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Happy Monday, Everyone. I’ve been out of the news & noise loop, lately. Working on major summer projects at work, on the road, and at home.


This CLOWN right here…

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  1. Let your voice be heard! Make the call! (855) 999-1663 #SaveSCOTUS

  2. eliihass says:


    Can the media please stop with this endless use of the honorific ‘president’ with a treasonous buffoon..

    This firming up, enabling and legitimizing of brazenly treasonous insanity.. is a huge mockery of our democracy and a huge part of the normalizing on what is an assault on our country by a hostile foreign adversary..

  3. eliihass says:

    As if pretending that a right-wing, federalist-owned puppet will pass as ‘humane’, just by stealing and invoking the humane aspects of the DC appeals court Chief Judge he works under —
    Merrick Garland and his well-known dedicated community volunteering and tutoring of underserved D.C kids..

    As if name-dropping Elena Kagan will remove doubts – even though Harvard has been hiring all manner of right-wingers in forever.. And Elena Kagan was never really a bleeding heart liberal..

    Just the shameless beholden and groveling right off the bat, to a treasonous buffoon …all while attempting to dog-whistle to every right-wing demographic …Texans, Catholics, etc. should make everyone shake their heads in disgust..

    How is this unimpressive, beholden puppet who previously worked in what was before now, the most inhumane, racist and unethical White House —How is this thing in what is another objectionable illegitimate grab at yet one more SCOTUS seat, to be seen as independent-minded..

    He sounds like Jared Kushner – in slightly more ghoulish, middle-Americana, step-fordish form..

    But same weird, empty, pretend-human, arrested development vibe.. playing happy family..

    In the end what we see so clearly now, is that greed and ambition – even when one is undeserving, trumps integrity, honor, and doing the right thing..

    In the family and world I was raised, this man as Gorsuch before him, would be automatically disqualified..

    If only for their brazen lack of honor and integrity..

    The idea that they both shamelessly and greedily made a grab for a seat that rightfully belongs to another Jurist, one who is both their superior – Merrick Garland – tells you all you need to know about them..

    Once upon a time, in civilized society, honorable men and women would have declined – insisting that the seat go to its rightful owner …Merrick Garland..

    That is the truest measure of honor and integrity..

    And WTF …

    We now have Bush jr. hailing and legitimizing a treasonous buffoon just so long as the SCOTUS firms up right-wing..

    I keep telling you fam, beware these right-wing NeverTreadonousbuffoon types, because when it comes down to it, they all swing rightwing.. true to form..

    They might hate the buffoon for their own personal reasons, but we are not ultimately on the same team..

  4. #Kavanaugh or any Supreme Court nominee should NOT be confirmed until the Russia investigation is complete

  5. eliihass says:

    Hello fam… Hope everyone had a peaceful, reflective time off to contemplate the brazen hostile take-over and public strangulation of our democracy and already seriously frayed fragile union …all playing out for the world to see …and enabled, largely choreographed and financed by, and courtesy of some of America’s most hostile foreign adversaries..

    Our media and Kompromat-compromised, greedy, desperately hollow, lily-livered, racist GOP ‘electeds’ continue to wittingly aid and abet a treasonous buffoon.. as if our democracy was all really just for shits, giggles and rubles..

    They not only actively help shape, frame, prioritize, advance, push and legitimize the Vlad-backed arguments/position of a treasonous buffoon…and said buffoon by extension …they also exclusively blur out all else ..and push a singular narrative each time – to the exclusion of all else.. One has to turn to foreign media like BBC these days, to even realize that there’s other stuff going on in the world… Even though the BBC is increasingly becoming infected too, by a similar disease afflicting our media …thanks to the white-supremacist, right-leaning, xenophobic sentiments fast seeping and taking hold, and increasingly shaping and framing most narratives …with the likes of Mika and Joe Scarborough pal Katty Kay, helping to further muddy-up things..

