Sunday Open Thread

Have a Blessed Sunday, Everyone.

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  1. eliihass says:

    Oh, poor, poor, done in Kavanaugh …he was just a ‘kid’ …and it was ‘over 30 years ago’..

    But Trayvon Martin was ‘a man’ … Mike Brown too..

    The media even took to addressing both teenage boys posthumously as ‘Mr’..

    The little 14 year old black girl man-handled by cops at a pool … she was ‘a woman’..

    And same media that routinely and automatically infantilizes every white murderer – in their warped, psy-ops bid to preemptively ‘humanize’ them for the viewing audience’s consumption, …cast them in sympathetic light.. so Americans as a whole, don’t see them as murders, but ‘victims’ done in..

    The 24 year old video game killer in Florida ‘suffered mental illness’ and had ‘emotional issues’ and ‘poor kid was on 2 antidepressants’ stemming from his ‘parents’ divorce’ …

    The 20 year old Sandy Hook killer was also ‘a sweet kid; introverted and emotionally disturbed’ …stemming from his parents’ divorce too..

    And on, and on and on.. the sob stories and benefit of the doubt never ever offered up on behalf of black kids …who are actual kids… And usually the actual victims …murder victims in the story..

    To hear most tell it to this day, every single one of those black kids murdered, ‘had it coming’..

    As the media (starting with the slimy alt-right, mealy-mouthed, faux-outrage Joe Scarborough, Mika …that plagiarizer Mike Barnicle, and that wish-washy say anything depending on the day and the script and part Scarborough has her playing …the Ted Cruz acolyte Elise Jordan) now tries to downplay the seriousness by insidiously and deliberately trying to muddy up the Kavanaugh rape story, by stressing over and over again how it’s ‘long ago’ … how he ‘was a kid’, ‘high school’ …’over 30 years ago’ … let’s not let them trivialize or pooh-pooh this serious matter… Let’s not let them help get Kavanaugh off the hook..

    How many ‘decent boys’ were attempting rape in high school…

    And how many perverted teenage sociopaths – only child, born into privilege – have not over time finessed their perversion and sociopathy …growing into faux-christian, selectively overly-churchious, creepy, dead-eyed, debt-ridden, entitled, slippery, soulless imitations of human beings… with their arrested development hard to miss.. and the overcompensation and the suspiciously overzealous attempt at covering up serious perversions and a more than unseemly semi-alter-ego-ish seedy double life..

    We called it fam..

    We knew something was up …

    Calling on the few actual serious investigative journalists… keep digging.. there’s still a whole lot more yet to be uncovered …starting with that obscene debt that miraculously disappeared overnight…

    This is a man with loads of not so kosher secrets …

    Secrets and lies..

    All perky and ‘excitable’ and cheeks all flushed, once the teen girls basketball group showed up…but nary an interaction or warm words with or for wifey.. who looked more stranger-stoic than anything ‘I’m here so I don’t get fined’.. white-power hand-signal flashing chick seemed to be more in touch and at ease around him …and acted the whole time like she was in charge …like she had more clout with him than wifey …and he even specifically mentioned her by name …in what was a more effusive shout-out than his own wife got..

    And his Momma …that’s another story …as is wont to happen with momma’s of only children …and those who raise sociopaths… she either fed the beast – or dysfunctionally always turned a blind eyes lives in denial..

    The sort that insists that ‘my Jimmy is a good, sweet boy’ … even after the neighbors catch him burning their cat alive.. after first tying it up and using a pen-knife to gorge its eyes and remove its claws.. And with the cat’s blood still all over his clothes..

    And there’s always, always the diversionary story and self-patting on the back…that which they never fail to impress themselves with …the contrived and faux-altruistic ‘benevolence’ to ‘poor inner city black kids’ … to gloss-over their own blatant dysfunction and serious issues .. And little Jimmy’s perversion..

  2. Liza says:

    Same thing going on in AZ. There’s a big smear campaign well underway against Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic candidate for Flake’s seat in the Senate.

  3. rikyrah says:

    One of my go-to happy channels on YouTube is a channel for a cat named Maru.😄
    I always wind up smiling after watching Maru videos.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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