AOC rips citizenship question “magically added” to census

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rips into Republicans for scheming to dissuade minorities from taking the US census by adding a question about citizenship.

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20 Responses to AOC rips citizenship question “magically added” to census

  1. eliihass says:

    The idea that a crook like Wilbur Ross – who should be in a jail cell in a block parallel to Paul Manafort’s in Rikers, is instead making decisions about and overseeing the Census that will not only drastically impact and shape the way things work in this country, our way of life, our democracy and have other long-term ramifications ..even beyond the decade before the next scheduled census …and after much has fully set, and much irreversible damage done..

    We have a brazen traitor sitting in America’s house …puffed-up and spouting off and inviting foreign adversaries to come help him stay in power …and all while corruptly wielding the awesome instruments of the Federal government for his and his criminal cohort’s aggrandizement …and at the expense of the once greatest democracy and its citizens …and arrogantly daring anyone to do something about it..

  2. AOC is not playing with these scheming racist mofos!

  3. AOC bringing the heat and I’m here for it! 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Ametia says:


  5. AOC tore into their scheming ass!

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