Congratulations President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris

My alarm clock went off that morning, and I grabbed my tablet to check.
When I read that the County Containing John Lewis’s district was what put Biden over the top in Georgia, I began to weep.

Been holding in a lot. Sitting here, thinking about where we are and how we got here.

A lot of images hit me on election day, but, this one, of the woman in Chicago, just sitting there, before dawn, with her Dunkin’ coffee, waiting for the Supersite to open. She had gotten mixed messages about her local polling place, so she went to one of the sites set up for any voter to come in, regardless of precinct.

The imagery..
The lone Black woman, determined to have her voice heard and validated. Determined to help save this country from itself. Even after how we’ve been treated in this country, no other group in this country has had to dig as deep and hard as we have in order to find the reasons WHY we believe this country is worth saving.

We believe in the American Experiment.
We do.

We’ve been here almost a half a millenia. We built the foundation of this country. The ideals written by brilliant, but flawed men. We could accept their flaws, and their ideas and see no conflict in that.
We have confirmed that the other side doesn’t believe in the American Experiment. Black folks knew this when they cast their votes for him in 2016. What others saw as a ‘ fluke’, or folks being ‘conned’, we knew from the beginning that they showed their lack of character through their support of them. It’s been amusing to annoying, watching people give Dolt45 voters benefit of the doubt for their support of a such a repulsive human being. They never should have been given that leniency, so spare me you being crushed to find out about the lack of character that folks told you was there in 2016.

And through the Muslim ban.
And through the jailing of children.
And through the taking of children from their parents.
And through the LOSING OF CHILDREN.
And through letting American citizens in Puerto Rico drown and suffer after Maria.
And through ‘ good people on both sides’ after Charlottesville.
And though impeachment.
And through the corruption.
And through the killing of over 200,000 American citizens due to malice and incompetence.
And through the destruction of the American Economy.

They enabled it ALL.
They looked at it ALL, and said that THIS PERSON deserved to be re-elected.

No, I don’t want to reach out to them. Phuck them and their lack of character.

I have long said that one of the few pet peeves I have is those who would cast aspersions on Black people’s patriotism.

I never allowed in front of me, and this election is but another example of why I don’t want to hear it.
These folks came out and helped save the republic.

So, I want you to open your mouths and thank a series of people:
1. James Clyburn and the Elders in South Carolina. Can it be understated that they literally saved this country? Can you look at the results from this election and believe that anyone else could have pulled off the victory that Biden has done? Can you humble yourself and thank the Elders for their wisdom and knowing what had to be done in order to rid us of the orange menace?
2. Stacey Abrams. Make no mistake. Do not let anyone tell you different. Don’t let any bullshyt theories abound. The reason for Georgia going BLUE and for there being TWO Senate runoffs is because of the efforts of Ms. Abrams and her group. To her critics – her taking Mike Bloomberg’s money enabled her to do to this work. This work of overcoming the rampant and obvious GOP Voter Suppression that robbed her of the Governorship.
3. Black women. It’s not lost on me the role that Black women played – on the ground level, in helping to GOTV.

4. LeBron James. An athlete whose grows more beyond basketball everyday. He is following in the traditions of Russell, Abdul-Jabbar and others who use their platform to elevate other issues. Taking on the issue of Voter Registration, Voting and GOTV. Using his leverage with the league to get them to offer their arenas as polling places and using arena staff as pollworkers cannot be dismissed.
5. The K-Hive. They weren’t just a fan club. They were a source of information and a tool against disinformation. You wanted facts about Kamala Harris’s record – go to them. You wanted a group of folks that were amongst the best Twitter detectives – it was them. I can’t name them all and maybe some aren’t considered ‘official’ K-Hive, but, I want to name a few that I started following because of this election cycle: @blackwomenviews, @notcapnamerica, @2RawTooReal, @Kalarigamerchic, @lynnv378. There are others that I found during this election season, and I thank them for their honesty, smarts, and how they kept me going when I was deflated.



Joe Biden wasn’t my first choice. I was in my feelings a lot because he wasn’t. But, sometimes, the era, the moment, makes for the best choice at that point in time. And, I believe Joe Biden is the choice. On the one hand, looking at the popular vote, it wasn’t even close. But, we live under the antiquated vestige of slavery always – the Electoral College, which is the only reason why this election was in question.
President-Elect Joseph Robinette Biden flipped the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He WON as a Democrat, the first time in DECADES, the states of Georgia and Arizona. Nobody is saying that these states are blue. But, they are worth the fight, and can be WON.

I haven’t even really gotten to think about Kamala Harris as Vice-President.

You learn something new everyday. Ms. Abrams just wasn’t pivotal for Georgia, but other states as well:

I have no interest in ‘understanding’ the Dolt45 voter. I understand them. I know who they are.

The republic has a fighting chance once again.It wasn’t pretty, but it’s a win, and some things are worth fighting for.

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    For Arizona

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    Trump still wants a civil war, resorts to Klan rallies.

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    No wonder Trump is in Virginia on a golf course…

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