Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend fully vaccinated, with family and friends.


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11 Responses to Weekend Open Thread

  1. eliihass says:


    Fancy canceling the Ghanaian-British Vogue UK editor for ‘going against’ their fave …by becoming a global ambassador for one of the prime UK trusts.. 🤣😂

    That one is a big let down and a disappointment . Never again!

  2. eliihass says:

    You’d think that Hillary as ‘ally’, and ‘amplifier’ of their Ivanka Trump head-groupie fave would suffice.. but, nooooooo.. 😂🤣

    They’re miffed and still b*tching .. revising and gaslighting .. forgetting that some of us don’t forget.. that try as they may to revise history.. that we in fact remember who actually started the dangerous Birther lies.. who was still unabashedly kissing up to, cheerleading for, and living up the Trumps’ b*tts …even as the malevolent Trumps were actively propagating said Birther lies, to incite hate and death threats on the historic Black FLOTUS and her hubby and their young daughters…

    The lead squaddies are mad that after flippantly sniff-sniffing their disapproval.. after they’ve condescendingly attacked, dismissed.. routinely insulted, denigrated and disrespected my phenomenal historic fully-Black FLOTUS, that she still won’t play their insidious game.. still won’t be strong-armed, manipulated, harangued into submission.. still won’t respond to smears and attacks on her.. whether it’s from the alt-right, alt-left, Repugs, Dems…or squads, hives who think the fully-Black FLOTUS who’s been virulently dehumanized for 14 years with hardly any protection or defense …continues to exist only as their beck and call slave… to be used to fluff up their mixed-race faves.. or else..

    Hilarious how after 14+years, these folks still don’t get it… still fail to understand that Fraser and Marian Robinson’s only daughter does not respond to threats or strong-arming, or insults.. that she deals on her own terms, in her own way, and in her own time.. and that she earned her extremely hard-won respect, popularity, political capital all by herself… sans hive or squad.. and in spite of all these very same malivolent folk.. many of whom tried their darnedest to demean and dismiss her..

    So, no, folks, talking up Hill as ‘ally’ still isn’t going to make Marian’s daughter kowtow to ya.. Marian’s daughter isn’t known to suffer from FOMO.. she’s good..😜

  3. eliihass says:


    Imagine declaring a long while back …that you’ve ‘canceled’ the endlessly dehumanized fully-Black FLOTUS ..viciously maligning, smearing her …casting aspersions on her person.. publicly attacking and maliciously gossiping about her and her young daughters.. all while claiming to be fighting against bullying, smears, the British Media/Royal family’s racism, mistreatment of ‘blacks’..

    Imagine still stalking said fully-Black FLOTUS that you long ago ‘canceled’ ..still obsessing over her.. tracking her every move, obsessively monitoring her timeline …and then furiously attacking and smearing her still, for the high crime of ..not tweeting about your fave..

    Imagine continuing to spew vicious insults and personal attacks on the historic black FLOTUS.. ..because she still won’t submit to your exacting demands to be exploited on behalf of your fave.. ..isn’t kowtowing to your twisted need for her to ‘publicly stick it to the queen’ …still won’t join in on your silly mud fights.. still won’t cave to your desire to impose your warped schemes on her..

    Even as they still shamelessly and obsessively name-drop, try to align.. measure their ‘faves’ against the Obamas..🤣😂

    It’d all be so pathetic, if it weren’t so ridiculously hilarious..

    These folks are seriously, seriously pathological..

    Positively Meghan @MyLovelySuque:
    I have said this before; the Sussexes are now being covered as serious people a la the Obamas.
    The Cambridges are covered like celebrities even when they do serious stuff like Earthshot

  4. eliihass says:

    I am tired of how Karens attack prominent Black women on social media. They always accuse our women of “sleeping their way to the top.” They did it with Michelle Obama, Susan Rice, Kamala Harris, Meghan Markle, and countless other prominent Black women…

    🤔🧐Nope.. that’s really not something the much-dehumanized historic Black FLOTUS has been accused of..

    Rather amusing how the still endlessly dehumanized historic Black FLOTUS …never protected or defended.. exists entirely to be selectively name-dropped.. insidiously inserted into fights that have absolutely nothing to do with her, or designed to have final outcomes that are genuinely concerned about her/her wellbeing.. or seek to ensure that she’s actually protected …made whole..

    The still very much virulently attacked and dehumanized fully-Black historic FLOTUS, is only ever good for being brazenly exploited by hives and squads in their various campaigns to boost and save their faves..

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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