Monday Open Thread | The Betrayal of Henry

These people. They are just hideous. Absolutely Hideous. I could barely stomach to read through the entire story. That they’d do this to this CHILD – ABSOLUTELY EVIL. We didn’t get these types of stories during 44’s Administration. There’s a reason for that. They betrayed this child.

The Betrayal of Triste

Henry thought that talking to the cops would help him escape MS-13. Instead, it put his life in even more danger.
By Hannah Dreier

If Henry is killed, his death can be traced to a quiet moment in the fall of 2016, when he sat slouched in his usual seat by the door in 11th-grade English class. A skinny kid with a shaggy haircut, he had been thinking a lot about his life and about how it might end. His notebook was open, its pages blank. So he pulled his hoodie over his earphones, cranked up a Spanish ballad, and started to write.

He began with how he was feeling: anxious, pressured, not good enough. It would have read like a journal entry by any 17-year-old, except this one detailed murders, committed with machetes, in the suburbs of Long Island. The gang Henry belonged to, MS-13, had already killed five students from Brentwood High School. The killers were his friends. And now they were demanding that he join in the rampage.

Classmates craned their necks to see what he was working on so furiously. But with an arm shielding his notebook, Henry was lost in what was turning out to be an autobiography. He was transported back to a sprawling coconut grove near his grandfather’s home in El Salvador. In front of him was a blindfolded man, strung up between two trees, arms and legs splayed in the shape of an X. All around him were members of MS-13, urging him on. Then the gang’s leader, El Destroyer, stepped forward. He was in his 60s, with the letters MS tattooed on his face, chest, and back. A double-edged machete glinted in his hand. He wanted Henry to kill the blindfolded man.


A week later, Henry was called to the principal’s office to speak with the police officer assigned to the school. In El Salvador, Henry had learned to distrust the police, who often worked for rival gangs or paramilitary death squads. But the officer assured Henry that the Suffolk County police were not like the cops he had known before he sought asylum in the United States. They could connect him to the FBI, which could protect him and move him far from Long Island.


Under normal circumstances, Henry’s choice would have been his salvation. By working with the police, he could have escaped the gang and started fresh. But not in the dawning of the Trump era, when every immigrant has become a target and local police in towns like Brentwood have become willing agents in a nationwide campaign of detention and deportation. Without knowing it, Henry had picked the wrong moment to help the authorities.


Last year, under Trump, ICE arrested nearly four times more immigrants simply for being suspected of belonging to MS-13 than it did in 2016. Long Island has been the epicenter of the new initiative, called Operation Matador. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions both delivered major speeches in front of the Suffolk police last year and congratulated them on embracing the administration’s strategy. Trump also invited the mother of Kayla Cuevas, the murdered girl who had flashed the Bloods sign at Henry, to his State of the Union address in January. In private, some Long Island detectives and prosecutors grumbled about the ICE partnership, saying it hampers efforts to investigate the gang. But as the wave of arrests attracted federal grants, additional staff, and positive national media attention, Suffolk County effectively began to serve as a local arm of ICE, rounding up immigrant kids for deportation.

Children’s advocates on Long Island started to warn teenagers to avoid the cops. “We can’t work with Suffolk County police, because any information they have is going to go straight to ICE,” says Feride Castillo, who runs a program for at-risk youth on Long Island. “I tell my immigrant kids all the time not to open their mouths — I don’t care what they’re promising you.”


Now that he had helped the police, Henry assumed his witness-protection papers would be coming through any day. When he turned 18, he started telling friends and teachers he trusted that he would soon disappear to California. Then one morning in August, as Henry was making lunch for his shift at the toilet-paper factory, the federales finally came for him. But they weren’t from the FBI or the witness-protection program. They were from ICE. The same unit that Henry had helped to arrest members of MS-13 was now pursuing a deportation case against him, using the information he had provided as evidence.

Confused, Henry told the agents he was already working with the police. He asked them to call Tony. Instead, after interrogating him, the ICE agents put him on a bus. He watched the Long Island streets he knew disappear, replaced by the high-rises of downtown Manhattan, then darkness as the bus was swallowed by a tunnel to New Jersey. He was headed to an ICE detention center full of young men suspected of being MS-13 members — the very same ones he had snitched on.


ICE is full of nothing but monsters. Plain and simple.

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  1. eliihass says:

    This is what living ones life fully in spite of the stiff grumpy folks around you, looks like.. Go on gran..

    She aint have to go off like that 🙌🏾😂— Dyke Jones (@Nevachase_n) April 7, 2018

    • eliihass says:

      I only wish they’d all stop with the whole calling it ‘president’ bit..

      No amount of the ridiculous and endless appending of this title to this person will make him worthy..

  2. Ametia says:

    A search warrant was obtained because BOBBY III STICKS has irrefutable EVIDENCE

    • eliihass says:

      Plus, the search warrant was obtained by same US attorney for the Southern district of New York that was personally interviewed and installed by the buffoon..

