Open Thread | Why Are So Many Upset By the Mere Thought of A Black Woman Being On The Supreme Court?

The thought of a self-respecting Black woman serving on the Supreme Court is scaring a whole lotta people – on the left and the right.

For all the concern trolls…

Have a stadium full of seats.

It has amused me, and not in a funny way, to see those try and discredit a person who hasn’t even been nominated. By saying that he was going to appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court, that somehow, President Biden has ‘tokenized’ this future nominee.

What complete and utter bullshyt.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that when the announcement is made, that woman will be not only qualified, but overly qualified. Definitely overqualified when compared to the jokers that Dolt45 Chose.

How do I know?

Because, I have been Black in America longer than three days.

And, in America, a Black person, who is not a Coon, only achieves a position of this stature by being overly prepared. They have been preparing and striving towards this goal using Black Excellence their entire lives.

For those who think that this woman will not be defended from all arrows, even from those Blacks who think that they will earn brownie points by trying to tear down this nominee – don’t do it. Folks aren’t playing with you. Not one little bit.

Black women are not your mules. We are living, breathing capable human beings. And now, after doing the background work, it’s time for us to lead.

As someone said on Twitter- the Black Community has been without an advocate on the Court ever since Justice Marshall resigned.

Folks have nailed it – they never thought that President Biden would actually follow through with the promise that he made on open television. He never thought that he would do it. They thought that it was a bunch of ‘malarky’ that he was selling the Black community. Actual follow through?
They are still in shock.

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