Tuesday Open Thread

I feel the need to REPOST this video as a thread.

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  7. Cory Booker is such a disgrace. That’s why he’s struck from my list. I have no patience for his a*ss kissing.

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  8. rikyrah says:


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  9. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh 😒😒

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  10. rikyrah says:

    I have the post about the Chicago Election all prepared. I’ll put it in the dashboard for tomorrow when I get home. I gotta admit…I was sort of calm, but, as it gets closer to the closing of the polls, I’m getting excited!


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  13. The disgraced bum in our Oval Office is afraid of the Mueller report being released. Boo, mofo! The public will see that report.

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    • vitaminlover says:

      Ummmmm. this buzzard needs to be captured and taken into custody too. He is a danger to our country and our security,


  14. This is part of a plan, folks

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  15. rikyrah says:

    Tammy B. (@tammyb17) Tweeted:
    The Democratic Coalition — Donate via ActBlue https://t.co/bz9BdYKfaB https://twitter.com/tammyb17/status/1112724486380494848?s=17


  16. rikyrah says:

    Olivia Messer 💀 (@OliviaMesser) Tweeted:
    BREAKING: 4 years after nine bikers were killed during a shootout in Waco, te DA has announced he will dismiss all criminal cases against the remaining 24 defendants charged in the melee. Nobody has been convicted in any of the related cases.

    https://t.co/kFIkVf0195 https://twitter.com/OliviaMesser/status/1113144294523777024?s=17


  17. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh 😒😒

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  18. rikyrah says:

    Tell it 👏 👏


  19. rikyrah says:

    Ari Berman (@AriBerman) Tweeted:
    Breaking: House Oversight Committee votes to subpoena AG Barr & Wilbur Ross for documents on origins of citizenship question on 2020 census. Ross falsely claimed DOJ requested question, when in fact he did, and lied that it was needed to enforce Voting Rights Act @OversightDems https://twitter.com/AriBerman/status/1113149546438254592?s=17

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  20. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh
    Uh huh😒😒🙄🙄

    Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) Tweeted:
    Discussing Trump lashing out at Puerto Ricans and complaining they’ve received too much money, White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley twice refers to Puerto Rico as “that country” https://t.co/GbzhWOniYU https://twitter.com/justinbaragona/status/1113086478396088322?s=17


  21. rikyrah says:

    Congress seeks White House security clearance scandal testimony
    Rachel Maddow rounds up some of the reported security concerns about Jared Kushner and other members of the executive branch, and looks at how whistleblower accusations of “grave and continuing failures of the White House security clearance system” have drawn the scrutiny of the House Oversight Committee.


  22. rikyrah says:

    Barr redactions of Mueller grand jury material contested in court
    Katie Townsend, legal director for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, talks with Rachel Maddow about the legal effort to override any redactions by William Barr of grand jury material in Robert Mueller’s report.

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  23. rikyrah says:

    Mystery case may play role in release of Mueller grand jury info
    Rachel Maddow reports on the latest developments in the case of an unnamed company that is resisting a Robert Mueller subpoena, and explains the connection between that case and push for the release of the grand jury material in the Robert Mueller report.


  24. rikyrah says:

    Protests planned if Barr fails to meet deadline on Mueller report
    Rachel Maddow reports exclusively that the Trump Is Not Above The Law coalition is planning nationwide protests if A.G. William Barr fails to turn over the Robert Mueller report by the deadline set by Rep. Nadler and fails to respond to a subpoena for the report.


  25. rikyrah says:


    Saeed Jones (@theferocity) Tweeted:
    Just taped an interview with Marsai Martin and Regina Hall. On Wednesday, I’m sitting down with Serena Williams. Feels like I’m checking off cosmic boxes so let me just put it out here: I very much would like to interview Viola Davis. Thank you. https://twitter.com/theferocity/status/1112819076685094913?s=17


  26. rikyrah says:


    chris evans (@notcapnamerica) Tweeted:
    99% of Kamala Harris’ donors are able to donate to her again.

