Open Thread | COVID Update

There’s a new variant. And, guess what?
Like it’s cousin, Ms. Delta Rona, it seems to like the UNVACCINATED most.
Imagine that.


I STILL only go to and from work. Do my best to stay off of crowded busses and trains. Don’t go anywhere else unless absolutely necessary.

I will continue to tell you to protect yourself from the lying unvaccinated. They are still amongst us, and continue to not give a damn if they infect you.

And now, we have the Republicans trying to flip the script on 46, saying that he didn’t do any better than Dolt45 with COVID.

You’ze a muthaphuckin’ LIAR.

President Biden has saved MILLIONS of lives, including mine, with his national vaccination strategy and policy. The Republicans have done all that they could to prolong this pandemic, putting into place laws and Executive Orders trying to block those who are doing their best to try and stop this pandemic in its place.

And, of course, Democrats are doing what they can to get folks vaccinated.

Never forget…

People are the same folks. They are the SAME PEOPLE.
They have done all of this at first, because they were delusional and hateful enough to believe that it would only hurt Blue States. Then, when it was shown what actual COVID competence could actually achieve, as shown by 46 and his Administration, then they did it to try and politically hurt President Biden. Make no mistake, they don’t care who they KILL with their policies, as long as President Biden is hurt in the process. It’s loathesome and sick, but, don’t depend on the MSM to point this out…after all , they’re too busy trying to prop up that COVID Murdering Governor in Florida and elsewhere. These muthaphuckas are desperate to ‘ both sides’ COVID and the Government’s response, as if the responses between Dolt45 and President Biden’s Administrations can be compared.


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  1. rikyrah says:

    Ragnarok Lobster (@eclecticbrotha) tweeted at 8:08 AM on Wed, Dec 01, 2021:
    TFG wasn’t just trying to get Joe Biden sick at that debate. His entire family showed up unmasked and refused to put one on. They were trying to take out everybody in that room.

  2. rikyrah says:

    The Hill (@thehill) tweeted at 6:51 AM on Wed, Dec 01, 2021:
    JUST IN: Trump tested positive for COVID-19 days before debate with Biden: Meadows book

  3. rikyrah says:

    BlackWomenViews Media (@blackwomenviews) tweeted at 0:29 AM on Wed, Dec 01, 2021:
    Congresswoman #LaurenUnderwood is a tireless leader in the fight to tackle Black maternal mortality. I appreciate her highlighting how VP #KamalaHarris is STILL an invaluable partner in this fight. Having a champion in the WH now makes a world of difference. #BlackWomenLead

  4. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😊😊😊

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