    A devastating 2nd illegitimate SCOTUS federalist puppet that should not be, is now being essentially force-fed the citizenry …with the illegal ‘process’ turned into a ‘normalized’ glossy ratings bonanza, and weird, gleeful media acquiescence .. and more importantly, the effusive validation and elevation of a corrupt, immoral, vacuous, preening, attention-craving/grabbing, self-serving narcissistic, sociopathic Russian asset and treasonous megalomaniac buffoon currently under investigation for conspiring with a hostile foreign entity..

    The media has been on this bandwagon, even as they manage to at once gleefully declare that Dems have no way of stopping it, while with a straight face, accusing Dems of not doing or having what it takes to stop it.. with show panels shaped and led and made up entirely of the likes of Dershowitz, Giuliani, Scarborough, Smerconish, and every single duplicitous complicit, doing their bit, and playing this endlessly brazen and dangerous gaslighting game..

    With FOX ‘news’ and its messaging apparatus of course, now fully entrenched in the People’s House via Bill Shine.. with nary a whimper from the pathetic purveyors and practitioners of all manner of embarrassingly shameless 3rd rate access-stenography.. masquerading as the fourth estate and pretending to practice ‘journalism’..

    Our media is wholly owned, controlled and directed by the same greedy, self-serving, complicit oligarchs who’ve sponsored, gleefully enabled and who continue to protect and allow this insanity and dangerous permanent stain on our democracy to continue unabated.. because they can, and because they shape the narrative and intoxicatingly control the who, what, when and how..

    You often wonder how in a supposedly intellectually and technologically ‘superior’ country and long-formed democracy like ours, our ‘news’ networks are somehow entirely populated by bought and owned, mealy-mouthed, air-head, beholden mediocrity ..with some even managing to headline 2 or more multi-hour shows each day.. Sometimes you wonder who these beholden vacant nobodies are, and how it all came to be that they got these prime gigs that shape what Americans get to hear, and how Americans process the most important aspects of our democracy..

    It’s all first and foremost, a dumb white supremacist wet dream playing out even more swiftly than they could have imagined, fam …with the pocket-lining, money-making, power-asserting/power-consolidating puppetry game a huge bonus and thrill for them all.. the users and the useful idiots who do their bidding ..

    America, our union and democracy be damned..

    But, I still hold out hope.. sooner or later, something will have to give.. it must..

    And as instructive as all this has been, there will be much damage, and there will have to be extensive rebuilding and repairing of our democracy and country to be done in the aftermath …

    Hopefully, we do not let the same opportunists – or their hand-picked successors, or the newly cast new generation hustlers looking to come up – in their variously ‘new and updated’ ‘incarnations’, hijack the rebuilding..

  6. rikyrah says:

    Why Black People Never Want To Teach Spades

  7. vitaminlover says:

    Cool article! I am a romantic so when they wrote about T’Challa loving Nakia to distraction I loved it!

  8. rikyrah says:

    View host says that group of ‘youths’ stood outside her vacation home and yellef N***ER at her family.
    She didn’t name the place, but I am thinking either Oak Bluffs or Sag Harbor.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) Tweeted:
    Members of the Royal Family arrive at St James’s Palace for the christening of Prince Louis.

  10. rikyrah says:

    non-White citizen and daughter challenged by Border Agents 😠😠

  11. rikyrah says:

    Racist, bigoted, sexist Deputy DA Michael Selyem MUST be fired after his vulgar death threat against Congresswoman Maxine Waters. He is incapable of administering unbiased & impartial justice.


    And this man is expected to give equal and fair justice to all? To women? To communities of color? That’s impossible. Any man who not only thinks like that, but is bold enough to share it publicly, is a danger to us all.

    He should’ve been fired immediately! PERIOD.

    No man who thinks and speaks like this needs to be a prosecutor of justice in this country.

    So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to let the DA’s office know how we feel.

    Call them now @: (909) 382–3800 & (909) 382–7755.
    Ask to speak to a supervisor or HR or a manager. And let them know, in your own words, how you feel about this. Leave a voice mail message if you have to, but try to speak to an actual person. Be courteous, but be clear about how you feel.

