Stacey Abrams: State of the Union Address

Georgia Congress Woman Stacey Abrams made history last night (FEBRUARY 5, 2019), being the first African American woman to deliver the SOTU Democratic address.


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14 Responses to Stacey Abrams: State of the Union Address

  1. vitaminlover says:

    She’s neato! I like her and that red looked nice on her.

  2. eliihass says:

    Now, here’s your in the very best sense, impressive and genuinely self-made black female politician who actually pulled herself up (politically and otherwise) by her own bootstraps – no patronage poobahs, no dubious fundraising and interference running by permanent sugar daddy/godfather/kingmaker types (crooked, unscrupulous or otherwise), and no clearing the field for her..

    She connects because she’s telling her authentic story and in her own words …and not massaged to multiple focus group tested preferences.. or un-originally, ripped straight from the Obamas’ bios, speeches, words, style, mimicked trajectory etc..

    And she’s not being hyped-up by a corterie of expensive PR and paid social media ‘influencer’ types.. Desperate to make her happen with unconvincing bursts of faux-excitement..

    They are instead now working overtime to quickly and permanently consign her to some bogus Senatorial/gubernatorial run in Georgia.. since they worry that she’d actually torpedo or pose a real threat to their over-hyped, over-rehearsed, fluffed-up, handpicked version of ‘black’ person and their handpicked’s chances on any presidential ticket.. She’s black, woman, Southerner who actually understands the political nuances of the racist south … and successfully rallied more than enough folks to the polls in a racist southern state – even against all odds what was really a huge win..

    Attorney, writer, HBCU – Spelman graduate, also graduate of LBJ School of Public Affairs & Yale Law School. First female leader of the State of Georgia General Assembly and first person of color to lead the Georgia State House of Representatives. Actual winner of 2016 Georgia Gubernatorial elections…

    The paid social media ‘influencers’ are out in force since her impressive SOTU rebuttal, all panicky and trying to tell folks alternately, that with this résumé, that she’s still not quite ready to be on a presidential ticket, and that she needs to be in the Senate first …and that the Senate is ‘more valuable’.. 🙄😂

    They fear that folks will see that Stacey actually better represents those ‘need to be checked’ boxes – after they’ve been running around demanding that any ticket must include a ‘woman of color’…in their bid to preemptively and specifically set up their largely manufactured candidate up for a guaranteed spot on any 2020 ticket …

    If the Senate is ‘more valuable’ as they now insist re: Stacey, why on earth are there so many Senators in the running for 2020 …including those who’ve only been in there for a minute.. Why aren’t they all focused instead on doing better in the Senate …and doing so much more with those so-called ‘valuable’ Senate seats that they already have (besides rehearsedly preening for the cameras at selective congressional committee hearings) – and even as they practically had even more deserving and other serious Democratic contenders practically strong-armed out of the Senate race fields for…

    • Ametia says:

      And there you have it! Thank you, eliihaas.

      I’m sitting back & watching all the democratic pols come out of the. Woodwork, especially white men.

      Personally, I vote for Stacey Abrams over anyone currently in the ring for a 2020 POTUS run.

      I’m not buying the she needs more time, etc., same was said about Barack Obama.

      Word is that Dems need a white man on the ticket to beat 45. Really?

      Just wait until the 45ers feel that burn from the tax cut scam.

      Meanwhile, I’m not impressed by some of the Dems, thus far.

      • eliihass says:

        Don’t mind them, Sis… As if Stacey is any less qualified than all the ridiculously propped-up wannabes now being hilariously touted, as the Dems’ ‘best hope’.. By the very same folks who engineered the 2016 disaster that ended up providing cover for a hostile foreign entity and their bought and paid for greedy, unscrupulous Americans to sweep right in, steal the elections and install a traitorous buffoonish puppet in the People’s House..

        Dems are heartbreakingly terrible at this whole politics thing.. And somehow end up picking some of the worst habits of repugs without the cajones to brazenly push through the media charade when stuff hits the fan..

        Now we have the bloody complicit media who’ve practically enabled, talked-up, fluffed-up, consistently run interference for and actively worked to legitimize a bloody treasonous 2-bit criminal with the IQ and vocabulary of a 3rd grader …all gleefully prioritizing in their ‘news’ line-up, and beating up on and tsk-tsking at stories about Virginia Dems’ racism and alleged sexual improprieties, Elizabeth Warren’s ‘American-Indian’ story etc.. even as they’ve turned a blind eye to the off-the-charts financial and moral bankruptcy of a brazen racist criminal pathological liar megalomaniac treasonous buffoon and his equally awful and soulless racist character-deficient pathological liar of an euro trash moll turned 3rd wife and Vlad employee – who lied about having a college degree, writing a plagiarized speech – amongst other blatant lies.. but who the media and others insist, completely deserving of sacred honorifics and all the perks, privileges and standing ovations ..

        Never mind also,Tom Barrack’s shenanigans etc.

    • rikyrah says:


  3. nedhamson says:

    Whoa! She is a winner from the word one! If not the next Senator from Georgia, maybe the best choice for a Vice Presidential candidate! Kamala and Stacey!

  4. TokyoSand says:

    I’m so delighted that she was given this platform, and that so many heard her speak about the importance of voting rights. For me, it is the key to a healthy, functioning democracy.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Stacey Abrams is the truth!!👏👏

  6. rikyrah says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love her👏👏👏😍

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