    • Ametia says:

      He’s scared SHITLESS LOL

      • eliihass says:

        And all those ‘generals’ and others sitting around him doing and saying nothing…and generally turning a blind eye to evil and treason …in exchange for a seat at what they see as the ‘power’ table ..Most can’t believe their luck ..that they’re not only calling the shots from our White House, but enjoying the good life on our dime…they cant believe the luxury freebies and super-sweet taxpayer funded perks they also get to enjoy …including among other things, motorcades and sirens for a 5min drive to dinner at a fancy restaurant charged to taxpayers as ‘business’…

        They’re all so drunk and high on the power and tax payer funded luxury freebies, and the buffoon knows this too and is counting on them standing by him ..if only just to keep all their White House access, power and sweet perks going ..

        He’s banking on them not wanting to lose their own ‘power and perks’ – which inevitably happens if he goes down..

    • rikyrah says:

      The folding of the arms like a child cracks me up.

      • Ametia says:

        [caption id="attachment_76687" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Young girl with head down and arms folded having tantrum[/caption]

        Show #45 how to throw a real tantrum, Bro.

  3. Ametia says:

    trump is PURE GRADE A TRASH

    • Ametia says:

      LOL “An attack on our country,” Like his lawlessness exempts him from being LAWFULLY investigated.


      • eliihass says:

        He’s mis-learned much of the slick shtick John Kelly tried to teach him, and along with that, the misuse too of much of the John Kelly approved phrasing of stuff..

        Like with the Frank Luntz approved lingo, Kelly set out to school him on how to still mean the same awful things, but how to phrase them ‘better’ to for instance use less ‘me’ and ‘I’, and more ‘us’, ‘the country’, ‘our’ ..

        And so he mis-responds to investigations into stuff related to his personal shenanigans.. as if it were about the country..

  4. Calling @RepAlGreen …. get the impeachment proceedings started…….

  5. FBI kicked doors in and raided Michael Cohen’s office and hotel. #MuellerGangstaMove

    • eliihass says:

      The guy was FBI director for 10 years.. longest serving since Edgar Hoover ..served in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War ..received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal for heroism ..

      Formally an Assistant U.S. Attorney, he also served as a United States Attorney, as United States Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, and as Acting U.S. Deputy Attorney General..

      If anyone would know how to go about this..

      Plus, he’s obviously a morally upright man and devoted husband and father.. he’s been married since 1966 to his one and only wife and mother to their 2 daughters -including one who’s disabled..

  6. Breaking News! Washington Post reporting Michael Cohen being investigated for possible bank fraud, wire fraud, campaign finance violations. #MuellerGangstaMove

  7. rikyrah says:

    it’s really amazing how many people’s quiet lives of peaceful corruption have been shattered by Trump deciding to be president— Simon Maloy (@SimonMaloy) April 9, 2018


  8. rikyrah says:


    The F.B.I. on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, seizing records related to several topics including payments to a pornographic-film actress.

    Federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained the search warrant after receiving a referral from the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to Mr. Cohen’s lawyer, who called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” The search does not appear to be directly related to Mr. Mueller’s investigation, but likely resulted from information he had uncovered and gave to prosecutors in New York.

  9. Robert Mueller ain’t playing with these mofos.

  10. Breaking: FBI raided the office of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

  11. Ametia says:
  12. rikyrah says:

    White House: “The president still strongly feels there was a large amount of voter fraud.” The reason they can’t actually find any of this voter fraud, Sanders says, is because some states refused to turn over their voter rolls.— Christina Wilkie (@christinawilkie) April 9, 2018

  13. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “New downtown mural honors immigrants, event held to renew DACA registration”

    “People everywhere are on the move”

    Famed political activist and scholar Angela Davis took the stage at the Harvard Art Museums’ Menschel Hall on Thursday to share her views about immigrants’ rights. And she didn’t hold back.

    “I believe that the major civil rights issue of the 21st century is the issue of immigrant rights,” said Davis, distinguished professor emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz. “Not only in Europe or the United States, but everywhere — from South America to Africa and Australia.”

    But the struggle for immigrants’ rights has to be seen in a larger context of global migration, added Davis, a phenomenon that is bound to continue as vast groups of people flee war and destitution at home for better opportunities elsewhere.

    “We tend to see the struggles, but we often fail to see the larger context in which migration takes place, and the persistence of colonial frameworks during this post-colonial era,” said Davis, whose papers were recently acquired by the Schlesinger Library. “It’s important to recognize this as we engage in acts of opposition and activism.”

    Davis was guest speaker at a screening of “Asmarina,” an event co-sponsored by the DACA Seminar. The seminar has organized events highlighting immigrant issues such as the future of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an Obama-era executive action that shields young immigrants from deportation. President Trump has vowed to terminate the program, and this past weekend intensified his attacks, calling it “dead.”

