. Cohen is arguably closer to Donald Trump than anyone outside of Trump’s own family, meaning … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | The Betrayal of Henry

These people. They are just hideous. Absolutely Hideous. I could barely stomach to read through the entire story. That they’d do this to this CHILD – ABSOLUTELY EVIL. We didn’t get these types of stories during 44’s Administration. There’s a … Continue reading

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60 Minutes: Oprah goes inside Memorial to Victims of Lynching

There is a reckoning taking place in America over how we remember our history. Much of the focus has been on whether or not to take down monuments that celebrate the Confederacy. But this story is about a new monument … Continue reading

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