Open Thread | We Are All Puerto Rico…We Are All Ukraine…

If you have been paying attention to Dolt45, you understand the title of this post.



So, I was sitting around, and surfing the Twitter feed when I come upon this tweet:

Jesse Lehrich
MA received 17% of requested medical supplies from the Trump Administration. ME: 5% CO: 1 days’ worth.

FL got everything they requested. + an identical shipment the next week. Oh, and a 3rd is on the way.

I read it several times, for me to believe what I was reading.

From the Washington Post:

Desperate for medical equipment, states encounter a beleaguered national stockpile

The $2 billion request from HHS was cut to $500 million when the White House eventually sent Congress a supplemental budget request weeks later. White House budget officials now say the relief package enacted Friday secured $16 billion for the Strategic National Stockpile, more money than HHS had asked for.

The dispute over funding highlights tensions over a repository straining under demands from state officials. States desperate for materials from the stockpile are encountering a beleaguered system beset by years of underfunding, changing lines of authority, confusion over the allocation of supplies and a lack of transparency from the administration, according to interviews with state and federal officials and public health experts.
The stockpile holds masks, drugs, ventilators and other items in secret sites around the country. It has become a source of growing frustration for many state and hospital officials who are having trouble buying — or even locating — crucial equipment on their own to cope with the illness battering the nation.

The federal cache has been overwhelmed by urgent requests for masks, respirators, goggles, gloves and gowns in the two months since the first U.S. case of covid-19 was confirmed. Many state officials say they do not understand the standards that determine how much they will receive.
Anecdotally, there are wide differences, and they do not appear to follow discernible political or geographic lines. Democratic-leaning Massachusetts, which has had a serious outbreak in Boston, has received 17 percent of the protective gear it requested, according to state leaders. Maine requested a half-million N95 specialized protective masks and received 25,558 — about 5 percent of what it sought. The shipment delivered to Colorado — 49,000 N95 masks, 115,000 surgical masks and other supplies — would be “enough for only one full day of statewide operations,” Rep. Scott R. Tipton (R-Colo.) told the White House in a letter several days ago.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency inherited control of the stockpile barely a week ago from HHS. Lizzie Litzow, a FEMA spokeswoman, acknowledged the agency maintains a spreadsheet tracking each state’s request and shipments. Litzow declined repeated requests to release the details, saying the numbers are in flux.

Florida has been an exception in its dealings with the stockpile: The state submitted a request on March 11 for 430,000 surgical masks, 180,000 N95 respirators, 82,000 face shields and 238,000 gloves, among other supplies — and received a shipment with everything three days later, according to figures from the state’s Division of Emergency Management. It received an identical shipment on March 23, according to the division, and is awaiting a third.
“The governor has spoken to the president daily, and the entire congressional delegation has been working as one for the betterment of the state of Florida,” said Jared Moskowitz, the emergency management division’s director. “We are leaving no stone unturned.”
President Trump repeatedly has warned states not to complain about how much they are receiving, including Friday during a White House briefing, where he advised Vice President Pence not to call governors who are critical of the administration’s response. “I want them to be appreciative,” he said.

He wants them to be APPRECIATIVE.

This scenario was gamed out during the Impeachment hearings. And, the tape of how it was gamed out during the impeachment hearings should be a Democratic Party Ad for every Republican Senator running for re-election.
Governors must kiss his azz in order to get supplies.

I look at the people standing in lines, trying to get tested in New York. I look at the refrigerator trucks outside of the hospitals that are now MORGUES. I look at the pictures of the beleaguered healthcare workers, whose lives are being endangered because they don’t have the right equipment. I watch snippets of those liefests that he has daily, and that he has the nerve to say that he doesn’t believe the numbers of respirators that Governor of New York is asking for.

The phucking ‘bothsides’ MSM needs to get off the pot and start filming from inside of those hospitals. Segment upon segment of the pictures from the hospitals. From the Ground Zeroes of this pandemic. Make the visuals cut through the bullshyt.

It didn’t have to be this way. It didn’t have to get this bad. The Obama set up almost 40 offices throughout government that were setup for this kind of a situation. Dolt45 disbanded all of them, save a couple. And, then had the nerve to stand up and lie that ‘nobody could have foreseen this situation’. Except, that’s A LIE. The Obama Administration saw it. Saw it, and actually went through the simulation with Dolt45’s Administration. Of course, competence was always a bad quality trait for Dolt45, and most of the people who went through that simulation have since left Dolt45’s Administration.

He’s using this to punish Blue States.

But, see the virus doesn’t care about red and blue states. And, the incompetence, anti-science, non-Medicaid Expanding states are about to be decimated by CORVID-19. The Governor of Florida didn’t close the beaches during Spring Break, is only partially closing the beaches now, is banning certain members of the press from briefings, refuses to admit how many nursing homes have had outbreaks, refuses to do broad testing, but, has the nerve to threaten quarantine of people from New York.

That’s nothing but a distraction in order to cover his incompetence about how he has mishandled this disease in Florida. All the while, the thermometer company that tracks fevers is sending out the alarm about Southern Florida.
The GOP boobs in Alabama and Mississippi don’t want to be like ‘China or New York’. Well, with rates that are exploding, and no medical infrastructure, and no active measures to stop it, while they can see their fellow state Louisiana IS trying to get a grip on it and losing. I ‘m not going to even comment on Texas. Something is quite wrong with Texas. There is no way that the levels in Texas are as low as what they’re saying. They aren’t testing, and then there is the ghoul that is the Lt. Governor of Texas. And, what he said.

They don’t get the rage brewing out here. How we watch people unnecessarily die due to deliberate incompetence.

People will lose their loved ones AND not be able to give them a proper goodbye because of this pandemic, and you think they’re going to forget it? That they are going to let bygones be bygones? No. Nope. Uh uh.

Unvarnished Truth™ (@SRMillar3) Tweeted:
@BarackObama Trump is intending on using the Federal Government to punish Blue states and reward Red states, just as he tried to buy exclusive rights to a future COVID-19 vaccine from a German lab and punish Europe.


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  1. #coronavirus Last night I heard some stupid talk show host on AM radio saying Trump is doing a great job handling the virus and he’s making Jim Acosta look like a fool. In what world does this clown live in?

  2. Tyren M says:

    Good afternoon 3Chics. I hope everyone is well. I saw social security recipients will have to send in a tax return to get their $1200. Why tf can’t the IRS just cross reference SSA? Folks will be waiting until at least May…if they even file at all.

    Stay safe everyone.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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