  14. rikyrah says:

    Brutal headlines in Midwest papers on trade for @realDonaldTrump, including @qctimes: “Iowans got conned.” Asked about this today, Trump says this of farmers: “They understand that they are dong this for the country and we will make it up to them.“

  15. One of my facebook friends looks like Sade’s twin………

  16. rikyrah says:

    @facebook is full of shit. They know exactly how this ‘impacts’ elections. They’re putting on a show pretending to remedy their malfeasance yet are effectively doing nothing to cure it. They need to be regulated like a utility.

    — Andrew C Laufer, Esq (@lauferlaw) April 9, 2018

  17. rikyrah says:

    The ‘ Deep State’?

    If you don’t get the ENTIRE PHUCK OUTTA HERE!

  18. rikyrah says:

    Trump concedes his new economic plan may produce ‘a little pain’
    04/09/18 10:40 AM—UPDATED 04/09/18 12:12 PM
    By Steve Benen

    As a rule, Donald Trump likes to pretend that every aspect of his presidential agenda is working flawlessly, to the historic benefit of all Americans. It therefore came as a bit of a surprise the other day when the president conceded during a radio interview that his controversial trade policies may lead to “a little pain” for the domestic economy.

    “I’m not saying there won’t be a little pain, but the market has gone up 40 percent, 42 percent so we might lose a little bit of it. But we’re going to have a much stronger country when we’re finished.

    “So we may take a hit and you know what, ultimately we’re going to be much stronger for it,” Trump said.

    At the risk of sounding picky, the market has not gone up 40% or 42%. Since Trump’s inauguration, as of late last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen about 20%. That’s not bad, of course, but (a) Trump shouldn’t double the market’s performance just because he feels like it; and (b) market growth under this president ranks Trump below H.W. Bush, Clinton, Obama, Reagan, and FDR at comparable periods in their presidencies.

    The more relevant point, however, is Trump’s belief that he’ll cause “a little pain” for the American economy now, taking a “hit” in the short-term, but the steps he’s taking will pay off for us in the long-term. At first blush, that’s not necessarily crazy: this president may be obsessed with instant gratification and impulsive antics, but if Trump had a real, credible plan to impose economic punishments now in order to help the country down the road, that could, theoretically, be a responsible, albeit uncharacteristic, move.

  19. rikyrah says:


    1/ It’s no coincidence when Ru oligarch sanctions were announced, Trump repeated his intention to withdraw US from Syria. This is Trump’s gift to Putin. The 1991 USSR collapse caused Russia to lose waterways, coastlines & ports, in short—the power of the Russian navy.

    — Sarah Smith (@SLSmith000) April 8, 2018

  20. rikyrah says:

    KillerMike thought he was coming for Joy Ann Reid.

    As the saying goes..
    Don’t come for Joy if she didn’t ask you.


    Respectfully, Mike, NRA TV is not the equivalent of MSNBC, or CNN, or CBS, etc. It’s not a news network. It’s a video outlet for the NRA, designed to push their propaganda, and it’s propaganda that is demonstrably hostile to people who look like you and me.

    — Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) March 26, 2018

    You’re a known quantity to those of us who are political media people, due to your work on the campaign. If you wanted to air your views there are plenty of news outlets including mine who would gladly have you on. The NRA wanted you on tape to use it exactly the way they did.

    — Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) March 26, 2018

    • rikyrah says:

      Don’t come for Joy Reid if she didn’t send for you.

      Killer Mike learned that today.


      — Nerdy Wonka (@NerdyWonka) April 8, 2018

      65Bobfr (@Our4thEstate)
      April 8, 2018 at 6:27 pm
      Joy Ann Reid to Killer Mike: a story in one gif.

      — LadyPolitik (@Ladypolitik) April 8, 2018

  21. rikyrah says:

    A sitting President can be indicted and prosecuted for any crime outside the scope of his official duties as POTUS just like anyone else. The legal burden is upon those who say he can’t.

    — Andrew C Laufer, Esq (@lauferlaw) April 8, 2018

  22. rikyrah says:

    Let’s talk about this.
    Let’s punch it all thru.
    This mafia – the one that owns our POTUS, traffics in human beings. Women & children. That’s why dotard rants about rapists. Because he launders their money. (cont) /1

    — Lincoln’s Bible (@LincolnsBible) April 8, 2018

  23. rikyrah says:

    Mulvaney gave big pay bumps to his political hires at CFPB: 4 are making $259,500, and one is making $239,595; that’s more than salaries of members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, & nearly all federal judges apart from those on the Supreme Court

    — Catherine Rampell (@crampell) April 9, 2018

  24. rikyrah says:

    Plan to dismantle Puerto Rico’s statistics agency gets green light <– in line with other US government attacks on research and accurate data, but particularly alarming given the post-hurricane humanitarian crisis— Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) 9 April 2018

  25. Rikyrah, they are demons walking among us, sent from hell to torment us.

    • Liza says:

      The median age in Gaza is 18, so children are half the population. I guess in Gaza you are born guilty of something. Just being Palestinian is apparently a crime.

  26. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone 😄😄😄

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