Sunday Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

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  1. Ametia says:
    • Ametia says:


      This child was fortunate she was gunned down & killed like Tamir Rice.

      BTW, Dylan Roof gets taken to BURGER KING after KILLING 9 PEOPLE in their church!

    • Ametia says:

      Ohio has some filthy, dirty cops. And to that black cop, he’s been indoctrinated into that club of BLACK self-loathing to fit in with the racist justice system.

      He TASED an 11 year old girl for stealing $50 from fucking grocery store. No training, no compassion or understanding of the situation, just trained to attack, and then that racist ass comment about blacks not having grocery stores in their neighborhoods.


  2. Ametia says:

    CNN Political Panel Ignores Elephant In The Room While Claiming Republicans Can Run On The Economy
    By Heather

  3. Ametia says:


  4. Ametia says:

    LMBAO- Omarosa on PBO’s speech at U of Illinois

    “It’s refreshing to hear a President who can speak with subject-verb agreement.”


  5. Ametia says:

    Memo to Woodward:


  6. Ametia says:

    Hey 45! COME.AT.PBO .BRO

    • eliihass says:

      ‘Screaming’… ‘hollering’..

      It is these seemingly harmless, fleeting descriptors of black women… a black wife – as hubby is busy promoting, positively casting and selling himself… to an audience of white men …compete strangers no less… supremely entitled, bias-filled white men who’ll probably never get a chance to actually get to really know or actually interact with his black wife …or care to, or feel a need to; to ever put stuff in proper context, if they indeed ever really honestly wanted to..

      It is also those ‘jokes’ by black men like Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and all the other nameless ones.. that quickly stick, lay the foundation for, and become the primary source of ‘witty’ negative characterization, stinging insults and assaults on black women ..especially for folk looking for verbal expressions and manifestation of their long-held biases and hostilities.. it is the basis for that hardened, hateful, negative mindset that pummels and drags a young black woman naked on the floor of a fast food place by armed police, and kills a young black woman minding her own business, but profile-stopped for a manufactured traffic infraction …and hauled away to her death, for having the nerve to smoke in her own car…

      It is that societal truism where even black men are quick to coddle, protect, defend, excuse, absolve, play chivalry to, and run interference on behalf of women of every other race …while fully-black women are consistently thrown under the bus and left to fend and fight for themselves.. and their right to respect …and to even exist, in a hostile society that has them permanently consigned to the bottom wrung and cast as ‘undesirable’, and will snuff them out given the chance..

      It is that unwitting casual validation of those incredibly harmful stereotypes …and flippant, offhand remarks that are frequently and subsequently trumped up, maliciously exploited, and (mis)construed as justification, and even permission by these white men… with their already baked-in biases, hostilities and resentments …to hide behind said stereotypes to preemptively and subsequently disrespect and strangle black women..

      It was already obvious from the opening statement and unnecessary invoking of her by the editor about her ‘speaking her mind’ – code for every negative black woman stereotype – that these are those white men … that they were only looking for more ‘angry black woman’ fodder – and gleeful to get one from a source considered ‘intimately firsthand’, to not only crucify her with, but to justify their hardened, outrightly cruel and never-ending high-handed mistreatment of her..

      She is after all in their mind, no delicate flower.. even by her own husband’s account.. And unlike imported Eastern European Birther courtesans turned 3rd wives, the long-suffering black wife gets no pity, no understanding, no protection, no benefit of the doubt, no coddling, no mulligans, no do-overs, no passes, no good-faith projections, no rehabilitation and certainly, no fluffing-up and glossing over – courtesy of everyone – including media folks like Frank Bruni et al.. who gaslight with protective ‘think-pieces’ casting the complicit as ‘victim’ on their way to assured ‘greatness’..

      And this particular black woman who remained true to herself and was never beholden, groveled or white-washed, not only never deserved any kid-gloving, chivalry or protection, but in their mind and telling, had it coming …every attack, disrespect and insult meted out to her… all has in fact been seen as justified.. and asked for, as far as they are concerned – Including being cursed out by her own husband’s WH press secretary.. and the mind-boggingly negative and personally demeaning, disrespectful and hostile treatment of her in the hit-pieces/unauthorized presidential bio by the ‘professor’ who’s never ever met her, but who claims authority, and insists he had audience with hubby-subject to review said book.. etc.. It is probably why in the end, hubby might have been the candidate and principal of the campaign in 2008, but somehow, even after her tireless effort on the campaign trail in 2016, there’s still such resentment of her, and grudges are still being held specifically against her, by the very same PUMAs who now actually tout and swoon over her candidate-hubby..

      It is why there are those quick to cast her in negative light, see her through this preset negative prism, and project on her as they do most fully-black women, every negative narrative …even in glaring instances where with cameras focused on her, the rest of us are witness to nothing but a genuine, intrinsic decency, positivity, and incredibly admirable stoicism and selflessness – even in the face of untold and never-ending dehumanization..

      (p.s: She sang every hymn and had her hand over her heart!)

      But until one becomes the target de jour, as we’ve seen in recent days, the lesson of the historic first black FLOTUS – that most visible metaphor for black women for this time, that’s been playing out right before our eyes for 10 years… is completely lost on most folk- …Because folks have for all intents and purposes, mostly turned a blind eye.. because she’s ‘strong’… she ‘can take it’.. she’s from the ‘South-side’.. the usual cop-out refrain by even women who are quick to go to bat for her husband – a man… And so all by herself, she stoically withstands the insults, the endless assault, the attacks rooted in and justified by the baseless negative stereotypes of black women … Because that’s how fully-black women ..proud black women, in the absence of defense, protection, chivalry …learn to cope, survive, hold their head high in this god-forsaken society..

      And at some point, black men will hopefully get a clue.. learn to stop helping to feed the negative angry black woman stereotypes – and by extension, emboldening and empowering the endless disrespect, demeaning, dehumanization, abuse of, attacks on, and the killing of black girls and women..

  7. Ametia says:


    I think if some of them think he’s not all there mentally, then they start to crumble… ,

    Really? It only proves that these racist, angry, ignorant, shallow folks who voted for & support him fit the SAME profile of the symptoms listed for SENILITY.


  8. Ametia says:

    Ben Sasse & Jeff Flake need to just go somewhere, sit down and shut up.


  9. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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