    You guys can continue underestimating her while you lick the balls of the white male candidates.

    But she’s playing chess while others are playing chutes and ladders. https://t.co/WI3QQTrqqE https://twitter.com/notcapnamerica/status/1112931397017186307?s=17

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  27. rikyrah says:

    No lie told 😒😒😒

    Adam Serwer🍝 (@AdamSerwer) Tweeted:
    The president believes white farmers in the midwest are true Americans and therefore entitled to aid, and Puerto Ricans are not. It’s not more complicated than that. https://t.co/kUBq45pqcR https://twitter.com/AdamSerwer/status/1113092040533991426?s=17

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  28. rikyrah says:


    Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) Tweeted:
    Me properly calling out poor behavior in a Dem candidate does not mean:

    ✔️I’m eating my own
    ✔️I’m the reason Trump won
    ✔️I’ve just ensured another Trump win or
    ✔️I’m too hard on Dems

    Frankly, trying to silence my opinions or supporting someone who does makes you look suspect. https://twitter.com/girlsreallyrule/status/1112030481124638721?s=17


  29. rikyrah says:

    But, I can still have standards for myself. It is a primary. This is what vetting is for😒


  30. rikyrah says:

    Subpoena all these muthaphuckas 😠

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  31. rikyrah says:

    Amene (@Ange_Amene) Tweeted:
    What folks fail to understand is Kamala Harris could have kept her ass in CA and raised $12 million in no time.

    Just like every other Democrat that comes to this state only to raise money.

    Instead she went out of state and impressed Democrats from across the country. https://twitter.com/Ange_Amene/status/1112928490246946816?s=17


  32. rikyrah says:

    Hercules Mulligan (@johnvmoore) Tweeted:
    Black woman raises $5 million more than white dude and white dude gets the praise. https://t.co/vjIoGkzjuB https://twitter.com/johnvmoore/status/1112913426756534273?s=17

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  33. rikyrah says:

    unimpressed.➒ (@dilemmv) Tweeted:
    I been telling y’all Kamala Harris was THAT GIRL for 2 years now.

    $12 million dollars for a black female freshman senator who the media has been ignoring for two months in favor of white men. https://twitter.com/dilemmv/status/1112881210815115264?s=17


  34. rikyrah says:

    John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) Tweeted:
    Merrick Garland is a reminder that the only POTUS ever denied an up/down vote on a SCOTUS nom was also the only black POTUS.

    Not saying Mitch McConnell is racist for obstructing.

    Just saying Mitch should have to defend why it wasn’t racist, every day, for the rest of his life. https://twitter.com/JohnFugelsang/status/1112802073534398471?s=17

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  35. rikyrah says:

    Wakandan War Dog (@Kennymack1971) Tweeted:
    If this isn’t peak white dudebro I don’t know what is.

    Take a black women’s accomplishment and make it all about a fellow white dude.

    And yet they wonder why we talk about them the way we do.

    SMH. https://t.co/x8kArsFUg6 https://twitter.com/Kennymack1971/status/1112907136508612608?s=17

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  36. rikyrah says:

    Amene (@Ange_Amene) Tweeted:
    Don’t be alarmed at white males diminsihing Kamala Harris’ accomplishments.

    They aren’t team Black Women. https://twitter.com/Ange_Amene/status/1112907958239715328?s=17


  37. rikyrah says:

    Yes… answer that 😒😒

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  38. rikyrah says:

    Mr. Weeks 🤴🏾 (@MrDane1982) Tweeted:
    White male privilege is when you get 59k less donors than a Black Woman, $5M less in donations than a Black Woman yet you’re looked upon more successful over the black woman.

    Kamala Harris raised $12M from 218k people & Pete Buttigieg raided $7M from 159k people.

