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Richard Smallwood (born 30 November 1948 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American Gospel musicartist who formed The Richard Smallwood Singers in 1977 in Washington, DC.

Richard graduated cum laude from Howard University with degrees in both vocal performance and piano, in addition to graduate work in the field of ethnomusicology. Smallwood was a member of The Celestials, the first gospel group on Howard University’s campus. That group was the first gospel act to appear at Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival. Richard was also a founding member of Howard’s first gospel choir.

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  1. Liza says:

    Good to see these kids having some fun…

  2. Liza says:

    So this bridge is 55 kilometers (34 miles) long. Quite an achievement.


  3. I seasoned the pork roast with salt, pepper, meat tenderizer and marinated it in zesty Italian dressing and talk about so delicious. Yowza!

  4. vitaminlover says:

    He is Risen! He is Risen! And He lives forever moooooorre! He is Risen! He is Risen! Come on and celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord!

  5. Liza says:

    Happy Easter, Chicas and Everyone,

    I remember how we always sang Regina Caeli at Easter Sunday mass. I have never been able to find a version on YouTube that is like the one we sang. All I can find are these Gregorian chants, but our version was quite lively. I don’t where it came from, but no one else sings it that way apparently.

    • Liza says:

      And when we finally get rid of the scum, the DOJ will have to be rebuilt. And that will take time. Precious time that we don’t really have. It’s a whole hell of a lot easier to destruct than to build, and that applies to everything Trump is destroying.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Kevonstage made it to the Food Network


  7. rikyrah says:

    Happy Easter 🙌🐏

  8. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😄😄😄

  9. Happy Easter, everyone!

    We’re going to my daughter’s house for a backyard barbeque. Ribs, sausage, steaks, pork roast, potato salad, green beans, pasta salad, baked beans, corn on the cob & dr pepper.

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