    2. Email current District Attorney Mike Ramos @ and let him know how you feel.

    3. Email the new incoming District Attorney Jason Anderson by filling out this form. His motto when he ran for office was “public safety, not politics.” Let’s hold him to that.

    4. Email Chief Deputy District Attorney Julie Peterson @ and let her know how you feel.

  12. rikyrah says:

    Who Gets Permission to Be Angry in America?
    by Nancy LeTourneau
    July 2, 2018
    The election was followed by an obsession among reporters, pundits, and political scientists attempting to document just what it was that Trump supporters were so angry about. No one can dispute the fact that the train Donald Trump rode to victory was one of tapping into white male anxiety. Democrats have been lectured constantly about the need to empathize with their anger.

    As we head into the 2018 midterms, it’s Democrats—more of whom are women and people of color—that are anxious and afraid of what is happening to this country under the Trump administration. All of the sudden we’re hearing lectures on civility and warnings about how anger is divisive. Here’s Michael Scherer on that:

    Growing liberal agitation over a pivotal Supreme Court retirement and a simmering crisis about immigrant child separation have left Democratic leaders scrambling to keep the political outrage they’d counted on to fuel midterm election wins from becoming a liability for the party.

    That raises an obvious question: who gets permission to be angry in America? Rebecca Traister answered with an article titled: “The Summer of Rage.”

    White men are at the center, our normative citizen, despite being only around a third of the nation’s population. Their outsize power is measurable by the fact that they still — nearly 140 years after the passage of the 15th Amendment, not quite 100 years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, and more than 50 years after the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts — hold roughly two-thirds of elected offices in federal, state, and local legislatures. We have had 92 presidents and vice-presidents. One-hundred percent of them have been men, and more than 99 percent white men.

    But it’s not just in the numbers; it’s also in the quotidian realities of living in this country. The suffocating power of our minority rule is evidenced by the fact that we’re always busy worrying about the humanity — the comfort and the dignity — of white men, at the same time discouraging disruptive challenge to their authority.

    I am reminded of something Adam Serwer wrote recently.

    An era in which Americans are supposedly exhausted with political correctness is thus defined by the acute political sensitivities and persecution complexes of white voters who object if things they do and say are described as racist, even as the bodies pile up in the background.

    Contrasting the demands to do away with “political correctness” with the recent calls for civility underscores the point.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Trump Is Committing An Act of State Terror Against Migrant Families
    by David Atkins
    July 7, 2018

    It has now become apparent that our federal government has perhaps irrevocably destroyed the families of hundreds of asylum seekers by ripping children from their parents, then destroying the records of which children belong to which parents, and losing track in many cases both of the parents and the children involved.

    The children were kept in often horrific conditions–one child was apparently unbathed for 85 days and infested with lice, while others were bound to chairs naked in cold cells–as their parents were unceremoniously shipped away with no knowledge of where their children were or when, if ever, they would see them again. In some cases Trump administration cronies like Betsy Devos with conservative religious adoption businesses and organizations have been profiting by housing the stolen children. As the Trump administration, facing withering public condemnation and judicial demands, begins to comply with court orders to reunite the families, it’s not clear at this point that they’re capable of complying in many cases even if they wanted to.

    Worse, these horrors are not born of incompetence or even mere callous insouciance. They are an intentional act of political terror by our government, perpetrated against some of the most vulnerable and desperate people in the world for purely racist reasons.

    “Terror” is a strong word to use, and some might consider it a provocation. But I use it in the most profound and deliberate seriousness.