    Respect her! https://twitter.com/MrDane1982/status/1112901299132096514?s=17

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  39. rikyrah says:

    The ENTIRE Phuck 😠😠😠

    Axios (@axios) Tweeted:
    President Trump says Republicans are developing a “really great” replacement for the Affordable Care Act, but it would not happen until after the 2020 elections https://t.co/B863AJqIVN https://twitter.com/axios/status/1112923491232178181?s=17

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  40. rikyrah says:

    Mr. Weeks 🤴🏾 (@MrDane1982) Tweeted:
    And yall thought it was just Hillary Clinton…. look how the media is ignoring all the women presidential candidates. https://twitter.com/MrDane1982/status/1112903241317183489?s=17


  41. rikyrah says:

    lexi for kirsten 2020 (@PelosiForSF) Tweeted:
    Bernie Sanders supporter admits she voted for Trump and gets flustered trying to justify it.

    “Part of it was kind of a joke.”

    Props to the woman of color who called her out 🔥 https://t.co/dzXVwoFVhj https://twitter.com/PelosiForSF/status/1112854794228645888?s=17


  42. rikyrah says:

    The Damage Report (@TheDamageReport) Tweeted:
    WATCH: “Black children are just plain old, more disruptive in the classroom’– How did you come to that conclusion?”

    – @RepKClark calls for Betsy Devos to resign after her use of a racist study to defend black kids being disproportionately disciplined. https://t.co/JUJfrQl0vJ https://twitter.com/TheDamageReport/status/1112842151619190784?s=17


  43. rikyrah says:

    Awe 😍😍😍The Dodo (@dodo) Tweeted:
    Guy biking across the world finds a kitten he can’t leave behind 😻 https://t.co/6NASfQxqHy https://twitter.com/dodo/status/1112776644454813696?s=17


  44. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh
    Uh huh 😒😠

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  45. rikyrah says:

    Good Thread

    Maya Contreras (@mayatcontreras) Tweeted:
    1/ Just briefly wanted to talk about some of my concerns about how the media is covering the 2020 Women Candidates but I’ll start with 2016. #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #GroupThink #WhiteMaleMedia #Bias
    #Misogyny #Racism #Hypocrisy https://t.co/xvAGqE2veM https://twitter.com/mayatcontreras/status/1112781618568224779?s=17


  46. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh
    Uh huh😒😒😒

    Esosa Osa (@Esosa_Osa) Tweeted:
    @katiezavadski For Context: The IRS lost $1.6 billion in 2016 on fraudulent tax refund claims. (generally low income folks)

    They lose $458 billion EVERY YEAR from tax evasion. (generally very wealthy folks)

    Yet they audit a poor black county in MS the most. #America

    https://t.co/uKZ1ba7zIt https://twitter.com/Esosa_Osa/status/1112819447239147523?s=17


  47. rikyrah says:


    #ListenToBlackWomenKamalaHarris2020 (@psddluva4evah) Tweeted:
    Liz Warren out here talking policy and substance and yet folk so busy riding the latest white male hope wave that now they writing articles bout her fundraising lacking. Heck Liz isn’t even my candidate but I sent some money her way cause at least she’s talking substance! https://twitter.com/psddluva4evah/status/1113049125036199936?s=17

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  48. rikyrah says:


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  49. rikyrah says:

    There is NO regard for NATIONAL SECURITY 😠😠😠

    Joyce Alene (@JoyceWhiteVance) Tweeted:
    All the guardrails are dead. “For “senior White House official one…the individual’s security clearance was denied after the background check revealed “significant disqualifying factors, including foreign influence, outside activities … and personal conduct.” https://twitter.com/JoyceWhiteVance/status/1113055561543806976?s=17


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  52. Y’all look at this shit?


    Kamala Harris- Raised $12 million

    Pete Buttigieg- Raised $7 million

    So how is he first? When did 7 become greater than 12?

