Open Thread | Dolt45 Says Americans Who Died In War Are “Losers”

I don’t understand how any of this is a surprise. This article in The Atlantic is not a shock to me. He has always been this disgusting.


Will the folks in the military finally wake up and see what has always been in front of them?
That their Commander-In-Chief is an utter fraud.😠😠

Yeah…where are the Republicans😒😒

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    • Liza says:

      If you do not know much about WW1, and most Americans probably don’t given how poorly history is taught in this country, there is an excellent documentary called “Apocalypse WW1”. I just watched it for the second time last month, it is exceptionally well done, the narrated in English version is shown here in US.

      Apocalypse: World War I
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      “Apocalypse: World War I (in French: Apocalypse, la Première Guerre mondiale) is a TV series made up of 5 French documentaries created by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, and narrated by Mathieu Kassovitz. Originally broadcast in 2014, it chronologically traces the history of the World War I, from its origins to the end of the war. It gathers known or unpublished period documents and recounts the great events of the war, from restored and colored archive images.”

  1. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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