  14. rikyrah says:

    BY ERIK LOOMIS / ON JULY 9, 2018 / AT 8:04 AM /


    “…These are people are now behind the times. There is no room for old-school centrist Democrats in setting the policy agenda anymore. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. That doesn’t mean a primary challenge to Tammy Duckworth is in order or anything–she did her centrist party mission by dismissing AOC but she’s been a perfectly fine vote so far. She will learn in the next 5 years. The only road ahead for the Democrats is as an anti-fascist party with a bold agenda that combines racial, economic, and gendered justice. For those who fret about that, understand that actual fascism is descending upon America, that the Supreme Court is in the first of a multi-year process that will likely repeal a century of progressive law, and that the future of democracy in this nation is in doubt. There is no room for mealy-mouthed DLC compromise any longer, if there ever really was. It makes about as much sense today as centrist politics did as the fascists took power in Europe…”

  15. rikyrah says:

    But, it was gonna be CRIMINALS, REMEMBER?

    Miami grandma targeted as U.S. takes aim at naturalized immigrants with prior offenses
    July 09, 2018 08:35 AM

    Updated 1 hour 28 minutes ago

    The United States government has long reserved its power to revoke citizenship for the rarest of cases, going after the likes of war criminals, child rapists and terrorist funders.

    Norma Borgono is none of those. The 63-year-old secretary who immigrated from Peru in 1989 volunteers weekly at church, raised two children on a $500-a-week salary and suffers from a rare kidney disorder. But a week after her baby granddaughter came home from the hospital, Borgono received a letter from the U.S. government: The Department of Justice was suing to “denaturalize” her as part of an unprecedented push by the Trump administration to revoke citizenship from people who committed criminal offenses before they became citizens.

    “I don’t know what’s going to happen if she goes to Peru,” said her daughter, Urpi Ríos. “We have nothing there.”

    Borgono, a Miami resident for 28 years, is being targeted based on her minor role in a $24 million fraud scheme in the previous decade. As the secretary of an export company called Texon Inc., she prepared paperwork for her boss, who pocketed money from doctored loan applications filed with the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

    When the feds caught wind of the scheme, Borgono cooperated. The secretary never made any money beyond her regular salary and helped the FBI make a case that put her former boss behind bars for four years. On May 17, 2012, Borgono took a plea deal and was sentenced to one year of house arrest, four years of probation and $5,000 of restitution.

    Working two jobs, she paid off her restitution and was relieved of her sentence early. Two years after she put it all behind her, Borgono received the letter notifying her that the U.S. government wanted to take away her citizenship.

  16. rikyrah says:

    StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) Tweeted:
    This is CRAZY! Watch as the white officer ignores this woman begging him to protect her from this racist! This man is literally in her face and the officer does absolutely nothing as she pleads to be protected.


  17. rikyrah says:

    The Brookings Institution looked at all of the counties that have jobs in industries China is targeting with tariffs, and broke them out by 2016 election votes.

    Nearly 2/3 of the jobs targeted by China’s tariffs are in counties that voted for Trump.— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 9, 2018

  18. Why don’t she go sit down somewhere and stfu? 7 people have accused Jim Jordan of ignoring the abuse and he has admitted he heard about the abuse as *locker room talk*

  19. rikyrah says:

    you might want to sit down before you read this 1792 Hamilton quote.

    — John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) July 8, 2018

  20. Ametia says:

    Word of the Day : July 9, 2018

    verb transs-MAH-gruh-fye

    Definition : to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect

    • majiir says:

      I’m loving your ‘Word of the Day” contributions, Ametia. Please keep ’em coming. Thanks!

  21. rikyrah says:

    Robert Peston @ Peston
    I am told Downing Street “spiked” @BorisJohnson – that is they announced he was quitting BEFORE he actually finished writing his resignation letter. This is getting very brutal

    • Ametia says:

      HA HA HA HA

    • majiir says:

      It’s too bad wifey Elaine Chao wasn’t there to yell at the protestors to, “Leave my husband alone!!!” the way she did a few weeks ago. This should happen to her and Mitch everywhere they go. Ginny Thomas should be the next public target for ridicule because there’s absolutely no reason for defending the indefensible. Jim Jordan knows the team doctor was sexually harassing and abusing those wrestlers because when the first wrestler went to the media about it, he recalled having a conversation with Jordan about it in which Jordan told him if the doctor tried anything with him, he’d knock him out.