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  53. rikyrah says:

    Ian Millhiser (@imillhiser) Tweeted:
    I really cannot exaggerate how radical and how significant the opinion Gorsuch handed down today is. It completely rewrites the Court’s understanding of a provision of the Bill of Rights — and it portends similarly revolutionary opinions in the future.

    https://t.co/0qpXBBizRg https://twitter.com/imillhiser/status/1112754142777393152?s=17


  54. rikyrah says:

    👑Mayo Pedro Is A Cop (@Bravewriting) Tweeted:
    I believe every white male writer or journalist should have a black female editor supervising him to tell him:

    “Don’t say that.”

    Whenever he writes stupid ass tone deaf post about women or minorities. https://twitter.com/Bravewriting/status/1113024458246111233?s=17


  55. rikyrah says:

    Obeisance to Trump may not be sufficient to save new Fed nominee
    Rachel Maddow reports on the mounting scandals plaguing Donald Trump’s nominee for the Federal Reserve Board, Stephen Moore, whose co-authorship of a book called “Trumponomics” may not be sufficient qualification to secure his confirmation.

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  56. rikyrah says:

    Armando (@armandodkos) Tweeted:
    3 white bro journalists @RyanLizza @samstein and @CillizzaCNN decided to show their racist and sexist asses tonight by deciding that Kamala Harris raiding 5 million dollars more that Mayor Pete shows how great Pete is. That says it all. We need more women and PoC as journalists. https://twitter.com/armandodkos/status/1112924160240570369?s=17


  57. rikyrah says:

    But, of course 😒😒😒

    Justin Miller (@justinjm1) Tweeted:
    DHS quietly disbanded unit that works on domestic terrorism and reassigned analysts, @woodruffbets reports https://t.co/zBAgfzl1Dv https://twitter.com/justinjm1/status/1113040348102701056?s=17


  58. rikyrah says:

    Thread 👏👏

    Andrea González-Ramírez (@andreagonram) Tweeted:
    I’m not gonna amplify the president’s tweets about Puerto Rico, but I want to clarify some things:

    – 3,000 died. We lost them. Don’t forget that.
    – There’s vast evidence the immediate response to Hurricane Maria was slower and less generous than that to Harvey and Irma. (1/x) https://twitter.com/andreagonram/status/1113053528422002688?s=17


  59. rikyrah says:


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  60. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh
    Uh huh 😒😒

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  61. rikyrah says:


    Detective J.J. Gittes (@DetectiveGittes) Tweeted:
    Joe Scarborough, at his most tone deaf, just criticized #Kamala Harris’ impressive Q1 fundraising achievement as coming from “poor penniless church widows.” 😕 https://twitter.com/DetectiveGittes/status/1113057392437137409?s=17


  62. rikyrah says:

    Moore is an all-around loser😒😒

    Katie Phang (@KatiePhang) Tweeted:

    “In her 2010 divorce complaint, Ms. Moore accused Mr. Moore of ‘emotional and psychological abuse’ during their 20-year marriage, and accused him of carrying on an adulterous relationship that he was ‘neither discreet nor inconspicuous’ about.” https://t.co/8rTiSQumVn https://twitter.com/KatiePhang/status/1113055518065483776?s=17

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  63. rikyrah says:


    David Sugerman (@DavidSug) Tweeted:
    @docrocktex26 @Ange_Amene @mhmhart Brofest 2020 is not a good look for the Dems. The erasure of @KamalaHarris and the other talented women in the race is disgusting. https://twitter.com/DavidSug/status/1113059401655476224?s=17


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  65. rikyrah says:


    𝕤𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕟 (@shereeny) Tweeted:
    “A memorial dedicated to slaves and African-American workers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was vandalized Sunday…by two people, including one person with ties to a group called Heirs to the Confederacy”
    https://t.co/b0QNIPa7ST https://twitter.com/shereeny/status/1113059003762970624?s=17


  66. rikyrah says:

    From across the pond🤔🤔

    BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) Tweeted:
    MPs push to prevent no-deal #Brexit in law https://t.co/dycuDxxKuy https://twitter.com/BBCNews/status/1113058729434513408?s=17


  67. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄 😄😄


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