Open Thread | What Needs To Be In Our National Plan

I know that 46 and his Administration are starting from scratch.


But, we have to think of these things when developing a strategy:

A lot of our Seniors are not online.
And, they have been isolating from the family that could.
How many of them can stand in line for hours?
What about transportation to vaccine sites?

THIS was the plan. Check the stats for the rest of the Red States. The same mofos who were ‘it’s all a hoax’, were the first in line for the vaccine?😒

Knowvak🏳️‍🌈⚢🌊🤦‍♀️ (@breton59er) Tweeted:
@LesaPamplin @ironmanpetey The wealthy counties in Florida have the most vaccinations. My tiny county, with one doctor and no hospital, doesn’t stand a chance.

The Feds should look at all the Red States.
Do an Audit. Find where the vaccine went.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    More than 75% of the children who have died in the U.S. as a result of covid-19 have been Black, Latinx, and Indigenous. So a reminder: when politicians are talking about reopening schools no matter what, what they’re really saying is “it’s okay in our book if kids of color die”

  2. rikyrah says:

    Mess with the spawn of Satan’s valet if you dare😒

  3. eliihass says:

    From dangerous Orwellian nightmare to Orwellian set up.. folks are now being shuffled from one cheap Tupperware party from hell, to some warped multiverse similarly rife with all manner of gaslighting, revisionism, opportunism, deceit..

    Complete with all sorts of barely indistinguishable strains of agenda-driven, power-hungry, slimy opportunists, revisionists, backstabbers, fair-weather ‘friends’ ..and similarly chock-full of carry-overs of those newly-minted ranks of trifling paid foot-soldiers and 2-bit ‘influencers’ ..including from the astroturf campaign.. still astroturfing.. and still so busy running their mouths and making what they imagine are ‘power moves’.. piddling minions completely besotted with their own extremely deluded sense of ‘relevance’.. but emboldened still to revert to alternately poking their fingers in eyes/desperate to tear down, elbow out/displace the Obamas.. when they are not so slickly trying their darnedest to ‘amplify’, faux-hype, boost/benefit their mediocre fave and fave’s political ambitions, by forcibly aligning them with, and entirely trying to harness, co-opt/appropriate for their mediocre faves, the Obamas’ authentic, organic, substantive star power..

    Same astroturf paid foot-soldiers who went about kneecapping and sabotaging other women to clear the field for their mediocre fave they simultaneously screamed ‘protect black women’..😉

    Same astroturf paid foot-soldiers who endlessly insulted, mocked, dismissed, humiliated, attacked the very same now deemed ‘with-power’ Biden..

    Even if the power ‘shift’ still hasn’t in fact stopped the media from very mindfully and reverentially addressing the ousted treasonous buffoon with the p-honorific.. absolutely refusing to permanently consign him to the garbage heap where he belongs.. and desperate for ways to keep legitimizing him.. resurrect him even..

    So many unscrupulous bad faith actors, so little time..

    The United States may have (barely) managed to physically remove a destructive, sociopathic, dangerously inept, highly-compromised, foreign asset and treasonous buffoon from our White House, but his waste-trail continues to stink up the country..

    Our democracy.. the media ..(and the citizenry that powers it) has been seriously tainted and damaged for the long-term.. and along with it, standards seriously lowered …no amount of astroturf-engineered overhyping and contrived ‘happy’ faces papered over glaring absurdities, will ever gloss over that fact..

    Only a matter of time before the artificial ‘respite’/‘reprieve’ from a 4-year Orwellian nightmare, is breached.. and the forked-tongued, reliably wishy-washy, complicit media is good for it.. but so is a largely fickle citizenry..

  4. rikyrah says:

    WaPost reader comment:

    IMHO, this is connected to the upcoming impeachment trial. 45 Republican senators voted against it , not solely as it relates to the former president, but also as it related to the GOP.

    I have a growing sense that Trump isn’t the only one on trial. So is the entire Republican Party and their policies, ideologies and track record for the last 50+ years.

    That’s the real reason behind their stonewalling.


  5. rikyrah says:

    Joe Phuckin Manchin GETS IT!

    So, Tim Kaine, sit your silly azz down with working with anything with ‘concerned’ Collins.

    Sen. Joe Manchin throws cold water on idea of censuring former Pres. Trump for inciting an insurrection, saying “This is much, much more serious than anything that we’ve ever seen in our lifetime and it’s really the purpose of having the articles of impeachment”— Ali Zaslav (@alizaslav) January 27, 2021

  6. rikyrah says:

    Philadelphia let ‘college kids’ distribute vaccines. The result was a ‘disaster,’ volunteers say.

    Antonia Noori Farzan
    Jan. 27, 2021 at 3:30 a.m. CST

    Philadelphia is home to some of the most venerated medical institutions in the country. Yet when it came time to set up the city’s first and largest coronavirus mass vaccination site, officials turned to the start-up Philly Fighting COVID, a self-described “group of college kids” with minimal health-care experience.

    Chaos ensued.

    Seniors were left in tears after finding that appointments they’d made through a bungled sign-up form wouldn’t be honored. The group switched to a for-profit model without publicizing the change and added a privacy policy that would allow it to sell users’ personal data. One volunteer alleged that the 22-year-old CEO had pocketed vaccine doses. Another described a “free-for-all” where unsupervised 18- and 19-year-olds vaccinated one another and posed for photos.

    But as Philadelphia magazine reported, the group’s “executive team” lacked anyone with a medical degree or advanced degree in public health. Doroshin himself listed a résumé that included stints teaching a high school film class, producing videos of people longboarding and practicing parkour, and founding a nonprofit that, according to Philadelphia magazine, “mostly consisted of a meme-heavy Twitter account, some minor community lobbying, and a fundraiser with a $50,000 goal that netted $684.”


    The city’s partnership with the group began drawing scrutiny last week after WHYY reported that Philly Fighting COVID had abruptly backed out of plans to host coronavirus testing clinics in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods and “completely ghosted” community leaders, as one pastor put it. Then, on Saturday, dozens of seniors lined up for hours to be vaccinated at the Pennsylvania Convention Center only to be turned away because the group had accidentally allowed too many people to sign up.

    “There were literally 85-year-old, 90-year-old people standing there in tears, with printed appointment confirmations, saying: ‘I don’t understand why I can’t get vaccinated. I’m 85,’ ” one witness told the station.

    Notably, everyone on Philly Fighting COVID’s executive team is White, reported Philadelphia magazine — a fact that has raised eyebrows in a city that has struggled to vaccinate its substantial Black population, (Philadelphia is roughly 44 percent Black, but only 12 percent of vaccine doses have gone to Black people so far.) The city is also home to the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, which pioneered one of the earliest efforts to conduct coronavirus testing in communities disproportionately affected by the virus.

    “If there was anybody poised and ready to do this, it was us,” founder Ala Stanford told the magazine, adding that the city had suggested she team up with Philly Fighting COVID to administer vaccine shots. “I happen to have been a doctor for 23 years, longer than some of these kids have been living, but I need these white kids to teach me how to do it?”

  7. rikyrah says:

    You mean, Democrats have receipts and are willing to pull them?🤔🤔

    Folks been telling you- you muthaphuckas are reading the room wrong.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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