  22. And they’re sending in a one year old, who is still sucking a bottle to see an immigration judge. What is this? The Twilight Zone?

  23. rikyrah says:

    Competitive Cheerleader and team USA Gymnast Angel Rice most known for breaking Guinness World record for the most double full twists, gets 1st place in Regionals in Daytona Beach. Yass Angel you are the queen of tumbling 👑👸🏾🙌🏾.

    — Atlanta Black Star (@ATLBlackStar) June 28, 2018

  24. rikyrah says:

    Hillary Clinton testified to the House Benghazi Committee in public for 11 hours and @realDonaldTrump won’t even sit with the special counsel for a minute. Now, why is that?

    — Evan McMullin (@Evan_McMullin) July 7, 2018

  25. rikyrah says:

    David Davis, Britain’s Brexit minister, has resigned. Steve Baker, Britain’s junior Brexit minister, has also resigned.

    — Patrick (@TrickFreee) July 8, 2018

    America. Yours wasn’t the only election gamed. Same players. Same companies. Same data. Same Facebook. Same Russians.

    — Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) July 9, 2018

  26. rikyrah says:

    URGENT #CallToAction:

    Brian Benczkowski is the most dangerous Trump nomination you’ve never heard of.

    Trump’s nomination of Benczkowski to head DOJ’s criminal division could devastate Mueller’s probe if Rs manage to dump Rosenstein.

    Vote is this week.

    — The Loyal Opposition (@TheLoyalO) July 8, 2018

    • Ametia says:

      WOW! That smack down must of brought this lady out of the 1800S back into the 21st century

      • majiir says:

        What some white racists don’t seem to understand is that not every POC will put up with their BS. I hope this woman finally learned that lesson after she got up off of the floor after getting knocked out.

  27. rikyrah says:

    This is an act of war. An innocent person is dead. HMG should shut all Russian diplomatic missions in the UK and purge dirty Russian money from the City ASAP — or more Britons will die.

    — John Schindler (@20committee) July 8, 2018

    Wait. The trolls/far-right Putinists said no one dying from novichok was proof it was British false flag op?

    Oh right. They are bullshit; novichok is a deadly nerve agent that The Kremlin is littering around bc no one makes their behavior cost enough.

    — Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew) July 8, 2018

  28. rikyrah says:

    A response to the whiners about how the left is being ‘ mean ‘ to the Dolt45 folks.


    Why does the far left have so much trouble speaking courteously with, and debating hot political topics, with the far right?
    Chris Joosse


    Oh, it’s courtesy you want?


    It’s a bit late for that. Not only has the far right engaged in and valorized disrespectful political discourse for many years, it has of late openly called for political violence, to the roar of cheering crowds. It has also not just embraced Nazis, it has nominated them to represent its party. It has howled at imagined disrespect when a football player takes a knee, after having engaged in the better part of a decade’s worth of promoting false and odious claims about a president it loathed. If you wanted courtesy, the bridge at your back is still on fire, much of it still glowing white-hot.


    [I]t was never about ‘civility’, and it’s not now.

    Instead, you’re demanding consent, for behavior your critics don’t want to consent to. You’re demanding silence in the face of what others see as objectionable behavior. You want your agenda to see no pushback, no protest, no objections. Tacit endorsement. Validation.

    Well, you’re not going to get any of those things. What you’re getting, instead, is the same sort of behavior you’ve engaged in for the better part of a decade. You’re now going to reap the whirlwind. You’ve taught liberals that silence means consent, and you withheld yours (and your civility) for years. Welcome to the new normal, now that liberals have decided to stop turning the other cheek and to emulate your own behaviors.

  29. rikyrah says:

    The Executive Branch of the United States of America is full of assets of a hostile foreign country.

    Traitors ALL 😬 😬

  30. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄 😄

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